Best Automatic Fish Feeders for Ponds Reviews

Own a fish farm or just petting fishes? You need to make proper arrangements and set-up for making everything to the point. And feeding them at regular is one of the most important duty. However, it’s not always possible to keep a track of the feeding times. So, automatic fish feeders are invented. These are designed to automatically dispense food as per the already set time.

The market is loaded with many products including counterfeit ones. So, which one is to trust in? Our automatic fish feeder’s list will direct you on the right path. Hence, make the decision.

Table of the Best Automatic Fish Feeders Reviews

10. Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit

Automatic Fish Feeders

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Eheim has produced an efficient fish feeder that is an indispensable item for you if you are an aquarium owner. It is designed for daily use. You can use it to feed both freshwater and marine fish or you can use it in your terrarium for feeding newts, turtles and frogs. Most types of fish food available on the market can be dispensed by this fish feeder.

Other manufacturers usually have a short duration for food replacement inside the feeder. This is caused since they don’t have systems implemented to prevent moisture absorption by the feed. The onboard automatic fish feeder fan maintains good air circulation and keeps the feed dry. Even when you are on a trip, you don’t have to worry since the feeder can hold 6 weeks’ worth of food.

Key features:

  • You can easily change the amount of feed needed to be dispensed each time by sliding the feed portion.
  • Has a manual release button which lets you feed the fish outside of the feeding schedule anytime you want.
  • Buttons and controls are indeed resistant to water damage.

9. Zacro Rechargeable Timer Automatic Fish Feeders for Aquarium & Fish Tank

Zacro Rechargeable Timer Automatic Fish Feeders for Aquarium & Fish Tank

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Instead of relying on lead-acid batteries that have high chances of and aren’t that efficient, Zacro has equipped this feeder with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This battery can be charged several times and has a high enough capacity to last you for a prolonged period of time.

In fact, on just a single charge you would be able to power this feeder for a period of 3 months to half a year. With a charge cycle of around 800 times, this battery would last you for years without any issues

Key features:

  • Easily fits 600 litres fish tanks or terrariums that have various fishes or pets like turtles,
  • The automatic fish feeder timer lets you set a feeding schedule for 4 times or less each day.

8. Torlam Moisture-Proof Electric Auto Fish Feeder

Torlam Moisture-Proof Electric Auto Fish Feeder

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Torlam has designed its fish feeder with the latest technology to offer you optimum quality and convenience. Furthermore, you get two quick and easy methods to install. In one mode you can install the feeder over the edge of your aquarium and adjust it by loosening or tightening the plastic screw.

You can also have it installed over the tank cover with velcro. It has a cylindrical tank which can be slid open easily for filling it up with the feed. The tank shape also allows you to store feed of all kinds, from flakes to crisps and pellets. You also have a feeding adjustment cap which lets you adjust the amount of food you want to be dispensed each time. This really comes in handy when you’re at work or out of town.

Just adjust the feeder and set the schedule so that you don’t have to rely on anyone else for feeding your fish.

Key features:

  • You can adjust the mounting bracket for installing it on rims that have a width of 0.1 to 1-inch.
  • Powered by two AA batteries that last for a really long time.
  • The automatic fish feeder tank can hold around 200 ml of food. As a result, your fish are fed throughout your long vacation.

7. TOPBRY Digital Auto Fish Turtle Feeder for Aquarium and Fish Tank

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Topbry has designed this feeder for a dry fish feed of various shapes and sizes. It can store everything from particulate feeds to big flakes. However, you might have a few or a lot of fish. So this feeder has an adjustable feeding outlet that can be controlled with a slider to tailor to your needs.

Other than the mounting bracket you also get a double-sided sticker which lets you install the feeder on your fish tank’s cover

Key features:

  • Powerful high capacity 700mAh lithium-ion battery that can last for 3 to 6 months on a single charge.
  • The digital automatic fish feeder features a bright LED display shows everything in crisp detail
  • Can be easily recharged via USB cable, so even if you lose or damage one, you can quickly find a replacement.

6. bedee Electric Automatic Fish Feeders – Moisture-Proof Fish Food Dispenser for Aquarium

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Bedee’s electric automatic fish feeder lets you utilize your time better without constantly having to worry about your aquatic pets. With three modes of operation, you get versatility like never before. Manual mode allows you to feed your fish at any time with just the press of a button. It has an inbuilt feeding schedule which rotates the tank once at 8 am and 8 pm every day.

To activate this setting, you just need to press the triangular button pointing upwards for five seconds. The final mode is really something different since it lets you enjoy a long trip for business or leisure without having to worry about feeding your fish.

The feed bucket has 200 ml of capacity, more than enough to last for a few days. You can just set use the timer setting and schedule the feeder for dispensing food 1 to 4 times each day.

Key features:

  • The motor is ultra-quiet, so it won’t disturb your sleep even if it is dispensing food at night.
  • Feeding bucket certainly keeps moisture out and doesn’t get jammed easily.
  • Convenient display that can show all the information you require.

5. PROCHE Digital Automatic Fish Feeders

PROCHE Digital Automatic Fish Feeders

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The fish feeder from Proche has a clock function which needs to be set at the start after installation. This lets you schedule the timer for feeding the fish at set intervals. So you can leave on a vacation with the peace of mind that aquatic and amphibian pets are always fed at the right time.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t need any special power adaptors either. Just two regular AAA batteries can power it for 3 months or higher

Key features:

  • Certainly, gives the advantage of a warranty period of 1 year.
  • Dedicated customer service that quickly responds to your queries.

4. Wieppo Automatic Feeder for Fish

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Wieppo has designed its feed containers intelligently for dispensing the correct amount of feed. With every rotation, a precise amount of feed is able to pass through the intricate design to reach the feeding outlet. So you don’t need to guess anymore while you are manually feeding your fish.

The outlet also has a slider in place with helpful graduations going from low to high. Adjust it at a level that suits the size of the feed.

Key features:

  • Ships with a 50 ml and 100 ml container for use on fish tanks of different sizes.
  • Timer settings allow you to automate the machine for feeding on one time to three times a day.

3. lychee Aquarium Automatic Fish Food Dispenser Tank Feeder 

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Within a few easy steps, you would be able to assemble and install this fish feeder within no time. You don’t need to connect any wires to draw power from your power supply or use adaptors and extension cords. This feeder uses two powerful AAA batteries with high capacity for activating the motor and powering the control centre. It is so efficient that you don’t have to worry about frequent battery replacements even with heavy use.

Even though it is feature-rich and has a lot of functions, it isn’t very heavy and weighs just around 8 ounces. Moreover, the installation takes just a few seconds. So if you want to use this on a different aquarium, you can easily do so without breaking a sweat. This feeder model is also highly compatible with all kinds of dry fish feed.

It has a special tank that resists moisture formation to feed dry food of all sorts of textures like granular, strips, pellets, flakes and more.

Key features:

  • The display will alert you whenever power is running low so that you can replace your batteries quickly.
  • With this feeder, you can dispense feed with large particles for as many as 20 times.
  • The 1.1-inch LCD screen is clear and bright.

2. IDREAMO Automatic Fish Feeders for Aquarium and Fish Tank

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Now you can precisely control the amount of feed and don’t need to miss the schedule with automation from this fish feeder. With the touch of a button, you can feed the fish manually or use its advanced timer feature for setting up a feeding cycle.

It is also made from durable products which are resistant to rusting and wouldn’t corrode or break that easily.

Key features:

  • Doesn’t produce any sound higher than 30 decibels while it’s working.
  • The feeder can be fully rotated to 360-degrees at its base for proper position adjustment.
  • It will rather prevent any sort of moisture formation.

1. DOTSOG Fish Food Dispenser for Aquarium & Fish Tank

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Dotsog brings to you an innovative fish feeder which is light automatic and can completely automate the feeding process for you. You can either power it via a USB charger or use replaceable batteries.

It has such low power consumption that the batteries can last you up to one year of operation before replacement. You also get two containers of different sizes. Therefore, you can use the appropriate size to suit your needs

Key features:

  • The smaller container can hold 50 grams of feed while the larger container can hold 100 grams.
  • The slider that is included is indeed adjustable.
  • You can set the timer among 8 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours.

Want to feed your fishes at proper intervals? The automatic feeder units are well-equipped for all your demands.