Best Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitors for Home & Office

Do you want to keep a track of the temperature and humidity of your place in a smart way? Are you curious to know how much VOC are there in your room from cleaning articles, cooking practices and so on? Then the air quality monitors are the answer to your search. These are pretty accurate and you never have to spend time guessing the level of toxicity present in the air. As a matter of fact, these are handy and you can carry it even outside of your house.

Finding it hard to get the perfect recommendations of air quality monitors? You have come just to the right place. Study the facts and make no wrong choice.

Table of the Best Home Air Quality Monitors Reviews

10. Air Quality Pollution Monitor – Formaldehyde Detector – Temperature & Humidity Meter

Air Quality Monitors

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The EG portable air quality monitor that helps you keeps a track of the quality of air. Being small in size, this handy instrument is carried around in your pocket. As a result, gives you an accurate reading of air quality in your house, car, and even hotel rooms. It displays the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit scale along with an array of vital information.

By using laser sensors this monitor can even predict the amount of VOCs such as formaldehyde in your home. Having an original design, you get a high-end inbuilt fan, therefore, a healthy atmosphere.

Key Features:

  • You will be notified about the quality of air in your house through a 2.8-inches LCD screen with 320 x 240-pixel colour ratio.
  • Works by means of a DC 5V charging through a micro USB port.
  • When you cannot charge the device, it runs on a portable lithium-ion battery for convenience.

9. YVELINES  Air Quality Monitors – Professional Multifunctional Air Detector

YVELINES  Air Quality Monitors - Professional Multifunctional Air Detector

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YVELINES has created a device so perfect that it can easily detect the smallest trace of any gas. All air quality conditions are easily analyzed by this device. The device gives a fair reading of humidity or temperature. It also gets very specific things like formaldehyde and other VOC emissions, particulate matter concentration of different sizes, and so on.

Whenever some toxic material goes awry, this device points it to you through sound and light alarms. You can place this device anywhere like hotel rooms, cars, offices, schools, and so on- just make sure it is a closed space.

Key Features:

  • This rechargeable air quality monitor device is portable at only and has a battery of 2000 mAh.
  • If you are looking for a device that can work for up to 8 to 12 hours on its batteries, this is it.
  • The device displays average values for various variables in the air for every 30 and 60 minutes.

8. Awair 2nd Edition Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Awair 2nd Edition Indoor Air Quality Monitors

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The present days lead to the presence of many harmful, obnoxious substances in the atmosphere. They are free to float around and reach such places as our homes, cars, schools, offices, and even hospitals. This is a real-time air quality monitor that gives you accurate reading about various components in the air. It marks the humidity and temperature of any closed space. Next, it can also analyze 3 other factors- very fine dust particles of the range 2.4 microns, VOCs such as formaldehyde, and carbon dioxide concentration.

The device makes it a point to always give you real-time feedback. And also ways that can help you to improve the quality of air around you.

Key Features

  • Certainly, use it through any device, be it android or iOS.
  • As a matter of fact, you can connect it with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • You can pair up the device with Alexa, Google Home, and such products. Therefore, have greater control and keeping your home clean easily.

7. YVELINES Accurate Tester Air Quality Monitor for CO2 Formaldehyde

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Clean air is an essential necessity for humans. However, with present trends, getting clean air either inside or outside has become a difficult task. The YVELINES Accurate Tester tests the air around you and tells s you about its composition. It is designed to take into account poisonous substances. These are such as formaldehyde, other volatile organic compounds, and carbon dioxide among other gases.

However, it also gives an accurate reading of the particulate matter in the air which is responsible for producing dust allergies and many deadly diseases. The data is displayed on an air quality monitor’s LCD screen. Finally, it offers both real-time values and average values over a period.

Key Features:

  • It is only 5.83-inches * 2.76-inches * 1.18-inches in dimension and thus a very compact article.
  • The rechargeable lithium-ion battery can support the device from 8 to 12 hours at a stretch. And that also once it is charged to the fullest.
  • Lithium-ion battery within the device has a capacity of 2000mAh.

6. IQAir AirVisusal Smart Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

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Taking care of the quality of air around you is a step towards taking care of oneself. When the air around you is good, you will automatically feel much better at all times. The IQAir AirVisual Pro is designed to tell you about the indoor air quality. It has high-end technology in-built. Well, it tells you about various aspects such as CO2 concentration, particulate matter concentration in ppm and concentration of VOCs.

You can also set this device to sound an alarm when these values cross a certain threshold value. Thus, prompting you to take measures to ensures better air quality. This professional product provides real-time results and you won’t be disappointed with it.

Key Features:

  • The device has an in-built high precision laser that is super effective in deducing particulate matter concentration.
  • The AI technology works perfectly with the combination of a user-friendly interface. Hence, becomes easier for the users.
  • It makes use of a carbon dioxide sensor of industrial-grade to give you accurate reading about the concentration.

5. Airthings Wave Mini Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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If you want to get a clearer picture of the air around you, and the air you are breathing, you should go for this. This mini air quality monitor is so small that it can fit even the smallest corners. The high-end technology within it makes it a crucial device in every household. It gives you a detailed report of the things present in your air and gives you methods to help keep it in check.

Furthermore, the indoor air quality is improved immensely and the healthy a perfect humidity level is maintained. That is between 30% to 59%. And it even alerts you about the risks when there is an increase in the level of any toxic element.

Key Features:

  • You can control the device and acquire insights about indoor air quality through the Air things Wave Mini app in your smartphone.
  • Use this small, portable device in any location and carry it anywhere.
  • The fresh air sensors help in keeping the air quality at its best.

4. IGERESS Multifunctional Indoor Pollution Detector Meter – Air Tester Kit

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Looking for an all-purpose device that helps you keep a track of the air you are breathing? The IGRESS monitor is a good choice. This multifunctional device features different kinds of sensors that are very efficient in tracking various toxins and irritants. Aside from measuring the temperature and humidity of your place, this gives you an accurate reading of the CO2 concentration.

It can measure particulate matter as well as VOC concentrations in real-time giving you the exact data for each moment.

Key Features:

  • It will monitor different kinds of particulate matter such as 2.5 microns, 1.0 microns and 10 microns.
  • The air quality monitor comes with an engaging LCD colour display that gives you an easy to understand informatics.
  • With a size of just 15cm x 6.5cm x 3.5cm, take this to just about anywhere.

3. Temtop M2000C Air Quality Monitor for PM2.5 PM10 Particles CO2 Humidity

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The M2000C from the house of Temtop is a sleek, ergonomically styled device. Therefore, it can give you very accurate readings about the air around you. This works great in any indoor environment. Its small size ensures easy portability and this device is great for schools, hospitals, cars or any other indoor situation. It can measure the concentration of 2.5 microns and 10-micron particulate matter and carbon dioxide emissions.

The device also gives real-time updates about the temperature and humidity of a place. You can also set an alarm in this device for times when these substances cross a threshold value.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a large capacity Li-ion battery that is both rechargeable and keeps it working for long hours.
  • The interface of the device is easy to understand with temperature readings available in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • The ergonomic design also comes with the benefit of audio alarm that will certainly keep a track of every move.

2. YVELINES Indoor Air Quality Monitor – Accurate Tester for CO2

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With the present situation of air pollution, it is imperative to keep a track of what is in the air you are breathing in. This YVELINES product will perform exactly that function. With the use of innovation, this device will mark all the obnoxious details of the air you breathe. It can keep a track of the relative humidity as well as the temperature of a place. Next, it can also determine formaldehyde emissions and other VOCs in the air.

This device knows how to monitor the amount of carbon dioxide present in the air of your room. It also tells you about the concentration of various particulate matters thus keeping allergies at bay.

Key Features:

  • If you want mean values of the air quality data for a long period, then you can depend upon this device completely.
  • At only 5.7-inches * 3-inches* 1.3-inches, this device is handy and you can carry it to anywhere you like.
  • The device runs on a 1000mAh battery and can easily last for 240 to 360 minutes.

1. BREATHE Air Quality Monitor – Air Quality Tester to reduce Exposure to Toxic Air

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It is important that you are able to keep track of the air. It is even more important if there are old people, pregnant women or infants around. The BREATHE monitor helps you to breathe clean air by notifying you about the air composition in your place. Be it a room, your car, office or any other closed space, this portable device is carried anywhere. It measures such things as CO2 ­and VOC emissions and particulate matters. Plus, also keeps a track of the general temperature and humidity of your place.

Finally, the product offers instant results and you can just install it at any given location. The touchscreen interface makes it all easy for you to operate.

Key Features:

  • The device shows a collective data of the air quality for up to 30 days helping you to keep away from toxic hot spots.
  • Programmed with laser sensors, this device can give continuous and accurate readings of the air around you.

You don’t have to choke yourself in deadly toxic gases. The outdoor or indoor air quality monitors will help to test the air quality so that you are always at the receiving end of best results.

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