Best Crystal/Himalayan Salt Lamps Reviews

No matter how you live or where you live, the home is always the most beautiful space in your life. Some people like motivation and relaxation at their workplace while other individuals enjoy a soothing ambience at home. The Himalayan salt lamps will rather help to inflict positive energy. These lamps are made from rock salts that are pure to nature. As no adulteration is used in the construction of the lamps, the quality and results are always impressive.

However, these rock salts have unquestionable health benefits and work amazing for keeping the air purified around you. From purifying to the removal of allergens and even creating a relaxing ambience, these lamps do all of that well. The Himalayan salt lamp review indeed assures to suggest the best in the business.

Table of the Best Himalayan Salt Lamps Reviews

10. Levoit Kana Himalayan/Hymilain Sea Rock Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Confused about buying the best gift for your home? Willing to gift someone special something they will love? Why not gift them a beautiful looking authentic Himalayan salt lamp. This is a thoughtful gift that can indeed make every occasion more special. Blessed with the beautiful design, this lamp is hand carved/ As a matter of fact, each crystal on the lamp is even handpicked for the best results.

In terms of design, the lamp radiates a very soothing amber glow and transforms every scenario into a calmer ambience. The unique touch dimmer switch lets you adjust the brightness with an easy to use tap and hold functionality. Finally, the lamp has got the safety certification from ETL, RoHS, CE, and FCC to make it extremely safe always.

Key features:

  • Non-toxic rubberwood base is certainly durable, resistant to termites, and very well polished.
  • Includes a 6.6 ft cord for easy placing on any tabletop.
  • Comes with 2 extra bulbs.

9. Himalayan Glow 1002 Pink Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Glow 1002 Pink Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Hand carved to reward you with delightful lighting, this lamp’s rock salt comes from Pakistan. Thus, it guarantees the beauty you expect out of it. The warm and amber glow it radiates efficiently transforms your regular space into something you would enjoy. Also, the B-15 pre-installed light bulb is meant to last and serve for a greater number of years.

Moreover, the ETL certification gives you the peace of mind and sense of security even. The Himalayan salt lamp size ranges between 8-11 pounds and the bulb has a maximum of 15 watts of radiating power.

Key features:

  • The base is rather made of neem wood which is safe against termite and shrinking.
  • 5-6 feet cord length allows you to use the lamp on any given area.
  • The dimmer switch is placed on the cord for easy adjustment of radiation.

8. CRYSTAL DECOR Set Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

CRYSTAL DECOR Set Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Coming from the brand Crystal décor, this is a very useful Himalayan salt lamp that you can buy for your own home or gift someone. The package includes two lamps each of 7” size. As a result, letting you take full benefit of it in more than one room. Weighing just at 11.9 pounds, it is very easy to carry from one place to another.

Furthermore, the 15 wattage power rating never fails to light up space and make it look extremely fascinating. The base of the lamp is made out of wood and eliminates any risks of short-circuiting in real life scenario.

Key features:

  • Very modern and stylish design to blend in with any interior décor.
  • Hand carved product offers unique and distinct beauty.
  • The dimmable dial is rather easy to use and lets you customize the glow as per your demand.

7. The Body Source All Natural and Handcrafted Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Body Source All Natural and Handcrafted Himalayan Salt Lamp

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If you wish to have a lamp that no one else can have in their room, choosing this is wise. Firstly, each lamp is designed with hands. Next, it only uses original Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan, every lamp is unique in terms of size and glare.

Moreover, the lamp is designed with an integrated dimmable switch. Hence, you can control the warmth and glow is always at your hands. Use it in day or night and make your personal space even more appealing with this light. Along with that, the lamp comes assembled and ready to use out of the box, thus reducing any hassle whatsoever. Also, it comes with an extra bulb for more benefits.

Key features:

  • Has air purifying capabilities for better health and lifestyle.
  • The Himalayan salt lamp weight is of 12.05 pounds.
  • Comes packed in a luxurious and beautiful gift box.

6. d’aplomb 100% Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp – Hand Carved Flower Rose Pink Crystal Rock Salt

d'aplomb 100% Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp - Hand Carved Flower Rose Pink Crystal Rock Salt

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One of the most effective salt lamps, this one pack in quality, style and functionality. The natural design looks like no other and promises to be very unique in every possible way. It is handcrafted by the finest craftsmen; thus, you are guaranteed to have zero compromises with the styling of it.

However, this lamp is known for releasing negative ions and also balances negative and positive ions for unmatched benefits. The same feature provides protection against air pollutants and effectively brings down electro-magnetic radiations in a house. Also, you will get a couple of light bulbs which are certainly listed by UL for enhanced safety.

Key features:

  • The wooden base is excellently crafted and polished for a luxurious appeal.
  • Includes a dimmer cord to let you adjust the glow.
  • Constructed with rocks that are 250 million years old.

5. Crystal Allies Gallery – Natural Himalayan Salt Wire Mesh Basket Vase Lamp 

Crystal Allies Gallery - Natural Himalayan Salt Wire Mesh Basket Vase Lamp 

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A very unique approach in design, unlike other Himalayan salt lamps, this does not use a single big rock. The top-notch aesthetics is delivered by the use of a number of small rocks clustered in a vase. Every single salt chunk is hand cut and has a completely versatile shape and size.

Nevertheless, this design allows you to choose the number of chunks you want in your basket. As a result, offering you more grounds for customization. Use it for ambient lighting beside your bed or use in your workstation, the lamp looks brilliant in every place.

Key features:

  • Every rock is mined from natural sources.
  • Comes with a tall basket to rather place the small salt rocks.
  • High-end reliability with the crystal allies certification for each rock.

4. Levoit Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp – Pink Crystal Large Salt Rock Lamp

Levoit Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp - Pink Crystal Large Salt Rock Lamp

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Certainly, a Himalayan salt lamp diffuser from Levoit, this one is designed with precision and care to deliver commendable results. The rock is 100% pure and comes directly from Pakistan, ensuring the quality of it.

As a matter of fact, the rocks are hand carved and give out an unmatched and a bright glow always. The touch dimmer switch is patented by Levoit and is very easy to use. With just touch of a button, the brightness is altered just the way you would enjoy. The 15-watt rated incandescent light delivers warmth and glare just at the right proportion. For your peace of mind, the company also packs a couple of spare bulbs which you can use when needed.

Key features:

  • High-end quality rubberwood base is indeed durable, stable, and resistant to damage.
  • Long 6.6 ft of power cord for added flexibility.
  • Safety certification from FCC, CE as well as RoHS provides supreme reliability.

3. Shineled Himalayan Salt Lamp – 5Watt Bulbs & ETL Cord 

 Shineled Himalayan Salt Lamp - 5Watt Bulbs & ETL Cord 

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It’s just not the stones that make the salt lamp premium, even the metal basket quality construction and materials. The entire basket certainly looks very appealing to the eyes. And when combined with the bunch of beautiful rock salts, the aesthetics increases even more.

As a result of using high-quality materials, the basket is indeed safe from corrosion and promises to last long. Furthermore, there is a touch dimmer switch installed on the lamp for ease of operation and play with the warmth.

Key features:

  • Cord and switch are certified by ETL for safety.
  • Comes with a powerful and bright 25W of the bulb.
  • Provides rather an IP20 of protection level.

2. Himalayan Glow HS-1301B Natural Salt Lamp – Amber Glow

Himalayan Glow HS-1301B Natural Salt Lamp - Amber Glow

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Fancy keeping beautiful and attractive looking accessories at your home? Then choosing a salt lamp like this is going to be a good decision. To meet your gift purpose or if you wish to buy one, this is certainly a good choice. It uses a number of 100% pure rock salts. Thus, the light you get out of it is unique in colour.

Also, each rock is unique in terms of size and shape. In addition to that, the very modern and stylish design of it appeals to almost everyone. Hence, it becomes a perfect inclusion in any space. As the crystals are handcrafted, the glow you can get out of it is purely delightful. Lastly, the 15W bulb is indeed quite efficient and bright for day to day purposes.

Key features:

  • The metal vase is durable and has a decorative pattern.
  • Certainly, easy to use rotary switch for dimming.
  • Flexible as well as accessible 6 ft power cord too.

1. HemingWeigh Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp – Electric Wire & Bulb

HemingWeigh Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp - Electric Wire & Bulb

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Topping the list, this is a great selection for house décor and something that will be your top priority. Each lamp is made out of a stone which is naturally occurring in Pakistan and completely true to its origin. Also, if you want to beautify your room, the clean polished wooden base complements the overall beauty of the lamp.

Not only the lamp fills the room with tranquillity and soothes feeling, but it also has numerous health benefits. As it emits negative ions, a major portion of the allergens in the air is rather purified efficiently.

Key features:

  • Certainly has gained the certification of RoHS and CE respectively.
  • Equipped with a bright 20W bulb.
  • Low 22.1 pounds of weight for relocating purposes.

Experience natural detoxification and purification and restore a positive set of mind. The advantages of the Himalayan salt lamp will help you to stay calm and gain peace.

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