Best Dog Combs & Dog Grooming Brushes Reviews

Grooming is an important aspect and while you are keen about it as an individual, it is also important to ensure that your dogs are also well-groomed. Dog hair needs to be taken care of and while washing and drying is important, it does not stop at that. Dog hair needs careful combing. This is because just like human hair, dog hair is different from one dog to another. In this, it is important that you find the right comb for combing your dog’s hair. While there are several dog combs on the market promising to help you take care of and maintain your dog’s hair, you need to be very careful when picking one.

You will need to consider your dog’s length of hair, its thickness, as well as the material it is made from to ensure it serves you and your dog efficiently in the long-term. To get you started, the following are the best dog combs reviews.

Table of The Best Dog Combs Reviews

10. Safari De-Matting Comb for Dogs

Dog Combs

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This dog comb is ideal for dogs with matted coats especially if they are long or course. If your dog breed comes in a medium or longhaired coat, then is your ideal comb. Thanks to its design, whether you are left handed or right handed, you can reverse the blade to suit your preferences. When you get started, ensure that you comb your dog’s hair in the direction of its hair growth. The handle is comfortable with a firm grip so you can enjoy the combing experience.

9. Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb

Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb

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This dog brush is ideal for any type of dog breed. This is because it comes with blades of two different sizes that come with different spacing and thickness. When combing with the Andis pet steel grooming comb, it stimulates the skin as well as the hair follicles to keep your dog’s hair and skin healthy. As the dog’s care provider, this comb is light in weight yet durable thanks to its steel material. If you are also looking for a perfect finish and fluff, this is your comb.

8. FURminator Curry Dog Combs

FURminator Curry Comb

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The FURminator curry comb is ideal for helping you get rid of dust as well as loose hair. The key is to stimulate the skin in an effort to help distribute the dog’s natural oils through its hair. This provides a lustrous sheen that is appealing to the eye. The handle comes with a strap to help with a firm grip so you can work through your dog’s hair with comfort. However, it is important to note that it performs best with dogs that have short to medium length hair coats.

7. Li’l Pals Double-Sided Purple & Green Grooming Comb

Double-Sided Purple and Green Grooming Comb for Dogs

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This comb is designed to comb hair for puppies as well as toy breeds not only because of its small size but also because the bristles are designed to be gentle on their hair and skin. It also helps distribute their natural oils evenly to provide a lustrous coat. It will get rid of loose hair and debris. As you brush your puppies’ hair, ensure that it is in the direction of its hair growth.

6. Dog Combs – Itery Pet Grooming Tools

Dog Comb

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This comb is durable and safe thanks to its stainless steel material. In reference to functionality, this comb offers diversity as it will help with getting rid of loose ends, removing tangles, as well as dirt with its frequent use. It is two-sided where one-half comes with thicker and closer bristles whereas the other has thinner and more distributed ones to offer diversity. The handle makes it easy to hold so you can comfortably comb your dog’s hair.

5. Master Grooming Tools Steel Ultimate Course Pet

Master Grooming Tools Steel Ultimate Coarse Pet

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This comb is made of steel and comes with a wooden comb. It is designed to comb dog hair that is medium to long and thick hair. The handle is wide enough to ensure a firm and comfortable grip. The teeth are wide and evenly spread out to ensure easy access to the dog’s hair without having to hurt his skin. All features come together to ensure that the brush is durable and functional.

4. FURminator Dog Combs

FURminator Dog Comb

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This dog hair comb is designed to ensure that your dog has tangle-free hair after every comb while at the same time ensuring that you are careful not to hurt it. This is because the teeth of the brush come with rounded pins to ensure your dog’s skin is not exposed to any risks of tearing. In addition, it will remove all surface mats.

3. Dog Grooming Water Comb and Pic

Dog Grooming Water Comb and Pic

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This comb is designed to help you comb your dog when washing it as it is ideal for use with some water and a little soap. It will help spread the hair so that your dog’s hair so that can dry even faster. It comes with an on and off switch that controls water pressure when scrubbing. It also has a massage effect that is comforting and fun for the dog.

2. Evolution W6165 Shedding Comb with Rotating Teeth

Evolution W6165 Shedding Comb with Rotating Teeth

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This comb is designed to untangle your dog’s hair with ease while at the same time ensuring that it is comforting. It is generally ideal for a wider variety of dog breeds. It is made of steel teeth with a plastic handle for comfort as well as ensuring durability. It is advisable that you comb your dog with this comb before bath time to ensure that the hair is tangle-free. It is also your ideal comb to help you remove mats.

1. Master Grooming Tools Steel Pet Rainbow


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This comb comes with two segments (a coarse and fine segment) so as to offer diversity. The teeth are made of steel to ensure it serves you in the long-term. The spine, on the other hand, is made of solid brass that is steel-plated that offers a firm grip, and seeks to ensure durability. It is, therefore, easy to use, as well as ensures that your dog’s hair is looking glamorous.

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  1. Untangler professional Groom II comb is the best dog comb for dematting and grooming! Perfect tines that rotate preventing animal pain. MADE in USA!

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