Top 10 Best Commercial Cotton Candy Machines for Sale Reviews In 2019

When you have birthday parties or house parties involving kids, then planning a menu that will satisfy your little gems is really important. And candies, as well as cotton candy, are always kid’s favourites. So, including the cotton candy machines that will give your kids a continuous supply of sweet treats is a wise choice. These machines can help in creating various types of candies namely hard candies, cotton candy, flossing sugar etc that will keep your kids engaged. The machines have a bowl where the candies are made and powered by a motor in order to have a smooth experience. Some even offer various flavoured ingredients to provide you with a complete package. As kids go by looks, the design and colour of the cotton candy makers are made vibrant for creating an appeal.

However, choices are many and you need to purchase only the best. Hence, buy a cotton candy machine after giving this review a read as all the features that are listed are based on it supreme quality and functionality.

Table of the Best Cotton Candy Machines Reviews

10. Olde Midway SPIN 2000 Cotton Candy Machine & Electric Candy Floss Maker 

Cotton Candy Machines

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Equipped with a stainless steel kettle of large size, the machine is blessed with a heating element that runs of 950 watts and each cotton candy cone can be created in just 30 seconds. It has a high-performance motor that is belt-driven and includes a 3 bin storage drawer as well as ingredient scoop for pouring the ingredients. Also, it has only 2 switches for making it hassle-free to use and the machine functions smoothly without making any noise.

Key features

  • You get a power switch as well as a heat controller.
  • The voltmeter is placed on the very front panel.
  • Designed in a unique way of controlling vibrations.
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9. The Candery Homemade Cotton Candy Machine for Birthday Parties

The Candery Cotton Candy Machine - Bright, Colorful Style- Makes Hard Candy

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For promoting the cotton candy machine art, this exclusive floss machine has a lovely colourful look with a flawless modern touch and the decor is pretty kitchen-friendly.  It is light in weight and allows noise-less function without any disturbance. With a premium-quality construction, you can create tasty sugar floss, candy cones and also hard candies by using any of 10 cones. Plus, the small design adds to the portability of this machine.

Key features

  • Stable feet to keep it steady.
  • Simple design that makes it hassle-free to use.
  • Has a transparent rim.

8. The Candery Commercial Cotton Candy Floss Maker/Machine

The Candery Cotton Candy Machine Commercial Grade Candy Floss Maker

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Be it a kid’s party or carnival, the commercial grade cotton candy maker functions at a power of 1030 watts and can create up to 6 servings in just a matter of one minute. You can place it on a table top and make a cotton candy in 10 seconds. The stainless steel bowl can be cleaned for maintaining hygiene and motor will continue to operate for the longest hours as it will never fail to impress you.

Key features

  • You have access to heat switch as well as wattage meters.
  • Has a compact design and you can set it up at any location.
  • Assembling and dissembling are quite simple.

7. Paragon 7105100 Professional Classic Cotton Candy Machine

Paragon 7105100 Classic Floss Cotton Candy Machine with Metal Bowl

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Paragon has introduced this professional machine for making high-quality cotton candy. With a high-performance head and premium innovative controls, it features an aluminized cabinet that makes your job easier. It used 12 gauge of stainless steel for the unit’s casting and the heavy-duty powerful motor generates 3400 RPMs. Thus, you can acquire durability at its best.

Key features

  • Amazing productivity because 100 to 200 numbers of candy cones can be created per hour.
  • Have knob controls for setting the heat.
  • The 26” bowl is fully aluminium.

6. Clevr Large Commercial Cotton Candy Machine & Candy Floss Maker

Clevr Large Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Party Candy Floss Maker

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Witness the cotton candy twirling beautifully to get into its shape as you just need to turn on and after it heats up, it will show the magic. The cotton candy machine bowl is of 20.5” and constructed of stainless steel. Plus, as many as 3 storage bin drawer has been included along with a power switch and voltmeter. You can keep a check on the heat with the use of heat controller and the high-performance motor is belt driven.

Key features

  • You can expect 2 to 4 servings at every minute.
  • Power of 1080W.
  • In order to avoid injury, it comes with a safety device that will prevent from turning on the machine if you do not place the bowl correctly.

5. Nostalgia Hard & Sugar-Free Hard Candy Cotton Candy Machine

Hard Candy Cotton Candy Machine

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Get your hands on fluffy and tasty cotton candy by using the Nostalgia cotton candy maker. It offers all the necessary equipment needed for making the delicacy namely reusable cones, extractor head and also a sugar scoop. The suction cup feet aids in obtaining steadiness and the rim guard is transparent that facilitates obstacle-less viewing.

Key features

  • Fast dissembling.
  • Quick cleaning experience.
  • Comes with different flavoured ingredients.

4. Nostalgia PCM805 Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker

Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker

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Another high-end Nostalgia product, this machine can help in the creation of soft and delicious hard candy that does not contain sugar, hard candies as well as flossing sugar. The beauty of the product lies in the retro design that reminds us of the 50’s, it can be dissembled without facing trouble. Now you can have a clear view of your delicacy as the rim guard is transparent.

Key features

  • The suction cup is attached for attaining stability.
  • Have plastic cones that can be used over and over again.

3. Olde Midway Cotton Candy Machine Cart – SPIN 2000

Olde Midway Commercial Quality Cotton Candy Machine Cart and Electric Candy Floss Maker

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 An excellent candy floss maker from Olde Midway, this machine makes it very easy to create tastiest cotton candies without any hassle. Equipped with a large stainless steel bowl, it helps you to store hard candy or sugar for allowing you to relish on delicious treats. And it has a powerful motor that generates a 950-watt heating element. So, you will have no worries about using it.

Key features

  • A mere 2-4 minutes to heat up is needed.
  • Has a great commercial quality.
  • It takes only 30 seconds for making a single cone.
  • Highly convenient.
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2. FoodKing Clear Plastic Bubble Shield for Cotton Candy Maker

FoodKing Clear Plastic Bubble Shield for Cotton Candy Machine

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This is really a worthy choice that you can ever hope to make. An electric cotton candy maker for home as well as commercial usage, it serves you well in every occasion. With a serving speed of 7 servings per minute, the machine comes with a stainless steel storage tray to store cones, scoop or sugar. The best thing about this machine is that it can transform any hard candy into sweet candy floss perfect for any occasion. Further, this machine is very easy to use. All you need to do is turn on the machine and let the motor to get warm for at least 5 minutes. Once it is warm enough, just pour in the sugar or hard candy to get the best quality floss.

Key features

  • Has a heating power of 1000 Watts.
  • The volt controller is inbuilt and a protection switch is installed for avoiding electric leakage.
  • It has power stabilization.
  • The display meter helps in monitoring.

1. Funtime FT1000CCP Candy Cloud Cotton Candy Machine

andy Cloud Cotton Candy Machine with Mobile Wheeled Cart

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The Funtime cotton candy machine promises you to provide the best quality candy floss. With a 950-watt commercial grade spinner, it can totally heat up within a short duration of 2 minutes and start operating. Moreover, the most praiseworthy about this candy floss machine is that it takes only 30 seconds to produce a cone. The machine also has a large stainless steel bowl. Thus, you will never have any trouble in collecting the cotton candy.

Key features

  • It is a mobile machine.
  • A drawer of stainless steel is inbuilt.
  • The fuse that is already built-in makes it safe for operation in a kitchen.

Your kid’s smile matter to you the most and fulfil their desire of lip-smacking treats with the best cotton candy makers to buy.

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