Best Counter Bar Height Tables Reviews

The bar height tables are certainly not only meant for bars or pubs. You can obviously fit them at any corner of your house. The sleek design and the incredible built of these tables add a special look to your interior décor. As a matter of fact, also make you look professional as well as classy. It indeed acts as an aesthetic charm and some even come with chairs.

However, with a myriad of bar tables to choose from, it is not often easy to make the right buying decision. The market rather is flooded with thousands of products that claim to be the best. Hence, we have put down the top-rated bar height table that fits perfectly for any situation.

Table of the Best Bar Height Tables Reviews

10. Winsome Obsidian Round Pub Height Table with Leg And Base 

Bar Height Tables

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This sleek piece of bar height table design fits in comfortably into any corner. And significantly enhances the appeal of any space. Coloured in black from top to bottom, the Winsome Obsidian Pub Table is one such appealing table. Its top is manufactured by the skilful use of Medium Density Fiberboard and veneer. Certainly, it is circular having a diameter of 23.7-inches.

Furthermore, the bottom is also round and sturdy enough to whole the whole weight. Its diameter is 17.5-inches. The table stands at a relaxing height of 39.75-inches from the ground. In addition to that, this table can act as a crafty serving table or a stand for collectables.

Key features:

  • Indeed needs a minimum bit of assembling after unpacking, before it can put up to grand use.
  • The base is completely crafted from metal. Thus, making this table very sturdy and ready for rugged use too.

9. Flash Furniture 30-Inch Round Wood Cocktail Table

Flash Furniture 30-Inch Round Wood Cocktail Table

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Crafted with a concern for aesthetics, this table is an attention stealer. The top has 30-inches round birch wood construction. Firstly, this birch wood bar height table is treated and finished with four coatings of the polyurethane finish. Thus, giving the surface the loveliest sheen. As a matter of fact, it also gives overall protection from insects and moisture.

Moreover, the bottom surface is also given a double coating of polyurethane varnish. The columns are given a chrome finish that matches in a complementary manner with the top. Plus, the latest innovation is applied to it. It rather gives the edge of the circular top an edge banded finishing with the use of black coloured PVC.

Key features:

  • The table rather comes up with two options for the column. Use an ordinary table at 30-inches or a higher, more stylish, bar height table at 42-inches.
  • The floor glides are self-levelling in nature.
  • Certainly suitable for all types of floors.

8. Flash Furniture Round Aluminum Outdoor Folding Bar Height Table with Base

Flash Furniture Round Aluminum Outdoor Folding Bar Height Table with Base

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This foldable bar height table features a stainless steel tabletop which is supported with an aluminium column and base. Though this table is constructed completely from metals, it is quite light-weight giving an opportunity for easy transportability.

Furthermore, its modern appeal enables its use in cafes, bistros or even the home patio space. However, the surface is kept smooth to keep things easy. The tabletop pops up on the press of a button. This is an all-weather table and is rather used for a long time to come.

Key features:

  • This table is designed in such a modernistic way. So one can use in a residential setup as well as in a commercial environment.
  • Metal construction makes sure that this table is used both for indoor and outdoor setups.
  • Includes plastic floor glides such that the table does not leave any scratches when moved from place to place.

7. Winsome Obsidian Bar Height Dining Table

Winsome Obsidian Bar Height Dining Table

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A completely black bar height table, the Wilsome 20522 gives off a striking impression and is very appealing to onlookers. This table features a square top with each side measuring 23.62-inches. This amounts to indeed a copious space for holding a comfortable conversation over dinner, playing games and so on.

However, the durability of it is unmatched. The square table is fabricated from MDF. As a result, it is supported on a 35-inches high metallic column ending in a base of 7.72-inches. This mightily built table is very durable as it holds up to 50-pounds of weight.

Key features:

  • Stands on a metallic base which is strong and firm. It gives the tabletop much stability in its long run.
  • The table comes in one box. But arrives in parts thus requiring some assembly before it can be put up for use.

6. Ashley Challiman Counter Round Dining Room Bar Table

Ashley Challiman Counter Round Dining Room Bar Table

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The Ashley Furniture table is one that is brought out from the stories of yore. Having a rustic looking tabletop, it is an innovative creation. As a matter of fact, the construction is impeccable. It has mixing engineered wood with a veneer top.

Furthermore, the tabletop sits atop an iron tone base completing the vintage look. The round tabletop has a diameter of 36-inches. Whereas the table stands at a height of 36-inches from the ground. Its dimensions make an effort to make this table a solution to space-saving problems.

Key features:

  • The brand forms the package, protect and deliver it to the would-be user’s doorsteps in a timely fashion, to ensure quality.
  • All the requisite hardware and required instructions help in the easy set-up.
  • Features a plank style as well.

5. Topeakmart Round Pub Bar Height Table

Topeakmart Round Pub Bar Height Table

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The Topeakmart pub table is indeed a perfect amalgamation of composite wood and metal. Firstly, the tabletop is cut out of 0.7-inches thick. Next, it has an E1 grade Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) used in its construction. It is supported on a stainless steel column with a base.

Moreover, this column is packed with an adjustable height function. The height is fixable anywhere between 27.4-inches up to 35.8-inches. Certainly, the table also features a 360° Swivel tabletop. As a result, it allows for easy access to drinks, munchies and so on while hosting a party and such.

Key features:

  • A very sturdy structure that can withhold a maximum of 88-pounds of a load.
  • The simple and minimalistic design has versatile usages too.
  • The base on which this table stands has a diameter of 17.7-inches, supporting the whole table.

4. Leopard Outdoor Round Height Bar Table with Silver Leg and Base 

Leopard Outdoor Round Height Bar Table with Silver Leg and Base 

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The table certainly displays off a sophisticated charm. It has a sleek black tabletop held in place by silver columns and base. Plus, the tabletop is 23.6-inches in diameter thus allowing for a lot of space. However, the tabletop is not adjustable and stands at a height of 41.3-inches from the ground.

Furthermore, the bar height table’s weight capacity is pretty impressive. It can carry a load of 16.2-pounds at a given time. The strong tabletop indeed has a Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) construction. It satisfyingly beautifies any place it is placed be it a kitchen, a coffee house, a bar or anywhere else.

Key features:

  • Built for any décor, but this table certainly completes the look with hardwood or tile flooring.
  • The round tabletop is only 0.7-inches thick giving off a sleek and classy look.
  • Has a weight of 20.3 pounds.

3. VILAVITA Wood Pub Table Round Bar Table with Metal Leg and Base

VILAVITA Wood Pub Table Round Bar Table with Metal Leg and Base

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An exclusive twist in look to match all scenarios, this is a likely addition to uplift the décor. It features a tabletop crafted completely out of wood, wonderfully polished to bring out the naturalness. Plus, the wrought iron pedestal it helps to hold at it a place, supported at a comfortable 41.5-inches height.

In addition to that, the tabletop itself is 21.65-inches in diameter. Hence, giving plenty of space to play games, engage a gathering of friends and so on. In fact, its maintenance is not an issue at all. Its elegant top is super easy to clean. Lastly, the product is scratch-resistant. So, it will not get ruined so easily.

Key features:

  • A convenient tool for displaying and finds use everywhere- a kitchen, a bar, even a balcony!
  • This table does not come in one piece but assembly is quite easy and is done in a twist.
  • The tabletop is rather constructed from brilliant pine solid wood. It is efficient in giving off a most natural glow.

2. Furmax Bistro Pub Table / Round Bar Height Cocktail Table Metal Base

Furmax Bistro Pub Table / Round Bar Height Cocktail Table Metal Base

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Bringing together an optimum blend of modern and classic style, the Furmax Bistro pub table is an attention seeker. Designed to accommodate into any place, be it a kitchen, a bar or any other place whether indoors or outdoors. Also, the top is created from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) which makes it light yet durable.

Further, the 23.8-inches top diameter ensures long and cozy conversations among a group of people while enjoying coffee or wine. Assembling this nice round table is very easy. The top is certainly supported 39.5-inches above the ground on a stand that has a diameter of 17.9-inches.

Key features:

  • The foot has a layer of plastic. It greatly reduces the chance of scratches on the floor while transporting the table.
  • A free-exchange or even a full refund policy is given within the first 30 days of purchase if the product is defective.

1. Roundhill Furniture Nor Hill 3-Piece Metal Height Bar Table Set

Roundhill Furniture Nor Hill 3-Piece Metal Height Bar Table Set

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This table set is an exclusive addition to any décor. With its exquisite good features, it aims to be the grand eye-catcher in any bar. This set comprises of a bar height table along with stools suited for the table.

As a matter of fact, the table rather stands at 38-inches height and has a circular top. Plus, the top diameter is 24-inches. To your surprise, it includes 3 sturdy chairs.  The stool seat is at a convenient height of 29-inches and goes well with the table. In conclusion, the cushions are lined with black faux leather giving off a super classy appeal.

Key features:

  • This 3 piece set comes in an astonishing black colour. It is very catchy and goes with all kinds of decorations in any place.
  • The stools feature strong footrest that increases the strength of the whole stool, making it sturdier.
  • All the construction is done from metal. The stools are given strong, straight, metal tube legs which gives it a lot of durabilities.

So, install it in a bar or on your very own home. These height tables are the trend of the current era.