Top 10 Best Chainsaw Helmets Reviews In 2019

Safety is crucial when it comes to performing various activities, especially when dealing with construction and landscaping works. These activities require you to take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure your safety. By ensuring, that you wear the necessary protective gear, you will have fewer chances of being injured when you perform your tasks. Head injuries are deadly; this is why you should make sure that you have the best chainsaw helmets.

These helmets are not only designed to protect your head from falling tree branches but also from the chainsaw itself. The helmet comes with earmuffs that reduce the noise, protecting your eardrums from long exposure to loud sound. It also comes with a visor that protects your eyes from sawdust and other debris while still allowing you to have a clear view. Below is the review of the top rated models on the market. We hope that our guide will help you in making an informed choice.

Table of the Best Chainsaw Helmets Reviews

10. TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet & Hearing Protection System

Chainsaw Helmets

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The TR industrial safety Helmet is designed with high-quality construction materials that ensure optimal protection for a long period. The helmet comes with various features that ensure that you get the best protection. To begin with, this unit comes with earmuffs that protect your eardrums from exposure to deafening sound. This unit also comes with a plastic visor that keeps your eyes from debris. What’s more, this unit also features knob on the rear, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

Key features

  • Easy to adjust headband secures firmly on the head
  • Removable mesh and plastic visor
  • All parts are ANSI and CE approved
  • Lightweight design

9. Husqvarna ProForest Safety Chainsaw Helmet

Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System

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Husqvarna is a popular brand when it comes to chainsaw and chainsaw accessories production. With this proForest Chain Saw helmet system, you should not expect any less. This versatile helmet comes with six-point adjustable suspension making it a great pick for everyone. Similar to other models from this manufacturer, this unit comes with a bright orange colour for added visibility. Another feature we loved about this unit is the NRR hearing earmuffs that ensure that’s your eardrums are safe

Key features

  • 6-point adjustable suspension
  • Superior hearing protectors
  • Sturdy construction for optimal protection
  • Made by a reputable brand

8. Oregon 563474 Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet w/ Visor Combo Set

Oregon 563474 Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet with Visor Combo Set

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The Oregon 563474 chainsaw helmet is designed to offer protection from all angles. This helmet is designed to offer you optimal protection from any injuries from above, side as well as hearing. It is designed with a 6-ventilation hole that allows for comfortable breathing especially when working in hot conditions. Additionally, this unit is designed in a way that it resists strong impacts. To ensure your comfort, this unit comes with 6-adjustment harness points.

Key features

  • Well ventilated for breathability
  • 6 point harness for a snug fit
  • Well ventilated and lightweight
  • Impact resistant helmet
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7. Redneck Convent Forestry  Chainsaw Safety Helmet – Vented Hard Hat

Forestry Safety Helmet – Vented Hard Hat, Mesh and Plastic Visors

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The Redneck convent helmet is not only a great choice for chainsaw protection, it will also work well to offer sufficient protection on individuals involved in various tasks including automotive painting, welding, construction or general manufacturing. This helmet has met the entire safety standard and protects your face, head, and ears when you perform the toughest jobs. Boasting of a lightweight, six point suspension and sit top ventilation, you will not get better protection than this.

Key features

  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Full protection
  • High Quality to ensure durability and high performance
  • Superior noise cancelling earmuffs

6. Husqvarna 577764601 Pro Forest Helmet System Protection

Husqvarna 577764601 Pro Forest Helmet System Visor

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This is another high-quality product from the renowned Husqvarna. This unit comes with some of the features that are hard to find on other models. Unlike the helmets that absorb sunlight when working in hot environments, this helmet reflects the sunlight, reducing discolouration and weakening. Some of the other features that we love about this unit included the hearing protectors, bright yellow colour, and adjustable suspension system.

Key features

  • Construction Materials are impact resistant
  • Great hearing protectors
  • 6-point Adjustable suspension
  • Comes with a noise cancelling ear protectors

5. Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Chainsaw Helmet

Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Helmet

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Never compromise your safety when it comes to using your chainsaw. The Husqvarna 592752601 helmet is designed to offer you nothing short of this. The unit comes with a well padded and breathable interior that ensures the best comfort. It also comes with a hard shell exterior to prevent any impact, besides this unit comes with an adjustable suspension system that ensures an easy and secure fit.

Key features

  • Fits most all sizes
  • 6-point Adjustable suspension
  • Features dual face protection
  • The helmet is comfortable to wear

4. ERB 14371 Chain Saw Protection Safety Kit

ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Kit

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If you are looking for a full-face protection helmet, the ERB 14371 safety kit might be your best bet. This unit comes with anti-fog goggles that not only provide you full protection but also gives a clear view in fog weather. Again, this unit comes with a steel mesh face screen that protects you from any danger. What’s more, this unit comes with NRR earmuffs that protect your ear from loud noise.

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Key features

  • Steel mesh face screen
  • High-quality construction from impact resistant materials
  • Visor carrier attachment
  • Anti-fog goggles included

3. Husqvarna 588646001 Technical Forest Helmet with Ratchet

Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet with Ratchet

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For those who would prefer a lightweight yet protective helmet, this model will work well for you. Boasting a nylon sheet visor, this helmet will protect your face from any debris as you cut the wood. The helmet also comes with protective earmuffs to protect your ears from long exposure to loud sound. In addition, this unit also features an adjustment ratchet making it super easy to use.

Key features

  • Adjustable for a secure fit
  • Solid construction
  • Protective earmuffs
  • Lightweight making it easy to use and comfortable

2. Neiko 53880A 4-in-1 Safety Helmet w/ Hearing & Face Protection

Neiko 53880A 4-in-1 Safety Helmet with Hearing and Face Protection

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Neiko is a four in one protective helmet that offers you with a complete noise and face protection. This helmet comes with a tough construction that ensures optimal protection from impact. It also comes with a bright yellow colour that ensures high visibility, boosting your safety. We also love the superior features including the visor, earmuff, and adjustable headband that ensure premium comfort and protection.

Key features

  • Polycarbonate visor and steel mesh provides
  • Tough construction to withstand rough conditions
  • Convenient dial knob is fully adjustable
  • Premium comfort and protection

1. Echo OEM Chainsaw Safety Head Ear Protection Helmet

 Echo OEM Chainsaw Safety Head Ear Protection Helmet

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Boasting of impressive features and performance the Echo 99988801500 will never disappoint. This is a great choice for individuals looking for exceptional full head protection. Unlike another model, this product comes with a mesh steel face screen, adjustable fit for a snug fit as well as superior sound-reducing earmuffs. Besides this unit comes with a flexible rear knob that allows customizable fit. Read more about the chainsaw gloves.

Key feature

  • Steel mesh facial screen
  • Adjustable making it great for all
  • Highly visible orange colour
  • Superior Hearing NRR muffs

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