Top 10 Best Portable Adjustable Beer Pong Tables Reviews In 2019

Beer Pong is one of those unique games that combine both sport and recreation. Well, the real kick-starter in this game is the table itself. If you are holding a tailgating, get-together or other entertainment for your friends, the beer pong will definitely keep everybody in action. Regardless of what you intend to do with your table, beer pong tables make a great investment especially for those that love to hold parties and have some crazy friends around. With so many varieties available in the market, choosing the best isn’t that straight. Fortunately, we have reviewed the Top 10 Best Beer Pong Tables to make it easier for you to make the right decision. Check them out and make the most out of your hard-earned money.

Table of the Best Beer Pong Tables Reviews

10. Folding Beer Pong Table with Cup Holes, LED Lights & Dry Erase Surface 

Beer Pong Tables

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First on the list is the popular that have remained among the most top-rated models since 2006. Designed with anodized aluminium frame and legs, these tables are not only durable but capable of withstanding any abuse and extreme temperatures. When it is time to set out for beer pong party, this table folds into 2ft by 2ft case for convenient transportation. Most impressive is the wax finish that gives this table a water-proof nature. Plus, it can deflect most liquids maintaining its new look for ages. For an affordable and convenient beer pong table, makes an incredible choice. Overall, it is worth the price.

Special Features

  • Wax-finish
  • Quality and durable anodized aluminium construction
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Folds compactly into 2ft by 2ft case
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9. Red Cup Pong 8 Foot Beer Pong Table with Ball Rack – Basketball Design

 Red Cup Pong 8 Foot Beer Pong Table with Ball Rack - Basketball Design

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This is another amazing model by Red Cup Pong that throws in a basketball design. Measuring 8 ft. this table includes a bottle opener, six pong balls, and a ball rack. If you are a lover of basketball, you will simply love the mind-blowing fun that comes with playing on this table. The black aluminium construction makes this table one of the most durable models. Most beer pong enthusiasts appreciate the fact that red cup pong includes a customized stainless steel bottle opener. For convenient transportation, this table folds into a 2” by 2” briefcase that is also integrated with carrying handles.

Special Features

  • An 8-Feet long regulation table
  • Portable
  • Folds into a compact briefcase
  • Great basketball design
  • Includes stainless steel bottle cap opener

8. Folding Beer Pong Table w/Sistine Design by Red Cup Pong

Folding Beer Pong Table w/Sistine Design by Red Cup Pong

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When you are holding a party, it is with no doubt that this 8-feet Folding Beer Pong Table will make a great entertainment centre. Featuring a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium construction, this table will last while withstanding all kinds of abuse. Anyone will definitely the folding mechanism that allows this unit to fold into a compact 2” by 2” briefcase for convenient transportation. Everything that is needed for the game including 6 pong balls, bottle opener, and a ball rack is part of the package. High definition adds to your indoor game room décor. For a high-quality beer pong table that comes at a competitive price, this table is worth it!

Special Features

  • Folds compactly into 2” by 2” briefcase
  • High-definition design
  • Comes with balls, rack and stainless steel bottle opener
  • Durable aluminium construction

7. Folding and Portable Beer Pong Table for Party – Giantex

Folding and Portable Beer Pong Table for Party – Giantex

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Boasting a superior thick MDF top and an aluminium strip, Giantex 8-Feet Beer Pong Table is one of the most preferred models among legendary beer pong enthusiasts. It is designed to withstand all sorts of abuse and cleans up easily. Plus, it has a melamine coating that protects the beer pong table from scratches, sun damage, and any other liquid spills. One aspect that sets this unit apart from its competitors are the two adjustable position holes that make it possible for users to adjust the height from 21” to 30”.

The space-saving style allows one to fold this table into a compact 2” by 2” briefcase. For excellent stability, Giantex has extra support bars and thick & strong latch. Overall, for after durability and solid functionality, Giantex makes the best choice for indoor or outdoor BBQ, picnics and any other parties.

Special Features

  • Adjustable legs
  • Very stable
  • Highly portable
  • Easily foldable
  • High-strength aluminium construction
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6. Portable and Collapsible Beer Pong Table – Camerons

Portable and Collapsible Beer Pong Table – Camerons

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Camerons is another all-in-one set that gets the party started whether used indoor or outdoor. It is a great set boasting a regulation size, one that is easily collapsible for effortless storage and transportation. Whether you are holding a tailgate, BBQ or a beach party, Camerons Beer Pong Table will never disappoint you. Pong balls, travel bag and ground stakes are included to help you set up the table. Plus, 6 additional cup holders and player cup holders are also included.

Special Features

  • 100% portable
  • 6 built-in cup holders
  • Travel bag included
  • Ground steaks for stability
  • Easy to set up and take down

5. Lightweight & Portable Beer Pong Table by Red Cup Pong

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This is another product by Red Cup Pong that is committed to giving you the best experience. The 8-Feet long regulation table folds up easily and includes a carrying bag for convenient transportation and storage. Another adorable aspect is the easy to clean surface that resists spills, warping among other forms of abuse. Setting up and taking down this table by Red Cup Pong is pretty simple and lasts less than a minute. Just like other Red Cup models, it folds compactly into 2” by 2” portable case. For a professional beer pong table designed to meet all your expectation, look no further than this unit.

Special Features

  • High-definition graphics
  • Includes carrying case with carrying handles
  • Foldable and portable
  • 8-Feet Long Regulation Dimensions

4. Folding Aluminum Beer Pong Table – HOMCOM

Folding Aluminum Beer Pong Table – HOMCOM

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HOMCOM makes the perfect beer pong table for those that love versatility. If you don’t want to use it for beer pong, you can set other things on it during any indoor/outdoor events. Unlike other models, it is spacious enough to meet any need. Measuring 95”L by 23”W by 28.5”H, this table can surely be used for almost anything. When it is time to challenge your friends, it is easy to assemble it together.

On the other hand, at the end of the party, you can take it down pretty quickly for convenient transportation. If you love playing beer pong, you will definitely appreciate the lightweight yet durable aluminium construction featured in this table. Overall, this is a great choice for those who party a lot and love to change tactics and plans.

Special Features

  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminium frame
  • Durable and highly versatile
  • Folds up easily
  • Perfect for any event, outdoor or indoor
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3. The Pong Squad Bones Skeleton Beer Pong Table with Holes

The Pong Squad Bones Skeleton Beer Pong Table with Holes

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If you want to rock your party, The Pong Squad Bones Skeleton Beer Pong Table is another model that is worth considering. Unlike its competitors, it has 22 predrilled holes that make it pretty simple to put together the entire unit. Most beer pong enthusiasts prefer to move around with a lightweight and compact table and this one adheres to that. Measuring 8” by2” by 2.5”, this table can compact into 2” by2” case for convenient transportation. To enhance durability and offer advanced protection, plastic rims are integrated around all the holes.

Special Features

  • Lightweight beer pong table: 20lbs
  • Comes with 22-predrilled holes
  • Multi-colour graphics
  • Rock-star looking skeletons

2. Folding & Portable Beer Pong Table – GoPong

 Folding & Portable Beer Pong Table – GoPong

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Upgrade from your traditional folding table with the modern GoPong 6-Foot Folding Portable Beer Pong. It is an amazing folding table boasting a high-strength aluminium framework. Most importantly, this table features a melamine lining so as to take care of beer spills and even withstand the craziest abuse during rowdiest parties. Despite featuring sturdy aluminium construction and MDF surface, it is lightweight and highly portable. It is a great choice for those hold tailgate, BBQ or house parties. It also includes 6 pong balls.

Special Features

  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Includes 6 pong balls
  • Simple and convenient storage
  • Folds into compact briefcase size

1. Blank Beer Pong Table, Pong Squad

The Pong Squad Blank Beer Pong Table with Holes

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Measuring 8’ × 2’ × 2.5’, the Pong Squad Blank Pong Table lets you enjoy mind-blowing fun regardless of your location. Most impressive, this table allows users to craft their own style using their own decals. Unlike other models, this unit comes with pre-drilled holes for easy setup. Plus, plastic rims are well fitted around each hole for advanced protection. Pre-drilled holes allow for easy cleaning and re-racking. You will appreciate how easy it gets when moving around with this Blank Beer Pong Table, thanks to its lightweight design. For both recreation and sports fun, this table works like charm.

Special Features

  • Lightweight: 20lbs
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes
  • Plastic rims around holes for durability
  • Perfect for use around children

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