Top 10 Best Insulated Dog Kennel Covers In 2018 Reviews

Dog kennel covers are ideal for covering your dogs especially while on the move. If you own a dog, you will understand that they can be playful and jumpy especially when they get to see something they like in the outdoors. It is therefore, important that when you are traveling be it to the park or to the vet, that you keep him calm. Dog kennel covers come in handy as they keep their vision limited to a given circumference.

Other roles of kennel covers include keeping your dog warm when it is cold, protecting your dog from the rains. In this, they come highly recommended for every dog owner. The market offers quite a variety of covers so you have the ability to make the right choice to suit your preferences. They come with different materials, sizes, as well as deigns. To help you get the right kennel cover, the following are the top 10 best dog kennel covers reviews.

10. Midweck Black Polyester Crate Cover for Crates

Dog Kennel Covers

This cover is ideal for use as it is durable as well as easy to care for. This is because, you can easily machine wash it and its 100% polyester material allows it serve you in the long-term. In an effort to ensure that it lies where it should, it comes with Velcro tabs that hold it into place over the kennel. Depending on the size of your kennel, it comes in 6 different sizes so as to ensure you find one that fits your kennel perfectly.

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9. iDeal Fabrics Dog Kennel Cover

 Dog Kennel Cover

This dog kennel cover is ideal for the outdoors. This is because it is 100% UV treated allowing your dog enjoy the outdoors but with a protective covering from the harsh ultra violet rays from the sun. It is easy to install and its reinforced brass grommets helps keep it in place. In addition, it also has zip ties. It comes in three different sized to help you choose what best suits your needs as kennels also come in different sizes.

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8. ALEKO 6 X 10 Feet Dog Kennel Shade Cover

Dog Kennel Shade Cover

This cover is designed to be durable and protective for your dog. No matter the weather out in the open, it will protect your dog from direct sunshine, wind, snow, as well as rains. Once fitted on your dog’s kennel, it allows for easy air movement to ensure that your dog is comfortable. This also allows for temperature control and is easy and fast to install. The zip ties also come in handy to ensure ease I fitting the kennel.

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7. Precision Pet Snoozzy Baby Duvet Crate Cover

Precision Pet Snoozzy Baby Duvet Crate Cover

This cover allows for a reversible/ two sided option for your kennel. It ensures that your pet is comfortable and safe. It is easy to use and allows for easy care provisions. It is ideal for smaller kennels and the cover is durable.

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6. Pet Dreams Classic Crate Cover

Pet Dreams Classic Crate Cover

This cover is ideal for smaller kennels and while it ensures your dog is warm and comfortable, it also ensures that the kennel is well ventilated. This is because the front part of the kennel remains uncovered. It is easy to maintain, care for it as it is 100% washable, and drying it does not require any special attention. The key objective is to reduce barking and stressing both you and the dog when on the move. It comes in different colors so you have the ability to choose.

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5. Pet Dreams Classic Cratewear Set

Pet Dreams Classic Cratewear

This cover fits several dog kennel brands. It comes with bumpers which act as a protective cover so your puppy or dog does not get hurt especially when on the move with all the bumpy roads. It helps control barking and reduce stressful moments with your dog. It comes with a crate pad, which is also reversible. In this, it is comfortable and protective.

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4. Black Dog Kennel Covers

Black Dog Kennel Shade Covers

This cover is protective and it will meet other functions easily. It is also durable thanks to its weather-resistant fabric. It is also ideal as it helps control temperatures as it ensures the kennel remains cool. Even in the outdoors, the fabric is color fast so it does not fade. In addition, it will not shrink and it is protected against mildew. This makes it durable and acts as a protective cover ensuring your dog is not easily exposed to pathogens. It also protects your dog from the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays.

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3. Petmate Canvas Indoor/Outdoor Kennel and Crate Cover

Petmate Canvas Indoo

This is ideal for use indoors as well as outdoors. It is designed to fit medium and small wire kennels. The covers allow you to roll up and down to allow you ventilate the kennel. The cover is made of durable heavy-duty canvas that is water resistant to keep your dog dry even during the rainy season.

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2. Snoozer Cabana Crate Cover

Snoozer Cabana Crate Cover

This kennel cover makes it ideal for right about any style crate because of its two-sided opening. The flaps on either side can be rolled up to help with ventilation and down to help boost privacy. It is easy to maintain and to take care of it because it is machine washable and easy to dry. To help secure it in the crate, it comes with Velcro sewn. This ensures that your dog is safe as well as comfortable. In addition, placing it in position is as easy as it can get.

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1. Dog Kennel Covers Green 5’8”x10’

Dog Kennel Shade Cover

This dog kennel cover is durable, comfortable, as well as protective. This is because it is water and UV resistant fabric. In this, despite the different weather conditions, it remains functional in the long-term. It keeps your dog dry and protected from the sun’s ultra violet rays. You can easily install it without the help of an expert. If you are looking for a cover that is durable, protective against all weathers conditions, and that leaves your dog comfortable, this is the ideal dog kennel cover for you.

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