Top 9 Best Fast Drying Camping Towels In 2018 Reviews

Towels offer a perfect way of drying up yourself after a nice shower or exercise. But unlike conventional towels, camping towels are designed for more. Apart from drying up your body, they provide a cooling effect. They offer a more refreshing feeling during those hot days. These towels absorb well and dry faster than traditional ones. They are ultra-soft and gentle to the skin for ultimate comfort. Camping towels come in various materials and sizes to select from. But any camper wants the best in a camping towel. So we present to you the best towels that will work perfectly during your camping trip.

Table of Best Fast Drying Camping Towels

9. Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Evaporative, Cooling, Snap TowelCamping Towels

This towel is designed to keep you cool during those hot conditions. It incorporates a textured surface on one side and a smooth surface on the other. The textured surface serves to provide a cooling effect that lasts a maximum of 4 hours. The smooth surface works well in absorbing moisture. After ringing excess water, the towel feels cold but does not wet your clothes. The towel can be wrapped around your neck, shoulder, or placed over your face to keep you cool.

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8. Sunland Microfiber Towel Ultra Compact Absorbent and Fast Drying Travel Sports Towels

Sunland Microfiber Towel Ultra Compact Absorbent

This is a small, lightweight towel that is specially made to dry your body after a shower or too dry off from perspiration. The towel is made of a highly absorbent fabric that can soak up great volumes of water. The fabric is soft to touch and is very gentle on the skin. The towel does not leave any fibers on your body and can be used multiple times before needing a wash. It can easily fold for convenient storage.

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7. The Original Chill Pal Cooling Towel

Chill Pal Cooling Towel

This towel comes in an attractive ocean blue color. It measures 17 x 26 inches and can be easily folded for compact storage. The fabric is soft and has a gel-like feel to it. Once rinsed, the towel stays cool for at least 2 hours. It works well in cooling down a hot and sweaty body. The towel comes with a plastic bag that provides convenient storage when not in use.

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6. Youphoria Sports Towel and Travel Towel – Super Absorbent and Quick Drying

Youphoria Sport Towel and Travel Towel

This is a microfiber towel that comes in three size options. These include 20×40 inches, 28×56 inches, and 32×72 inches. The towel is made from an ultra-absorbent fabric that dries in the shortest time possible. The towel is light and can fold into a compact size for convenient storage. The towel is stored in a mesh bag that allows it to dry while on the move.

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5. Packtowl Personal Packtowl

Packtowl Personal Packtowl

This is a super absorbent towel that can soak up great volumes of water equivalent to four times its weight. The towel is made of 85-percent polyester and 15-percent nylon. This makes it durable enough to last you for years. The fabric is nice and soft. It incorporates anti-microbial properties that serve to prevent bacterial buildup. This towel packs small and dries relatively quickly.

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4. Sinland Multi-purpose Microfiber Fast Drying Travel Gym Towels 3-pack

Multi-purpose Microfiber Fast Drying Travel Gym Towels

These towels come in a pack of three. Each towel measures 29 inches long and 13 inches wide. The towels are made of 80-percent polyester and 20-percent polyamide. The fabric is ultra-soft and works well in eliminating bacterial buildup. The towels feature faster drying time that is 3 times those of traditional towels. These towels are durable enough to last up to 500 washes.

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3. ECOdept Large Microfiber Travel Towel – Antibacterial, Compact and Fast Drying

Large Microfiber Towel by ECOdept for Travel and Sports

This is a large towel suitable for wrapping around the body. It measures 52 inches long and 32 inches wide. The fabric is soft and dries 2 times faster than traditional towels. Since it is anti-microbial, it stays fresh with no odors. This towel can fold away easily into a small space. It comes with a mesh carry bag that allows it to breathe well.

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2. Frogg Toggs 647484919239 Chilly Pad Cooling Towel, 32.5″ Length x 12.25″ Width

Frogg Toggs 647484919239 Chilly Pad Cooling Towel

This towel comes in a lime green color with nice decorative patterns. It measures 33 inches long and 13 inches wide. The towel incorporates a soft and sponge-like feel that works well in absorbing water. This towel can soak up water that is equivalent to 8 times its weight.

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1. Fox Outfitters Ultrasoft MicroDry Towel

Fox Outfitters MicroDry Towel

This towel is made of polyester and nylon for enhanced durability. The fabric is thick, soft and well stitched around the edges. This towel has the ability to soak up to 4 times the weight in water. The mesh pouch allows the towel to be packed away wet and still dry out. The pouch incorporates a loop and snaps for easy attachment.

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  1. THE SPORT & TRAVEL TOWEL – This towel comes in three size options that include 15.75 x 26 inches, 8 x 50 inches and 32 x 68 inches. The sizes are for the hand, gym and beach towel respectively. This microfiber towel is ultra-absorbent and easy on the skin. The fabric is not fluffy, but rather soft. The towel can be folded so that it packs in a very little space.

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