Top 7 Best Bedspread & Coverlet Sets Reviews In 2018

Home décor is not just limited to the living room anymore. The bedroom should also add to the overall general appearance of the home. In this, considering a good quality bedspread and coverlet sets. There is definitely something for everyone’s wants, needs, and preferences.

Bedspread and coverlet sets come in different materials, sizes, pattern prints, as well as colors. In this, the variety is wide for you to discover. Other than appearance, they are designed to deliver on functionality. As much as they look and appear beautiful, they also have a function to perform. Rather than purchase different beddings and try to create a match, why not make a one set bedspread and coverlet investment? As you set out to shop for bedspread and coverlet sets, it can be confusing with all the options in the market. The following are the best bedspread and coverlet sets to put into consideration.

Table of the Best Bedspread & Coverlet Sets

6. Mi-Zone Libra Full-Queen Blue Coverlet Set

Coverlet Sets

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The Mizone Libra Coverlet set from Mi-Zone is attractive and at the same time will cover your needs in the bedroom. In reference to appearance, it offers you the choice of choosing or interchanging between different colors and patterns. On one side, it offers two colors with large stripes while on the other, it comes in two different colors in smaller stripes.

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It is, therefore, one bedspread but offering diversity. It is made of 100% polyester to promote durability. However, the pillow has some cotton filling which is also durable and comfortable. This feature also makes it warm and cozy. It is machine washable so it is easy to clean and care for. It is therefore durable, offers vibrant color options, and it complements the rest of your room.

5. Greenland Home Blooming Prairie King Bedspread Set

Greenland Home Blooming Prairie King 3-Piece Bedspread Set

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This is another bedspread and coverlet set from Greenland Home, for consideration that also promotes durability and functionality. It is made of 100% cotton due to its durable and absorbent nature. This, in turn, ensures comfort a, d ease in its care and wash. This is also accompanied by the fact that it is machine washable. The color combinations will capture your eye as well as meet your interior décor needs and preferences.

4. Madison Park Quebec Blue King Coverlet Set

Coverlet Set

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This bedspread and coverlet set comes in one definite color with no print or patterns. This makes it easy to blend into any room decors due to its simplicity. It is made of 100% polyester microfiber quilted comprising of 90% cotton and 10% other fiber. In an effort to make it easy and fast to care for and wash, it is machine washable.

It offers a variety of colors you can choose from but remember that it is one color for every bedspread and coverlet set. It is light in weight due to the polyester material but also warm and cozy. The fit is also great to ensure your bed is covered. It, therefore, serves both functionalities as well as decorative purposes.

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3. Chezmoi Collection Austin 3-piece Oversized Bedspread Coverlet Set

Chezmoi Collection Austin 3-piece Oversized Bedspread Coverlet Set

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This Chezmoi bedspread and coverlet set offers a wide variety of color in a range of 10 different colors. Each set comes in one color but you can choose from 10 different colors. Though it is in one color, the bedspread comes with a print that is the same color depending on your choice of preference. They are designed to be oversize so they can cover the whole bed completely. They are made of 100% microfiber, which is machine washable. In this, you can easily wash and car for your bedspread without a hassle. The fabric is also soft to the touch making it comfortable, cozy, and durable to serve you in the long-term. While it meets functional and decorative purposes, it is also affordable.

2. Madison Park Lola 6 Piece Yellow Quilted Coverlet Sets

Madison Park Lola 6 Piece Quilted Coverlet Set

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If you are looking for a bedspread and coverlet set that is creative in its print as well as complementary, this is the ideal product to consider. As designed by Madison Park, the print and pattern are combined at specific points rather than on the entire coverlet fabric. The print will be spread out on the pillow covers but will lean towards a given end to create an amazing contrast.

It is made of quality and long-lasting cotton material, which is also absorbent making it ideal even for warm temperatures. Cotton’s soft nature makes it cozy. It is easy to wash, as it is machine washable so you do not have to bother yourself when referring to caring for it.

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1.  Madison Park Quebec 3 Piece King Coverlet Set

Coverlet Set

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The Quebec 3 piece coverlet set size is comfortable, easy to care for and comes with color combinations that will compliment your room. It is made of polyester material making it soft, light in weight, durable, as well as warm and cozy. Polyester material is also easy to wash even with harsh stains while it withstands frequent washes.

Its one color touch remains simple but attractive and complementary to the room. The color remains intact and despite several washes, it remains good as new. In this, it requires easy care, easy to wash, is comfortable, and durable.

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