Best Portable Clothes and Garment Steamers Reviews

The necessity of ironing or steaming your clothes in the day to day life is unmatched. Be it getting your shirt steamed for going to an office or eliminating the creases out of your evening gown, the portable garment steamers are a convenient choice. Being a portable option, you can carry it while you are travelling. Apart from making your garments or furniture look like a brand new piece, it kills germs to keep you safe.

Well, the factors that a steamer comprises of are many. But as we have an eye for the best, we only need the best one. Thus, here are the top professional clothes steamers for sale that promises amazing performance and have all the best features.

Table of the Best Professional Garment Steamers for Travel & Home

10. Beautural 1200-Watt Powerful Handheld Garment Steamer for Travel

Garment Steamers

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If you have always been wondering about which product to buy for steaming your clothes then Beautural is here to make your choice obvious and life easier. It is one of the most powerful handheld garment steamers that you will come across in the market. Firstly, it has a design that is quick as well as easy to use and doesn’t have any confusing controls. Next, the power cord attached to this steamer has a swivelling action due to the rubberised enclosing. So it would go through less wear and tear and provides you more freedom while using it. It has a generous enough water tank that can hold in over a quarter litre of water.

With its efficient steam creation and release, you get to steam your clothes continuously for 15 minutes. Opening the 260 ml water tank is even easier and does not involve any electronic parts. Plus, you also get a handy accessory to fill in water. The accessory is designed in a way to negate any form of spilling. Now, power it up with a touch of a button and just wait 30 seconds for the water to heat up.

Key features:

  • Throws up to 25G of steam each minute.
  • Fabric gets smoothened quickly.
  • Kills off most harmful bacteria.

9. J-2000 Jiffy Home Garment Steamer with Steam Head

J-2000 Jiffy Home Garment Steamer with Steam Head

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One degree is all that separates hot water from powerful steam to that has shaped our civilization. Similarly, the J-2000 has that extra degree of quality and efficiency that makes it stand out than the rest of the products in the market. You can use it for all sorts of fabrics in your home or for casual commercial purpose. It has a long 5.5-foot hose and a 6-inch steaming head that lets you easily reach high places and tough corners for large fabrics.

Furthermore, the outer housing is pretty high-impact and it includes a solid brass heating element of 1300 watt. Also, the reservoir is pretty huge. Finally, this J-2000 Jiffy garment steamer with plastic steam head also features a no-drip valve system.

Key features:

  • Wheels for easy mobility.
  • Heats up within just 2 minutes.
  • One and a half hour of steam time with each filling.

8. PurSteam Full-Size Professional Steamer for Clothes & Garments

PurSteam Full-Size Professional Steamer for Clothes & Garments

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PurSteam makes one of the most versatile and affordable steamers in the market and has outdone themselves again with this product. With this professional steamer, you get one third more of the steam flow at half the price of what competitors are offering in the market. It is even made of high-quality parts and takes up very small space making it durable as well as ideal for apartments and small spaces. Promising adjustment controls of 4 different levels, one gets a professional-like steaming in just a matter of few seconds.

Furthermore, the reinforced ABS wheel and removable water tank aid in improving your functionality as well as the garment steamer’s maintenance.

Key features:

  • Very lightweight, just over 2 pounds
  • Has adjustable controls for steam pressure
  • A great safety cap feature that doesn’t allow the water tank to be opened with hot water or steam

7. Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Eco-Energy Steam Iron Station – 1800-Watt 

owenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Eco-Energy Steam Iron Station - 1800-Watt

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Good and even stream distribution across the soleplate gives you a nice and easy ironing session. Rowenta has that technology well integrated into their product to give you a complete experience. This mode has a thick aluminium core that efficiently and quickly spreads heat throughout the plate plus eliminates any chances of hotspots. Even this translates to a lot of savings on your power bill and reduces chances of accidental burning.

Moreover, since the soleplate is made of high-quality 400 stainless steel, it is super smooth and polished that allows less friction with the fabrics. You don’t need to spend extra time and energy to treat your water. Just use normal tap water and the machine uses that safely without any accidental leaks or spits. Along with Safety-lock system, the 1800w garment steamer guarantees 5 bars of pressure.

Key features:

  •  Heats up within 3 minutes.
  • Eco-mode shows further results in energy savings without compromising in steam quality.
  • Up to 3 times more effective than traditional irons due to its steam production capabilities.

6. PurSteam Professional Garment Fabric Steamer

PurSteam Professional Garment Fabric Steamer

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You will have all your steaming needs addressed with this great steamer from PurSteam. Unlike traditional irons, it won’t damage your expensive fabric and can work with the most delicate ones including silk. But it is not just limited to fabrics. It can even be used on your furniture. Bed, couch and tables can become breeding grounds for bacteria and dust mites.

With its powerful steam and adjustable steam pressure, it can take care of those hidden disease inducers easily. Its height can also be adjusted from 80 cm to a full 160 cm. So you can reach all the space in your large wardrobe. The nozzle has a unique design with evenly distributed holes for a smooth steam output.

Key features:

  • Large 2.5-litre water tank.
  • Up to 55 minutes of steaming with full water tank capacity.
  • Just 45 seconds is needed to produce steam

5. Rowenta Clothes and Garment Steamer – Built-In Hanger

Rowenta Clothes and Garment Steamer - Built-In Hanger

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The design of this steamer is inspired by rolling suitcases since no other portable luggage has better and effortless mobility. It can be switched on or off quickly with the foot pedal so that you can steam to your comfort. Plus, a light indicator has also been provided to keep you aware of the operational state of the steamer. Due to the ingenious telescopic handle, you can adjust the height of the hanger and store it in limited spaces.

Nevertheless, the continuous run time of 1 hour along with the inbuilt hanger helps to keep your clothes in the best condition. Now you will not get harm while touching the steamer as it comes with a cool to touch handle. The tilt and roll design makes it a portable garment steamer.

Key features:

  • Huge water tank with capacity over 80 ounces.
  • Comes with a fabric brush, steam bonnet and other useful accessories.
  • The large steam head that can throw more steam evenly.

4. Pure Enrichment XL Standing Garment Steamer with Half-Gallon Water Tank 

Pure Enrichment XL Standing Garment Steamer with Half-Gallon Water Tank 

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With a minimalist and functional approach, this steamer from Pure Enrichment has won a lot of hearts and is sure to grab yours soon. It has a robust heating element that makes good use of the 1500 W power it consumes to heat up the water in under a minute. Other than making your clothes look good and bacteria-free, it can even help you get a well-deserved sleep.

Its steaming action is all you need to kill those annoying bedbugs and dust mites that hack away at your resting time. Lastly, the bigger wheels at the back and smaller swivel wheels at the front enhance manoeuvrability. So you get excellent mobility and shifting this from one room to another isn’t an issue.

Key features:

  • Refill water easily with the ½ gallon removable tank.
  • Long 5ft hose and an even longer 7ft cord.
  • One hour of constant steam with each fill-up.

3. PurSteam Elite Powerful Garment Steamer with Fabric Brush & Garment Hanger

PurSteam Elite Powerful Garment Steamer with Fabric Brush & Garment Hanger

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A steamer that comes with a full package to take care of all your ironing needs. It is extremely affordable as well as easy to use and the gives you the best bang for your buck. First of all, it has a huge tank with a capacity of 1.8 litres. It consumes 1500 watts of power and uses that in the best way possible. Also, it quickly heats up the cold water within less than a minute to give you a one hour long period of continuous steam.

Moreover, the steam it releases can reach close to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and takes care of creases and wrinkles much faster than a traditional iron. The use of telescopic aluminium pole constitutes to its lightweight and can be collapsed in seconds. Lastly, it offers a steam hose that is dual insulated and the transparent tank is also removable.

Key features:

  • A warranty period of 5 years.
  • Has an on/off switch.
  • Heating element made of aluminium and lasts very long.
  • Suitable for all types of fabrics including silk, cashmere and more.

2. Isteam Powerful Multi-Use Steamer for Clothes and Garment Wrinkle Remover

Isteam Powerful Multi-Use Steamer for Clothes and Garment Wrinkle Remover

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Some wrinkles are very persistent and stubborn. But it’s obvious that you can’t carry your bulky and powerful steamer everywhere you go. So Isteam has made a brilliant portable steamer that solves those problems for you. Even though it’s small as well as light, don’t underestimate its power and efficiency. It can heat up cold water to steam within a minute and the intelligently designed nozzle gives you a continuous and even steam.

After a steam session with the Isteam, your clothes will be fresh, free from harmful bacteria and unappealing wrinkles. Let’s not forget that it comes with personalized settings, the switch light hint if the steamer is on or off.

Key features:

  • Portable and lightweight design, weighing just over 1 pound.
  • Great service and one year of warranty period.
  • Works with a normal voltage of 110V in the United States.

1. Lemontec Portable Travel Handheld Fabric and Clothes Steamer

Lemontec Portable Travel Handheld Fabric and Clothes Steamer

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Apart from its innumerable advantages over its competition, this travel steamer stands out just with its design alone. The ergonomic shape and sleek curvy black body attracts a lot of eyeballs and lets you steam in style. It is the best companion you’ll have on your wanderlust. Being very small and compact, it easily finds a space in your luggage. You will get a generous steam time of 7 to 10 minutes with each filling of water.

Unlike other bulky steamers, it has a lot of safety features. It will shut itself down whenever it gets too hot to save you and increase its longevity. Further, the auto shut-off function eliminates any sort of danger. Don’t worry if you run out of the water, it will shut itself down instead of weighing in on your energy bill.

Key features:

  • The garment steamer’s leak protection is impressive.
  • Kills off bacteria on your clothes.
  • Certified by ETL.
  • A warranty period of 5 years.

Keep the creases, wrinkles or germs out of your furniture or clothing as the steam generated by the best professional steamers for clothes.

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  1. PurSteam 850 Watt Fabric Garment Steamers

    The Pursteam brand is definitely giving reason to remain competitive in the market with this fabric steamer. It comes with a compact design, which makes it easy to use and handle. It is sizable which makes it easy to pack away even when you are on the go. Its size and design allow for portability as well as functionality. Due to its 850 watts capacity, creation of steam is easy and fast to get you working on your garments. It is also designed to be durable with the inclusion of BPA free in addition to the ABS that is mandatory for garment steamers. It is deal for use with any fabric.

  2. Pure Enrichment steamer has an ergonomic, lightweight design. This white handheld steamer is perfect for storage and carrying to anywhere.

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