Best Electric Cars for Kids with Parental Remote Reviews

When we were a kid, we felt the craze for driving a real car. But a child is neither physically capable nor legally have the permission to drive a car. Hence electric cars for kids gained popularity in the market. These battery-operated cars are kid’s favourite as they make them the owner of these mini rides. The electric cars basically emulate the adult cars and have seat belts, music, headlights etc ingrained in these. Thus, they would fully enjoy their trip through the roads.

To simplify the selection process, our review on electric cars for kids highlights all the important characteristics. Now surprise your child with their favourite car and make them happy.

Table of the Best Electric Cars for Kids Reviews

10. Best 12V Battery Powered Remote Control Electric RC Ride-On Mini Cars for Kids

Electric Cars for Kids

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For those kids who just love the feel of sports cars, this electric car is truly notable in every sense! To start with, this classic has an integrated LED light as well as gear switches. As a result, it makes your driving experience very real.

Having dual electric car speeds to ensure safety measures of this car, they can pick between high and low. Now your little one can have a real-time experience courtesy to its safety belt, horn and working lights. Weighing at 66 lbs, this requires minimal assembly. Lastly, your little one has a drive time of 2-hours after complete charging.

Key features:

  • Certainly powered by a dual 12V motor, this has a music system to enhance your child’s playtime quality
  • Both manually controlled and remote operated car
  • Charging time of only 8 to 10 hours.
  • Has an AUX cord associated with 2 miles/hour.

9. Costzon 12V Battery Powered Electric Ride On Car & Truck with Bluetooth Parental Remote Control

 Costzon 12V Battery Powered Electric Ride On Car & Truck with Bluetooth Parental Remote Control

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If macho is your kid’s style, then nothing can beat the magic of a truck car. This dual control mode style, parental guidance and remote control format (2.4 GHz) make it your child’s dream car. Also, this has both pedal and steering options for self-operating.

Moreover, it is specifically connected with an Mp3 player, AUX cord, TF card slot and USB port. This electric car’s design is known for its PP material laden body that negates the issues of sudden inflation. Weighing mere 45-pounds, this is specifically recommended for children within 3-7 years. In addition, it features two-format (rear, front) LED lights with magnetic lock and a double door. Next, it also has both reverse and forward functions with triple speed option on the remote.

To facilitate in the driving process, its spring suspension format ensures better control of the truck car.

Key features:

  • Scientifically designed to provide an authentic driving experience.
  • Certainly, known for its brakes and soft gradual acceleration format.
  • Wear-resistant and explosion-proof wheels rather enhance safety measures.
  • For the specific hand-eye development, the foot pedal and shift lever are a great addition.

8. Costzon Licensed Mercedes Benz ML350 6V Kids Electric Battery Operated Vehicle

 Costzon Licensed Mercedes Benz ML350 6V Kids Electric Battery Powered Vehicle

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When you have a car-fetish baby at home, nothing can beat the magic of a Merc! Clearly, keeping that in mind, Costzon has brought its dual control, parental guidance and remote-control format Mercedes Benz car. This is enabled with an electric foot pedal as well as a steering wheel. Hence, it enables the baby to control the speed limit.

Where the safety belt improves the stability, the LED lights, Mp3 and volume controller improves the entertainment value. As a matter of fact, this car is made of durable plastic that ensures its premium quality and soothing experience. However, it enabled with USB and TF port and movable wing mirrors for a premium experience. One cannot deny the fact that it is specifically known for its scientifically enabled functional design and spacious seat capacity.

Key features:

  • Its 4-wheels are not only high-quality but are extremely wear-resistant.
  • This electric car for kids weighs only 24-pounds and has a usage capacity of 1 hour.
  • Indeed suitable for more than 1 kid and ages between 3-6 years.

7. Moderno Kids Ride-On Remote Control Wheels Electric Power Car

Moderno Kids Ride-On Remote Control Wheels Electric Power Car

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Moderno Kids brings from its group a truck car that is notable for its impeccable performance. This car compared to its contemporaries, can seat up to 2 kids of a maximum of 6-years with a weight of 100 lbs. Enabled with LED lights at the tails, front and rubber tires having an EVA foam construction.

Furthermore, its electric brake system and soft start are perfect to ensure reliable brake standards and steady acceleration process. The 12V battery is indeed removable while its dual motors make it edgy. To make things simple, it has dual forward speed remote control (2.4 GHz) enabled with 3-speed formats. Finally, at 60-pounds, this car has a smart battery changing and assembling technique requiring zero maintenance.

Key features:

  • It is integrated with mp3, FM Radio and USB Flash Drive.
  • Dual convertible electric car safety belts coupled with PU perforated leather seats.
  • Shock absorbers present in both rear and front spring.
  • The speed limit is rather 2-5 Mph.

6. Moderno-Depo Mercedes Benz AMG G63 Electric Cars for Kids

Moderno-Depo Mercedes Benz AMG G63 Electric Ride

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Mercedes is a car that holds a place in every heart and for kids, the colour variety is a catch. Moderno Kids, therefore, brings forth this car with a 2.4 GHz remote. Plus, it also a dual mode of remote controlled and manually driven toy.

With an adjustable front seat, this also has a rear trunk that doubles up as a parent’s seat or a storage area. Its built-in FM ensures that your child gets a perfect ‘car-like’ scenario as he or she sits down. Nonetheless, the inclusion of AUX and USB cord plug-ins makes it a standout piece.

Key features:

  • It is certified and has dual speed limits, real engine-like sounds and a seat belt to enhance safety
  • Runs on an electric car battery of 12V with 6 motors to support the same.
  • Rather have both front and rear LED lights coupled with dual pedals.

5. Moderno Toddler Ride On Toy Car for Kids with RC Parental Remote

Moderno Toddler Ride On Toy Car for Kids with RC Parental Remote

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Have you ever thought of gifting your little one a truck car? Well, once again from the house of Moderno Kids comes this truck toy car that is found in multiple hues. Firstly, it is a 2-seater truck car with parental remote control of 2.4GHZ covering a long range.

Coupled with Bluetooth and MP3 player, this is perfect for kids up to 6 years. Also, with parental controlled remote, the safety issues are immediately covered. Now it has a reverse/park/forward shifter switch to enable the kid a ‘real-time experience’. The addition of rubber tires come with EVA foam to ensure better traction. And he integrated handlebar ensures that the car works minus the power of the battery.

Key features:

  • With a charging time of 1 hour, it provides riding time of 90-minutes.
  • Weighs a minimum of 55-pounds with an on-screen digital battery voltage meter.
  • Enabled with the Smart Battery Changing Technology, it certainly prevents overcharging and automatic battery charge.

4. Costzon 12V 2WD Powered Ride On Jeep Car & Truck with Manual Remote Control

Costzon 12V 2WD Powered Ride On Jeep Car & Truck with Manual Remote Control

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Are you looking for a jeep car for your little one? No need to go further than the cars from Costzon! With the availability of both parental control mode and battery-operated style, this jeep car proves to be a real winner.

Moreover, the strategically included slow-start function, voltage meter point and 4-wheel suspension format make it a secured product. The electric foot pedal coordinated with steering wheel and safety belt. Hence, it not only gives your child a ‘real-time experience’ but also ensures complete safety. Clearly, you cannot miss out on this product.

Key features:

  • Indeed has an option of switching speeds apart from the integrated MP3input.
  • Includes working headlights, horn and movable wing mirrors.
  • Enabled to utmost safety with 1 reverse speed and 3 forward speeds.

3. Maserati TrueMax 12V Kids Electric & Battery Power Toy RC Car

Maserati TrueMax 12V Kids Electric & Battery Power Toy RC Car

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Giving your child the complete control of his car is good, but how about having a parental control for the same? This car has a remote control that enables 3-speed change and up to 80-feet of the control line. Also, this premium product is known for its GTS markings, LED lights, non-toxic and durable plastic body.

However, it is only suitable for kids up to 6 years. This is easy to install with target areas including windshield and wheels.

Key features:

  • Weighing 47-pounds, this car is equipped with dual motors and a battery of 12V.
  • Have the highest safety standards-ASTM certified.
  • The AUX port and built-in radio ensure complete benefit to your kid.

2. First Drive Mercedes Benz Kids Cars – Dual Motor Electric Power Ride On Car with Remote

First Drive Mercedes Benz Kids Cars - Dual Motor Electric Power Ride On Car with Remote

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With a battery of 12V, this kid’s car offers a dual operative mode of remote control and manual operation. This Merc is the one to check out for uneven paths and uphill. Its weight capacity of 66 lbs. Next, the built-in trumpet sounds to ensure your kids have their way, while the parents control this car up to 50-feet.

Furthermore, it has multiple lights that are LED format, dashboard and tail lights respectively. To assure the best ride for your child, it has MP3 audio playback format, MicroSD card, USB and Aux Port. It helps to play music inside the car.

Key features:

  • Maximum charge time of 8 hours with a speed limit of 4 mph.
  • Certified from ISO9001/ ASTM/EN71-1,2,3 standards.

1. First Drive BMW 4-Series First Drive 12v Kids Electric Power Cars with Remote

First Drive BMW 4-Series First Drive 12v Kids Electric Power Cars with Remote

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Whether you pick this BMW series from First Drive, it is a car you cannot ignore! Specifically integrated with 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Port, this is both remote-operated as well as manual in terms of operation.

Made of ABS and PP plastic this uses 12V lead-acid batteries and has a built-in trumpet system. The given LED lights will guide the rider and the seat belt will conform to your child’s body shape. Lastly, it is suitable for kids up to 6-years this has a seat belt for safety purpose.

Key features:

  • Certified by ASTM/ISO 9001 and EN71 standards.
  • Enabled with dual turn, forward and reverse functions.
  • Can certainly withstand a weight of 65 lbs.

Your child might not have the capability to drive an adult car. However, buy an electric car for kids and let them explore more.