Top 5 Best Camping Sleeping Pads & Mats for Hiking In 2018

Camping grounds can be quite unforgiving hence hindering you from getting a solid night’s sleep. You might not do well with a mattress in such conditions. What you need is something portable that provides the right level of cushioning and insulation. Sleeping pads are one thing that perfectly matches the description. They keep you warm throughout the night and pack small to fit in your backpack. With many types (closed-cell foam, air, and self-inflating) to choose from, getting the best camping sleeping pad can be quite a challenge.

However, getting to know the intended use and the important features (weight, cushioning, insulation, and size) so you can ease the selection process. It’s common to find two identical sleeping pads with a comfort level that’s quite different from each other. So how do you get to know the sleeping pads that perform the best? Below is a recommendation of the best sleeping pads you might want to incorporate into your camping gear.

Table of the Best Camping Sleeping Pads Below:

5. Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

Sleeping Pads

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This is a super light, regular size 2.5-inch thick sleeping pad. The pad has a V-chamber design that provides superior comfort and support for all types of sleepers. There’s a deep weld pattern that creates expansion zones for maximum thermal comfort. You get to cradle at the center of the pad, thanks to side rails that eliminate any air movement as you toss and turn. This rugged pad requires 10-15 breaths to fully inflate and has an R-value of 1.3. It’s made of rugged 75D polyester resistant to tear, puncture, and abrasion. This sleeping pad is a perfect option for casual campers and backpackers.

4. Outdoors PVC-Free Warmth Series Self Inflating Sleep Camp Pad

Lightspeed Outdoors PVC-Free Warmth Series Self Inflating Sleep Camp Pad

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This sleeping pad doesn’t need the use of breathing or pump to inflate. The air is filled into the chambers automatically. There are two oversized valves that let the pad inflate in as quick as 2 minutes. The pad comes in three different sizes to choose from and sport an R-value that ranges from 4.9 to 9.9; a perfect option for those sleeping on the cold ground. It has a built-in pillow that adds some extra comfort to your sleep. The PVC-free construction works to eliminate any noise as you toss and turn, hence a peaceful night sleep.

3. Lightweight Self Inflating Sleeping Pad for Hiking, Backpacking & Camping

Self Inflating Sleeping Pad with Pillow- Lightweight Camping Mat

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Looking for a versatile and affordable sleeping pad? This pad will surely suffice. It’s a lightweight, self-inflating pad tolerable to wet conditions. It comes rugged in a water-repellent polyester taffeta fabric; a construction that’s designed to last and keep you dry always. The fabric is textured to accommodate restless sleepers. You can choose to adjust the firmness of the pad by blowing into the valve. There’s a pillow integrated into the pad for extra support and comfort. At 0.98 inches thick, the pad comes a little bit thinner to eliminate the bulk.

2. Klymit Static V2 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Klymit Static V2 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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This pad comes thick but still manages to stay lightweight. It’s 2.5-inch thick and comes 12% lighter compared to the original model. It has a unique V-design that maps to your body for that cradling comfort. Side rails keep you centered when tossing or turning. The top is made of 30D polyester while the bottom comes in 75D polyester. This results in a durable construction you can depend on. This camping sleeping pad has an insulation value of 1.3 and requires 10 to 15 breaths to inflate.

1. TETON Sports Camp Pad

TETON Sports Camp Pad

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This is an open-cell sleeping pad; a construction that lets it keep its shape. The pad is available in three different sizes, all of which are large enough to accommodate virtually all body types. The shell is made of waterproof canvas and has a brushed surface that provides more comfort to restless sleepers. This sleeping pad comes with tie-downs to secure it on the ground. Small items can be stored in a Velcro storage pocket integrated into the pad. Apart from functioning as a standalone sleeping pad, the pad can double as an extra bed for guests. Strap system and compression buckles are included for easy storage and transportation.

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