Best Folding Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carriers for SVU, Car, Van, Trailer

Whenever we are out on a road trip, we tend to carry a lot of luggage. If it’s a picnic or a week-long trip, you need to carry sufficient items with you. But fitting all of those in your car isn’t possible. One such solution is hitch cargo carriers. An excellent mode for transporting heavy cargo, it frees up space inside your car. Well, it provides you with an ingenious way of transporting all your essentials. Plus, it also ensures that nothing falls from the carrier.

Need one such installation for your car? Check our hitch mount cargo carrier recommendations and find out what to look for while buying.

Best Folding Hitch Cargo Carriers Reviews

10. Mockins Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier with Cargo Bag and Net – Steel Cargo Basket

Hitch Cargo Carriers

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With this hitch mount cargo carrier, you can take care of your cargo with absolute ease. In this product, you will get a completely water-resistant cargo bag along with a cargo net. More importantly, you will also be provided with a hitch carrier car trailer along with a hitch stabilizer. The best thing about this product is the fact that the hitch carrier has been manufactured from high-grade steel. Hence, it is durable enough to carry up to 500 lbs of load with absolute ease.

Now, you can easily carry your luggage, construction items, or camping gear without any issue. Besides, it comes with special ratchet straps which help you to easily install at the top of your car.

Key features:

  • Besides, the hitch carrier measures 60-inches long, 6-inches tall, and 20-inches tall. So, it provides you with enough space to fit all your belongings into the hitch carrier.
  • It also features a clean mesh floor. So, it helps you to store all your items easily without any scratches.
  • Besides, you will be able to use this product with any SUV, car, or van without hassle.

9. MaxxHaul  500 lb. Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier for Hitch Receiver

MaxxHaul  500 lb. Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier for Hitch Receiver

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Here you have another fantastic compact hitch cargo carrier that you can opt for. With this hitch cargo carrier, you can easily get immediate cargo space. This product fits around the bumper of your car and provides a subtle mode of transportation for your heavy items. Furthermore, this product offers a universal fit. Hence, you can easily use it with your car, van, or SUV.

More importantly, this product is highly versatile. Hence, you can use this hitch cargo carrier for carrying firewood, camping items, and other large items that do not usually fit in the trunk of your car. So, it provides you with complete convenience.

Key features:

  • This product makes use of high-quality tubular steel. Therefore, it completely assures you about the durability of the product.
  • Moreover, it has a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs. Hence, it solves all your cargo transportation issues.
  • Plus, the product comes with a rust-resistant aluminum coating. So, it provides you with complete protection against rusting of the hitch carrier.

8. OKLEAD Heavy Duty Hitch Cargo Carrier – Cargo Rack Rear Luggage Basket 

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The OKLEAD heavy-duty hitch cargo carrier is certainly an excellent buying choice. The very first thing that you will notice is the robust construction of the product. As a matter of fact, the product makes use of high-quality steel in its construction. Thus, it is highly durable and withstands a large capacity of weight without any issue. Next, the product comes with a matte black powder coating. Thus, it provides the hitch cargo carrier with complete resistance against rusting, scratches as well as corrosion.

Thanks to its incredible durability, this product can easily withstand a weight capacity of 400 lbs. As a result, you will be able to carry all your heavy objects without having to face any problem.

Key features:

  • Certainly, it comes with a mesh surface. Therefore, it provides not only stability to the cargo but also makes sure that smaller items do not fall when the vehicle is moving.
  • Plus, the product ensures the complete safety of transportation, especially when driving at night. In fact, you get two reflector strips which help others to notice you easily.
  • Also, the carrier is completely foldable. So, it allows you to easily store it when it is not being used.

7. Reese Explore ProSeries Hitch Cargo Carrier

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This hitch cargo carrier design is surely one of the best ones that you can opt for. Surely, the most intriguing thing about this product is its intelligent design. In fact, it comes with a risen shank design. Therefore, it elevates the cargo from the ground thereby offering proper clearance. Hence, you will never have any trouble transporting your precious cargo at all.

You can also use high-quality light systems with this cargo carrier apart from getting additional bike clips. However, these items are required to be purchased separately since they are not included in the pack. Lastly, it offers a receiver size compatibility of 2-inches square. Hence, it further offers the complete convenience of carrying your cargo easily.

Key features:

  • Surely, it boasts a durable steel construction with excellent powder coating. Hence, it provides you with excellent durability.
  • This product has a weight of 60 lbs while it offers a weight capacity of 500 lbs.
  • Also, the rugged mesh floors make sure you can easily clean the product without any issue.

6. MaxxHaul Hitch Mount Aluminum Cargo Carrier With Hitch Receiver

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If you are looking for the best cargo carriers, then this one from MaxxHaul is surely an excellent choice. This product surely comes with 6-inches high rails. As a result, it prevents your luggage from falling apart. Plus, it comes with multiple points for tying down your cargo. Hence, this hitch carrier makes sure that you will have no trouble carrying your luggage.

Given that, the product has been built using high-quality aluminum material whereas the under support of the carrier has been manufactured from high-quality steel with special powder coating. Hence, the product is not only durable but also resistant to rusting completely.

Key features:

  • It can easily fit with any standard class III and class IV receiver of hitch carriers.
  • Also, it comes with red-colored reflective strips along with colored corners. Hence, it makes sure that you can drive safely even during low light conditions.
  • Moreover, the cargo is large in size and it will provide you with instant cargo space for heavy items.

5. FieryRed Folding Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier – 500 lbs. Luggage Basket

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Occupying the middle position in our list, this foldable hitch cargo carrier from FieryRed is surely a great buying choice. One of the best things about the product is the fact that it comes with a special cargo net along with a high-quality hitch stabilizer. Therefore, it allows you to easily find stability for any cargo that you load in the carrier. Furthermore, this product is very easy to install since it provides you with all the mounting hardware necessary to install the product.

More importantly, this product is perfectly compatible with all hitch receivers of 2-inch size. Plus, it provides you with several custom tie-down points. Hence, you will never face any discomfort related to using the cargo carrier for carrying your items.

Key features:

  • Of course, this product features high-quality construction from tubular steel with welded joints. Hence, you can be completely assured about the durability of the product.
  • Thanks to its impeccable durability, this product has the capacity of carrying 500 lbs of weight.
  • Furthermore, the cargo carrier has a foldable design. So, you can easily adjust the shank and fold it in a vertical style for ease of storage.

4. Goplus 500LBS Heavy Duty Steel Cargo Carrier for Hitch Receiver

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Goplus is surely one of the most trusted names when it comes to buying the hitch carriers and this one right here is not an exception. Of course, this provides you with a side rail of 4-inch height. It helps in keeping the cargo basket in a proper position. Also, it provides you with the ability to tie the luggage using multiple points for tying down. Hence, it makes sure that you can easily keep all your essentials safe and travel safely without any concern.

Furthermore, this product offers universal fit and it also comes with high-quality steel fasteners which makes sure that the carrier remains safely attached to your car.

Key features:

  • One of the best things about this product is the fact that it offers complete versatility. Hence, you can install the product at the front as well as the rear side of your car.
  • It provides you with a total space of 53-inches by 19-inches. As a result, it makes sure that you can easily fit all your belongings in it.
  • Lastly, it comes with red-colored reflector strips. So, it makes you easily visible at the night and offers safety.

3. MaxxHaul Hitch Mount Compact Aluminum Cargo Carrier

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Well, here you have another excellent cargo carrier from the house of MaxxHaul. Like its predecessor in this list, this one also makes use of aluminum extrude in the construction of this product. This carrier is not only durable but also completely light in weight. Thus, it makes sure that you get complete convenience of usage without any issue. Due to its aluminum construction, the product is also completely resistant to rusting apart from being easy to clean. Therefore, you will never face any problem in maintaining the product.

Lastly, it offers a wide range of compatibility since it can easily fit with any 2-inches x 2-inches class III as well as class IV hitch receivers.

Key features:

  • As the product is so heavily built, this cargo carrier can easily carry a load of 500 lbs with absolute ease.
  • It offers multiple positions to tie down your cargo. So, it further ensures the complete safety of your cargo while on the road.
  • Also, under the support of the carrier is from powder-coated high-grade steel. Thus, it further makes the product completely robust.

2. CURT Steel Basket Hitch Cargo Carriers

CURT Steel Basket Hitch Cargo Carriers

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This product takes road safety to a new level. It comes with special reflectors which allow other cars on the road to easily spot you, especially during low light conditions. Besides, it can make sure that you can travel freely without any risk. This product comes with a special adapter sleeve which allows it to easily fit with any car, SUV, or van conveniently. So, you will never have to scratch your head about finding the fit with your car.

Furthermore, the tubular steel construction with powdered carbide coating provides the carrier with complete durability and robustness.

Key features:

  • Also, the coating makes the carrier completely resistant to rusting and corrosion thereby enhancing its longevity further.
  • Above all, the 6-inches high wall on the side of the carrier around the basket makes sure that the cargo remains safe even when the car is in motion.

1. CURT Aluminum Tray Hitch Cargo Carrier with Folding Shank

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At the top of our list, we have another excellent hitch cargo carrier from CURT. Much like its predecessor, this one also excels in terms of its quality. Thus, it is fair to say that this product is the best one that you can hope to get on the market. Certainly, it makes use of special quality aluminum material in the construction of the tray.

Due to its aluminum build, this product is much lighter and completely resistant to corrosion. So, you can completely put your trust in the durability of this product.

Key features:

  • The tray-style design of the carrier makes it idyllic for carrying large or bulky items that will not fit the trunk of your vehicle usually.
  • It also has a foldable design which allows you to fold it vertically and store it easily.
  • Lastly, the carrier features special holes on its walls. Therefore, you can easily utilize them to tie your luggage tightly for safe transportation.

Fit it in your vehicle and start your journey. The commercial hitch cargo carriers will fit on any SUV, van, or any vehicle with ease.

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