Best Home Floor Exercise Mats Reviews

When you exercise and are trying to shed those extra pounds from your tummy or strengthening your overall physical attributes, you need something that can support you well. So you need a mat that can shield you from shock, is stable enough and has optimum storage options. But most roll-up mats in the market can’t do that since they have a subpar thickness, don’t come with extra padding. Plus, they can be easily stained. However, the exercise mats are manufactured as a solution to all the problems. Created to execute your routines in a nice manner, it will help to achieve your fitness goals.

But in this age where counterfeit products are gaining acceptance, it’s hard to differentiate. Thus, we have jotted an in-depth exercise mat buying guide for keeping you away from any false claims.

Table of the Best Large Exercise Mats Reviews

10. BalanceFrom Black Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

Exercise Mats

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BalanceFrom brings you excellent mats for exercising. This has a brilliant shape and intelligent geometry to provide you with a versatile set of mats that are perfect to be set up anywhere you want. Traditional mats come in roll-up designs, have no customizability and always leave some part of the floor unprotected. But these mats have edges which have teeth cut into them in order to come together like a jigsaw puzzle.

So, no matter the shape or size of your room they will always fit. They can cover your full room and have forward compatibility. There might be times when you have move to a bigger room and have run out of the puzzle piece shaped mats. Then you can order some more and they would still connect to each other.

Both sides of these mats provide a lot of traction and are resistant to slipping. As a matter of fact, you can set them up on either side. Plus, staining these mats is also very tough due to their moisture resistance capabilities. So even if you spill your energy drink or protein shake you can easily clean it off with some soap-water and a clean piece of fabric.

Key features:

  • A warranty period of two years.
  • The exercise mat flooring has half an inch in thickness.
  • Made out of strong and shock absorbing EVA foam.

9. AmazonBasics 1/2-Inch Purple Extra Thick Exercise Mat

AmazonBasics 1/2-Inch Purple Extra Thick Exercise Mat

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AmazonBasics always provides you with quality products at the most affordable rates. Their thick exercise mat is no exception and really takes care of all your needs. Firstly, this mat is made up of super premium foam and has a surface with a lot of texture. Next, it enhances the gripping properties of the mat. And lets you take on challenging yoga positions and exercises with full safety.

Further, even though the mat is thick and so strong it is extremely lightweight compared to its volume. So it will last you for a long time and transporting it after you are done without your yoga sessions is super easy.

Key features:

  • Weighs less than 2 and half pounds.
  • Half-inch of thickness supports and cushions your body well.
  • Comes with a carrying strap that lets you carry it by hand or like a backpack.

8. Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat Fitness and Exercise Mat

Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat Fitness and Exercise Mat

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At a ⅖-inch thick and a textured surface, it’s a comfy textured mat that feels nice on the skin. Next, it has great cushioning properties. You also get a carrying strap along this mat which makes moving it from one place to another very easy. Apart from the hook-and-loop fasteners, it also minimizes the chance of slipping. In fact, the PVC-made thick exercise yoga mat is free of any toxic elements.

To be precise, it is free of 6P namely DEHP, DNOP, DINP, DBP, DIDP as well as BBP. Thus, you can perform your Pilates and other and other exercise routines as well.

Key features:

  • 6-ft long and 2-ft wide
  • Features an easy cinch strap that facilitates in carrying around.
  • Extra thick foam certainly makes it cushiony.

7. Incline Ananda 1-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Mat for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching & Meditation

Incline Ananda 1-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Mat for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching & Meditation

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This mat has all the features that you want for your daily workouts. It is lightweight so that you can easily carry it and wouldn’t skid easily. Having the non-slip feature, one can totally concentrate on their exercise. As a matter of fact, it’s reinforced carry strap aids in portability.

Furthermore, the exercise mat material is absolutely heavy metals, latex, phthalate. For producing the best results, the brand has maintained the perfect balance as well as firmness. Undoubtedly, one of the safest and cost-efficient mats you can buy in the market.

Key features:

  • Very thick at one-inch.
  • Free from BPA and other toxic substances.
  • Cleaning it is easy.

6. BalanceFrom GoYoga Extra Thick Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom GoYoga Extra Thick Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat

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Balance From has always made fantastic fitness accessories and this roll-up mat is no different. It has a hydrophobic surface which makes clean-up super easy. Now, you don’t have to exercise in a mat which might have some soaked in sweat and bacteria. Also, the use of high-quality foam helps in delivering comfort.

Moreover, both the sides of the mat are anti-slip. With the moisture-resistant technology, your mat will last long.  Being a premium choice, you can carry out any routine on this.

Key features:

  • An exercise mat that doesn’t slip during exercise.
  • Large enough for most exercises.
  • Ships with its carrying strap.

5. Prosource Fit Puzzle Exercise Mat Flooring for Gym Equipment

Prosource Fit Puzzle Exercise Mat Flooring for Gym Equipment

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Prosource puzzle exercise mat is ideal for lining your gym floor, studio, workout rooms, Pilates and yoga room or any such areas. It is highly dense and very comfortable to the touch. Plus, it has tiles at the edge that interlock with other mats. In fact, you can have a padded setup assembled and ready to use within minutes. Due to its thick EVA foam construction, the tiles have a soft feel and immense durability.

Moreover, unlike others, these mats are completely non-toxic in nature. So, it protects your floor while providing you with a comfortable workout area. They can even withstand most types of exercise equipment. You don’t even need any special tools to make it custom fit to the shape of your room. Just use a sharp utility knife to cut it according to the shape of your wall and pad the whole floor area from edge to edge.

Key features:

  • Perfect to be installed over any surface that is flat and hard, including ceramic tile floor, wooden floor or concrete.
  • Comes with twelve border end pieces that go on either side of the six tiles.
  • Each tile covers an area of 24 by 24 inches square.

4. Incline Fit Non-Slip & Comfortable Exercise Mat for Yoga and Floor Exercise

Incline Fit Non-Slip & Comfortable Exercise Mat for Yoga and Floor Exercise

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With more plastic invading our lives every day, safety and is a high concern. Incline Fit makes that their top priority and makes their product to be safe for everyday use. It is thick enough to relieve stress from vital parts of your body like joints and elbows.

Further, it does not contain harmful substances like BPA, latex or poisonous heavy metals. It is also non-slippery and won’t slide off when you have shifted your centre of mass with a specific posture.

Key features:

  • Weighs just 3.5 pounds.
  • Certainly suitable to be cleaned with soap water and dried out.

3. Prosource Fit Extra Thick Puzzle Mat for Home and Gym Equipment

Prosource Fit Extra Thick Puzzle Mat for Home and Gym Equipment

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Another great product from Prosource Fit that is reliable and won’t disappoint you like the generic mats that the market is flooded with. Conventional exercise mats have tremendous limitations that include their low thickness, low resilience and lack of customizability.

Prosource Fit has made mats that would suffice all those needs and more. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a gym owner, the best is here. With these Prosource Fit mats, you would be able to achieve the results you need in no time. Made from dense EVA foam, it is super thick at one-inches and can support the weight of any gym equipment. It acts as a layer if shield over your floor. And the interlocking tiles make it easy to set-up in whatever way you want to.

Each mat tile is a square with 24-inch sides and you get a total of 6 tiles mats. You also get 12 end borders that make it easier for you to set it up against the wall of the room.

Key features:

  • Texturing over the surface make it resistant to skids.
  • Cushion your body from high impact against the hard floor.
  • Assembly is very easy.

2. Ultimate Body Press Four Panel Folding Exercise and Yoga Mat

Ultimate Body Press Four Panel Folding Exercise and Yoga Mat

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Ultimate Body brings a solution that solves all problems. You get a foldable design with four panels that unfold to give you a large mat that is 6 ft long. It has a sleek design and grey and black come together to give a lot of depth. The mat has highly-dense padding in the core which gives it the shock absorbing abilities and is super thick at 2-inches. Probably the thickest and comfortably padded mat you will find in the market.

Even, the external layer has a vinyl cover which is very durable and will take plenty of abuse throughout the years to come. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about sweat stains or spilt water since it is waterproof and has strong stitching on the edges.

Key features:

  • Easy to carry, just over 11 pounds in weight.
  • Built-in handles to make it portable and transportation easier.
  • Gives you proper ground clearance for extended poses.

1. TOPLUS Non-Slip Texture Yoga Mat Eco & Exercise & Workout Mat 

TOPLUS Non-Slip Texture Yoga Mat Eco & Exercise & Workout Mat 

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Toplus has made a mat which is perfectly suited for your relaxing morning yoga and intense cardio workout. The mat has a unique patented design with both sides having different textures. This makes it slip-resistant and enables a secure grip on any flat floor. So you won’t face any unsafe situations where the mat slips while you are trying to hold an important posture.

Most workouts and especially the intense high calorie burning workout demand a lot of work. As a result, your body tries to cool itself down by producing sweat. But cheaply manufactured mats can soak in all that sweat and grime making it much harder to clean later on. This mat doesn’t have that issue since it is made from a TPE material. In this sort of material, the molecules are arranged tightly together not allowing water or sweat to seep through. This makes the mat both durable and waterproof. Finally, it is eco-friendly since it doesn’t have any PVC or metallic structure and is recyclable.

Key features:

  • Resistant to tear even after rough use and a lot of folds.
  • Has high resilience.
  • Made from two layers with one having a ¼ inch of thickness and another layer is a ⅛ inch thick.

Practice the perfect postures and prevent from getting hurt, the exercise mats for workouts are designed for meeting this purpose.