Top 10 Best Barcode Scanners For Smart Phones / Computer In 2018

Many industries rely on handheld barcode scanners for a variety of reasons, including inventory control, maintenance, and asset management. If you’re working in telecom, manufacturing, retail, education, or other jobs that require point-of-sale scanning, you will want to check out this review on barcode scanners. Barcode scanners work simply by scanning barcodes on items and then using processing software to determine a match.

When picking up a barcode scanner and software, there are many features to consider. The first thing is determining whether you want a laser or image scanner. Lasers interpret waveforms to find similarities and have omnidirectional scanning capabilities, while image scanners capture images to digitally process. Depending on your needs, wireless or cordless handheld barcode scanner are important if you need to use it often outdoors. Scanners have different ranges in capabilities, from 1D, 2D, and postal symbologies.

Table of the Best Barcode Scanners Reviews

picture title price
Esky USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Scanning Reader Wired  Handheld/Handfree Laser Bar Code USB Wired for POS System Sensing and Scan Black
Inateck 2.4GHz Wireless USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Handheld Bar-code Reader (2.4GHz Wireless & USB2.0 Wired) USB Rechargeable Bar-code Hand Scanner Storage of up to 2600 Code Entries
TaoTronics 2.4G Wireless Cordless Handheld Barcode Bar Code Scanner Reader Kit - Black, 32-bit Decoder, Anti-interference, Mobile Moveable, Optical Laser,Short Range
TaoTronics Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner Supports Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS and Works with iPad, iPhone, Android Phones, Tablets or ComputersOptional, Long-RangeOptional, Long-Range
TEEMI 2.4GHZ Wireless USB Automatic Laser Barcode Scanner (2.4G Wireless + USB 2.0 Wired) Rechargeable Handheld Bar-Code Reader Plug and Play Easy to use
$39.99$79.99 (50% off)
TaoTronics USB Barcode Scanner Wired Handheld Laser Bar Code Scanner Automatic Sensing and Scan Black.
Inateck  BCST-10 Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
UPGRADED 2 in 1 1d Laser USB 2.0 wired + Wireles Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for iPhone iPad Android Tablet PC, Support Mac OS X, Android, Windows 10 and IOS 9, Enable keyboard entry
Esky ES012 2.4G Wireless+USB wired Cordless Handheld Automatic Laser Bar code Bar Code Scanner Reader for Windows devices (32-bit Decoder, 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery, 256K Storage Memory)

10. Brainydeal USB Automatic Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanners

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Coming in at a very low price that is budget friendly, this barcode scanner from Brainydeal is a great deal. It weighs a total of 480 grams and is very easy to install. The simple to use functions and has a hands-free adjustable stand. It has a shock rating of up to 1.5 meters, so you can rest assured that the materials are durable. It includes USB connectivity, 2-meter cables, and a scan rate of 100 scans per second.

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9. MSR605 HiCo Magnetic Card Reader Writer

MSR605 HiCo Magnetic Card Reader Writer

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If you’re looking for a scanner that has a slightly different use, check out this magnetic card reader/writer. This device is especially useful if you’re working in retail, or need specific identification cards for your business. Coming with full version read/write software and 20 black white cards, you can write information onto the cards. The magnetic card scanner allows you to read these cards, thus leveraging that information for your own uses.

8. Inateck 2.4GHz Handheld Wireless USB Automatic

Wireless USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Handheld Bar-code Reader

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This model from Inateck is versatile and effective for various tasks. Along with the standard USB cable connection, you can connect via its 2.4GHz wireless interface. The mini USB receiver gives it that wireless capability, and it has plug and play built in, so you don’t have to worry about downloading and installing complicated drivers. The integrated scanning software has advanced 32-bit digital signal processing, and it has an internal memory of 256 KB.

7. TaoTronics TT-BS012

Wireless Cordless Handheld Barcode Bar Code Scanner

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If you’re looking for a reasonably priced barcode scanner that comes with all the standard features and a seal of excellence, you can’t do much better than this line from TaoTronics. IT features both wireless and wired connectivity, ensuring security from interference from other wireless devices using 2.4GHz bandwidth. It uses a rechargeable battery and offers a full day’s worth of service after a full charge. It has a large inventory memory, which can save anywhere from 500 to 10000 codes. You can even name individual scanners with unique IDs to ensure that there is no interference, which is useful when linking several devices up on the same network.

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6. TaoTronics Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner Supports Windows

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With a wide array of impressive specs, this barcode scanner from TaoTronics is a great choice. It takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge this device, and with a full battery, this device can last up to 30 hours. It uses secure private channels to ensure that there are fewer interferences or potential data loss. Dual scan modes let you switch from manual triggers and automatic modes that allow you to scan without pressing any buttons. The ergonomic design says goodbye to clunky designs, and the lightweight plastic shell is comfortable to wield as well as tough enough to handle drops from up to 1.5 meters high.

5. Teemi 2.4GHZ Cordless Handheld USB Laser Scanner

ordless handheld USB automatic laser barcode scanner

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With a strong array of technical specs, this USB barcode scanner from Teemi is an excellent solution for retailers and other consumers. It has an EEPROM of 256 KB, and a strong ARM 7 72 MHz processor. The scanning resolution is up to 3 million pixels, and it has a single line decode mode that has a maximum rate of 100 decodes per second. The radio range maxes out at 10 meters, and the rechargeable lithium battery is efficient.

4. Taotronics USB Barcode Scanner Wired Handheld

USB Barcode Scanner Wired Handheld Laser Bar Code Scanner

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If you’re looking for a simple, midrange barcode scanner with an emphasis on usability and simple installation, Taotronics has got you covered. It is compatible with all major operating systems and works with various software including Microsoft Word, Excel, Novell, and Quickbook. The Plug and Play capabilities allow you to plug this wired device straight into your computer and works without having any extra wait time. The ergonomic design is wrapped up with a high-quality plastic.

3. Inateck 2 in 1 Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner & USB Rechargeable Handheld Barcode

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Inateck doesn’t disappoint with this updated barcode scanner model. It uses both USB 2.0 connectivity and a modern Bluetooth wireless connection. It has a signal range of up to 10m, and the 256KB of memory lets it store up to 2600 data strings. Along with PC support, this device is compatible with your tablets, and other mobile devices. No additional app or adapter is required, as this scanner works straight out of the box, with little installation or setup time required.

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2. Teemi 2 in 1 1d Laser USB 2.0 wired

Wireles Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

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If you’re interested in a higher-end laser barcode scanner with simplicity at its core, check out this model from Teemi. One of the key advantages of this model is that you don’t need to install any additional apps or software for it to function. Once you pair it, you can enable keyboard entry. The integrated battery is rechargeable via a power adapter, and the wireless signal range reaches up to 10 meters. The robust design can survive falls up to 1.5 meters.

1. Esky 2.4G Wireless Handheld Automatic Laser Barcode Scanners

Wireless Handheld Automatic Laser Barcode Scanner

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With 32 big RAM and new technology that gives it a rapid scan rate, this model from Esky is a solid choice for retailers. Its powerful technology affords it a decode rate of 200 scans per second. The decode mode uses single-line aiming, and it has a radio range of up to 10 meters. The minimum print contrast measures at 30%. It has a simple inventory mode with 256 KB of memory. This allows it to save data of up to 2600 separate barcodes. It supports the latest operating systems, and you can connect via 2.4G wireless or wired USB.

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