Top 14 Best Baseball Bat Bags & Baseball Backpacks Reviews In 2018

If you’re part of an amateur baseball league, or just looking for a more convenient way to carry your baseball equipment, you should look into specialized baseball bat bags. Anyone will tell you that having to carry sports equipment, especially baseball equipment, to and from places along with a regular bag is tedious and draining. Luckily, there are specially designed baseball backpacks available that include slots for your baseball bats.

When searching for a specialized bag to carry your baseball gear, there are a number of things that you will have to prioritize. Upright backpacks will have anywhere from one to four side pockets for your baseball bats. The design should ensure that they remain secure even while in motion. Aside from that, the standard features for backpacks are important. Comfort is important, especially as you’re carrying your gear. Any type of air flow control design is welcome, as it will help keep your back cool. Extra space for all of your gear is recommended as well, including things like books, and laptops for students. Finally, the style and aesthetics of the bag can be a strong point to consider.

Baseball Bat Bags: What Are They Really?

If baseball bats are used to hit the ball thrown by a pitcher, baseball bat bags, on the other hand, are used by players to organize, carry and then properly hold everything that you need for baseball practices and games. These bags definitely make the life of players easier and more convenient.

Table Comparison of Baseball Backpacks

14. Louisville Slugger EB Pack Baseball Bags

Baseball Bat Bags

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This bag is designed to pack more, up to 7 sticks. And you get the convenience of large openings that make it much easier to slip in the sticks. You’ve got 2 neoprene sleeves for your bats. What’s more, you get an additional bat storage provided by mesh pockets at the sides. The mesh pockets can double as storage for your water bottles and other gear. The baseball bag comes with a removable panel that lets you stay organized.

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13. Louisville Slugger EB Series 3 Stick Pack Baseball Bags

Louisville Slugger EB Series 3 Stick Pack Baseball Equipment Bags

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Quite compact in size, this bag lets you pack up to 3 baseball sticks. Slipping in the sticks is made quite effortless with the large opening. Full-length bats are kept at the side pockets. The interior compartment fits your face mask and helmet. And you get some comfy padding to keep you well protected.

12. DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack

DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack

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Want to carry your baseball gear the backpack style? This bag might just be the right choice for you. Its got two sleeve pockets on the sides to hold up to 2 bats. A well-ventilated compartment makes a perfect storage for your shoes. And you don’t have to find an alternative storage for your cell phone since a fleece lined pocket comes in handy to do the job. The waterproof base ensures everything remains dry.

11. DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag

DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag

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This wheeled bag suits those that travel a lot. Rugged in design, the wheels provide smooth movement on most surfaces. The bag holds up to 4 bats and sports a main compartment that fits your helmet. An interior shelf comes in handy to separate the gear for easy access. And you get other valuable pockets on the inside to fit other essentials.

10. Louisville Slugger EB 2014 Series 5 Stick Baseball Bag

Louisville Slugger EB 2014 Series 5 Stick Baseball Bag

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Relatively large in size, this bag accommodates 5 sticks with an additional 2 bats that slip into the side pockets. Your gear is kept safe in a front cargo pocket and you get a large compartment that fits large gear, such as the helmet. The bag is padded for comfort, both on the shoulders and back. Hanging the bag is quite easy, thanks to the integrated J-style hook.

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9. EvoShield Smoke Series Bat Pack

EvoShield Smoke Series Bat Pack

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Get to carry your gear in style with this bat pack. The bag sports two side pockets that accommodate 2 bats and double as storage for your water bottles. You get a roomy main compartment that packs other equipment. A loop is integrated into the bag for easy hanging of your helmet. There’s a smaller compartment sealed to provide that dry storage area for your gloves. The bag has a back flap that lets you pack

8. DeMarini VooDoo Paradox Backpack

DeMarini VooDoo Paradox Backpack

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Customize your storage with this stylish backpack. The bag has enough room for 4 bats and you get two additional bat sleeves to maximize your storage. There’s a barrel that locks the bats in place so you get peace of mind, especially when walking the streets. Your gloves, helmet, and other gear fit in the main compartment. And you also get a place to store your cell phone and shoes.

7. Easton E110YBP Youth Bat Pack

Easton E110YBP Youth Bat Pack

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You’ll definitely like the sporty look and smart storage provided by this bag. The bag lets you fit 2 bats and has got plenty of room in the main compartment designed for your helmet and gear. Personal items are placed in the front pocket for easy access. The bag has sufficient padding that lets you carry in ultimate comfort.

6. Easton E200P Bat Pack

Easton E200P Bat Pack

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Save time when trying to access your gear with this bag. It provides the convenience of frontal access and lets you fit 2 bats in the neoprene side pockets. There are two zippered pockets on the back to hold smaller items and other gear. It’s a stylish bag padded to minimize user fatigue, especially when you’ve got tons of gear to pack.

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5. Louisville Slugger EB Series 7 Rig Baseball Equipment Bags

Louisville Slugger EB Series 7 Rig Baseball Equipment Bags

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Here’s a stylish wheeler that rolls easily to let you carry more with less effort. It’s got a rigid bottom that provides maximum support and stability. This wheeler holds 4 bats and has a personalization panel that lets you customize your storage. Besides bats, the bag provides storage space for your footwear, helmet, face mask and other gear.

4. Easton E200P Bat Pack

Easton E200P Bat Pack

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If you’re looking for a simple, high-performance baseball backpack that doesn’t come at an expensive cost, check out this one from Easton. It comes in nine different colours to suit your personal tastes. It features a simple design with a convenient front access channel, that makes it simple to grab your stuff in-game and go. The padded back and straps make it comfortable to wear around, and the vented cleat compartment will keep your shoes fresher.

3. Louisville Slugger Series 9 Stick Pack Bat Packs

Louisville Slugger EB 2014 Series 9 Stick Baseball Bag

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If you’re looking for a professional style bag with many compartments for all of your baseball needs, give this backpack from Louisville Slugger a try. It features giant 6″ drop down pockets that can hold your fielding glove, and there’s a scratch-free sunglasses compartment as well. Both of these pockets are optional as you can remove them. The form-fit neoprene bat holders can hold up to 4 bats at a time. This bag is specially contoured and perforated to allow for optimal airflow, making it very comfortable.

2. EvoShield Smoke Series Bat Pack

EvoShield Smoke Series Bat Pack

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Combining its understated, cool design with spacious carry space, this is a great choice at an affordable price. The spacious main compartment is excellent for all types of equipment. There’s a loop to hang your batting helmet which makes it easy to access during games. The sealed batting glove compartment gives you more room to work with, and the two side bat/water bottle holders have snug fits. The flap along the back gives you additional storage space to work with. This backpack comes in 5 colours: black, red, navy blue, royal blue, and white.

1. Easton E500P Black Bat Pack

Easton E500P Bat Pack

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This backpack contains everything you need for any baseball player. It includes pockets for up to 4 bats, and the smaller front pockets have space for any personal items. There is an airflow release channel along the back of the bag, which helps keep your back dry, even when the bag is at full capacity. Along the side is a laptop compartment sleeve with convenient access. There is even a ventilated shoe pocket to keep your gear in check.

Guides To Choosing the Right Baseball Bat Bag

This task might seem a bit complicated so it is advised that you search for the five different categories to make decision making easier for you. These categories of baseball bat bags are highlighted below:

  • Beginner Baseball Bat Bags

These bags are ideal for those who are just starting off and for those who do not really wanted to spend much money for baseball bat bags. Just because these bags are suited for beginners does not necessarily mean quality is actually below average. These bags are also high quality, durable and can hold all you important gears with ease.

  • Good Baseball Bat Bags 

These are backpack style bags with the reduced size suitable for younger or youth players. Aside from bats, these bags can also hold your balls, glove and more.

  • Better Baseball Bat Bags

Regardless if you choose wheeled or backpack, you do not really need to sacrifice the space and quality with these bags. These are not really as big as catcher’s bags, however; these bags are big enough for most baseball players’ gears. These baseball bat bags are ideal for players who are fond of traveling and looking carrying capacity and durability without the costly price tag.

  • Best Baseball Bat Bags

These baseball bat bags are designed for players with lots of gears to carry aside from bats. These might include balls, helmets and other training items. With these bags, you can carry everything with ease. These bags are suited for travel baseball players searching for nothing less but a premium quality bag to accommodate and protect their gear.

  • Professional Baseball Bat Bags

These are bags designed for players who want nothing but the best of the best. These are also perfect for those with lots of equipment. Professional baseball bat bags allow players to carry their things in style.

When choosing the best baseball bat bags, you have to make sure that the one you choose suits your needs as a player and can accommodate all your things securely and easily in place.

2 thoughts on “Top 14 Best Baseball Bat Bags & Baseball Backpacks Reviews In 2018

  1. Louisville Slugger EB 2014 Series 7-Best Baseball Bat Bags – With a holding capacity of up to 4 bats at a time, this is one of the more spacious baseball bags on the market. It feature a quilt-padding on the back and shoulder straps. This improves the comfort levels, even when its filled with heavy equipment. The front cargo pocket adds extra space that is convenient to access. The outer shell has a stable and durable construction that helps protect your equipment inside. There’s even a sleeve that can be removed to customize the bag.

  2. DeMarini Vexxum Backpack – If you’re looking for a stylish bag with spacious compartments for your various sports equipment, look no further than this model from DeMarini. It features several smaller compartments for miscellaneous items along the front and comfortable backing/shoulder straps. The main compartment is large enough to hold your helmet and other equipment. There is a vented shoe pocket that is separate from the rest of the bag, as well as side mesh bat sleeves for a secure fit. It comes in black/white, blue and red colors.

    Louisville Slugger EB 2014 Series 3 – With its rip-stop accents and stylish design, this is a cool backpack for any baseball fanatic. The side bat holders have deep pockets to keep up to two of your bats secure. There are multiple valuables pockets with soft-lined interiors. For optimal comfort, the back and shoulder straps are plush-padded. The materials it is constructed with are durable, and can really take a beating.

    Under Armour Shut Out Baseball/Softball Backpack Bag – Designed to carry the full suite of baseball equipment, this model from Under Armour is an excellent choice for any student looking for an all-in-one bag. It features a mesh water bottle holder, a hook-up for batting gloves, and multiple storage compartments for your various valuables. On the other side is 3 slots for holding your bats securely. There are also compartments for your glove, shoes and helmet. The best part of this bag though is its water resistant construction that is guaranteed to keep your equipment in shape.

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