Best Distance Measuring Wheels Reviews

Measuring distance is sometimes pretty difficult without the right measuring tool. However, technology advancement has made it a lot easier to measure distance using the distance measuring wheels. In the past, measuring tapes were used, but these had many challenges. Distance measuring wheels can help you get accurate distance on all-terrains. They are also versatile and can be used in several applications.

So, what are the best distance measuring wheels to buy? With the market filled with a wide range of distance measuring wheels, it makes perfect sense of taking your time and selecting the best. This is where we come in to help you cut through the crap and get the leading distance measuring wheels on the market right now. Read through our carefully selected picks below and choose a model that best suits your needs.

Table of the Best Distance Measuring Wheels Reviews

10. TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Collapsible Measuring Wheel

Distance Measuring Wheels

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The TR industrial distance measuring wheel is an accurate pick that measures up to 9,999 feet distance in a wide range of environments. The wheel features 2 feet, and 9 inches handle for easy use. However, you can easily collapse the handle to 1 foot and four inches after use for easy storage and transportation. It features a one-foot diameter wheel for easy movement when measuring. Overall, this is an extremely convenient measuring wheel with a reset button, carrying bag and kickstand. It is sturdily built for long-lasting use.


  • Convenient reset button
  • 2 feet and 9-inch handle that collapses to 1 foot and 4 inches
  • Measures up to 9, 999 feet
  • 1 feet diameter wheel

9. Komelon ML1810 6-Inch Measuring Wheel for Feet

Komelon ML1810 Measuring Wheel for Feet

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This is another top-quality distance measuring wheel with a 5-point counter reading up to 9,999 feet. The wheel features a telescoping handle and a comfortable grip for easy handling. It is quite easy to use and measure distance with a reset button, a spring-loaded kickstand and a gear driven counter. You can easily adjust the handle to suit the ideal measuring height and collapse it for easy storage after use.


  • Gear driven counter
  • Easy operation with reset button and spring loaded kickstand
  • Telescoping handle with a firm grip
  • 5 digit counter reads up to 9, 999 feet

8. Calculated Commercial Grade Distance Measuring Wheel

Commercial Grade Feet-Inch Distance Measuring Wheel

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This is another accurate measuring wheel with an easy to use linear measuring tool. It is reliable and features an accuracy level of 99.7 percent.  The wheel can measure up to 9, 999 feet in a wide range of environments. It also features a pistol and handbrake for precise measuring making it one of the best distance measuring wheels so far. A hand kickstand helps support the wheel while a sealed gear-transmission adds its durability. Overall, the operation of the wheel is pretty simple with an easy reset button. The handle is collapsible and folds to a compact size for easy storage.


  • Handle collapses from 38 inches to 19 inches for easy storage
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Grip handle for easy rolling
  • Hand grip and pistol grip for precise measurement

7. Calculated Industries Estimators Electronic Distance Measuring Wheel

 Electronic Distance Measuring Wheel with Large Backlit Digital Display

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This is a versatile measuring wheel that measures in the standard US or metric to distances of 9, 999, 999, meters, feet, yards or inches. This measuring wheel has an accuracy level of 99.5 to ensure you get the correct distance. It rolls easily allowing you to find the ideal length in the shortest time possible. It is quite easy and comfortable to use with a centre-line design that offers improved stability and balance.  The controls ate top-mounted and help prevent constant bending. Overall, this is a durable, simple and easy to use distance measuring wheel worth buying this year.


  • Top-mounted controls to prevent constant bending
  • Centre-line design for balance and stability
  • Measures in standard US or metric
  • Durable and features a reinforced handle

6. Keson RRT12 Top Reading Center Line Measuring Wheel

Keson RRT12 Top Reading Center Line Measuring Wheel with Handle Brake

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This is another lightweight and highly portable measuring wheel. It is a versatile pick to use anywhere in the field. The Keson measuring wheel features an enhanced pistol grip for easy handling. It also has a reset trigger for easy use when measuring various distances. The counter reset is on the handle to ensure you don’t bend often. A further centre-line adds balance and stability to the wheel. Overall, this wheel will fold down to half its original size for easy storage and transport


  • Folds down to half its original size
  • Enhanced pistol grip for better handling
  • Reset button
  • Centerline balance

5. AdirPro Digital Distance Measuring Wheel

AdirPro - Digital Distance Measuring Wheel

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This is a highly rated distance measuring wheel with durable construction to withstand the harsh conditions and elements in the field. AdirPro distance measuring wheel is a leading brand in the industry, and you can be sure of the value for your money. The wheel features a plastic moulded wheel that is durable and long-lasting.  It also features a telescoping handle that collapses from 44 inches to 27 inches for easy storage. The buttons are waterproof and the kickstand sturdy making this wheel a quality pick. It can easily measure distances of up to 9, 999.9 foot. The wheel features a cordless operation running on long-lasting AAA batteries. It is also easy to use in multiple applications.


  • Versatile and can be used in multiple applications
  • Cordless operation
  • High-quality with a durable construction
  • Telescoping handle that collapses from 44 inches to 27 inches

4. TR Industrial TR88017 FX Series Collapsible Measuring Wheel

TR Industrial TR88017 FX Series Collapsible Measuring Wheel

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This is another heavy-duty TR industrial wheel with an ergonomic grip and smooth wheels for easy use. The wheel is sturdily built and can accurately measure up to 9, 999 feet distances in a wide range of environments.  The wheels are 6 inches in diameter and easily manoeuvre a wide range of terrains. It also features an adjustable handle length for portability and easy use. Overall, this is a convenient distance measuring wheel with a carrying bag and a reset button.


  • Adjustable handle
  • Reset button
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Heavy duty quality with 6-inch wheels

3. Keson MP401 Metal Frame Measuring Wheel with Spoked Wheel

 Keson MP401 Metal Frame Measuring Wheel

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This is a lovely distance measuring wheel with the spoked wheel. It is an innovative design with centre-line functionality to offer great balance and stability.  The wheel features huge numbers making reading a lot easier. It is a durable choice with a thick 3/4 inch rubber on the wheel to make it wear-resistant. This wheel can retain its shape for a long time preserving its integrity. A further barrel clamp helps lock the handle in an upright position and release it in seconds.


  • Rugged ¾ inch rubber on the wheel for durability
  • Barrel clamp lock in the handle
  • Centre-line functionality for balance
  • Rugged ¾ inch frame

2. Measuring Wheel Digital Display with Free Carrying Pack

Measuring Wheel Digital Display With Free Carrying Pack

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This is another top-notch measuring wheel with a humanized design. The wheel features dustproof and waterproof button for easy use on a variety of environments. It also has a telescoping handle that allows for easy carry. It can be extended and retracted with ease.  The displays are digital and have a memory function. The wheel features a metric and inch dual system for accurate and clear measurement. Rubber wheels ensure you can measure safely on slippery surfaces.


  • Rubber wheel to measure on slippery areas
  • Telescoping handles
  • Digital display and memory
  • Waterproof and dustproof buttons

1. Durawheel DW-1000 12.5-Inch Distance Measuring Wheel

DuraWheel DW-1000 Distance Measuring Wheel

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The Durawheel measures up to 9, 999 feet distance. It is another excellent wheel that brings us to the end of the leading distance measuring wheels. The wheel features a sturdy oval tube and a folding handle for easy storage and use. A heft pistol grip on the handle offers a firm grip and ensures the wheel remains in line when measuring. The bearings of the wheel are sealer rolled and feature a wide stance with a folding kickstand. A belt driven counter ensures smooth operation and long life use.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Measures up to 9,999 feet
  • Sealed roller bearings
  • Wide stance folding kickstand


Measuring distance is a lot easier when you have the right tools at hand. Make sure you choose one of these amazing distance measuring wheels today to make distance measuring easy. These are the best distance measuring wheels on the market currently with great features and good value for money.

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