Top 8 Best Electric Ice Crushers for Home Use Reviews In 2018

Portable Ice crushers are must-have kitchen appliances that prove valuable when hosting parties. They are designed to shave ice cubes or blocks into smaller and more manageable chunks. Ice crushers make it much easier and more refreshing to take drinks with ice in them. They are a perfect choice, especially when making cocktails. These appliances are designed to be portable and compact enough to save on counter space. Unlike traditional ice crushers, they provide a mess-free operation. This makes them easier to clean and maintain. However, crushing ice won’t be easy unless you have the right ice crusher. The following is a review of the best ice crushers that will make a nice investment for those that love to enjoy crushed ice on demand.

Table of the Best Electric Ice Crushers

8. Waring Pro IC70 Professional Stainless Steel Large Ice Crusher

Ice Crushers

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This industrial ice crusher machine comes in a durable and sturdy steel construction. It features a powerful 150-watt motor. The motor rotates a series of blades that easily crush your ice into fine particles. In a one hour duration, the crusher can tackle 50 pounds of ice. The crushed ice is stored in a 12-cup storage container. The extra-large feed mouth comes in a funnel-shaped design for the spill-free feeding of ice.

Key Features:

  • Crushing  up to 50 pounds of ice per hour
  • It is easy to use operation
  • Product weight is 7.39 pounds
  • Shipping weight is 7.39 pounds
  • Product dimension is 9.5 x 15.2 x 6.2 inches

7. Portable Hand Crank Ice Crusher by VICTORIO VKP1126

ice crushers for home use

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This is a small commercial ice crusher that measures 9.5 x 4.5 x 6 inches. It is manually operated by turning the incorporated crank. The end of the crank is well-padded for enhanced comfort. The manual ice crushers for home use incorporates a series of blade fabricated from stainless steel. The blades are sturdy enough to easily crush through the fine and coarse ice. The best manual ice crusher has a 4-cup storage capacity. The base is fitted with the suction cup to prevent unnecessary movement. The unit is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Key Features:

  • It is manual ice crushers for home use
  • Its warranty is 5 years
  • Product weight is 1.5 pounds
  • Shipping weight is 1.75 pounds
  • Product dimension is 6 x 4.5 x 9.5 inches

6. Home Stainless Steel Ice Shaver Machine/Maker

Ice Shaver Machine

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This crusher features a sturdy stainless steel construction that provides long-term use. It comes with a wide feed chute to accommodate large ice cubes. The crusher incorporates a 300-watt motor that can crush 143 pounds of ice in a single hour. The base comes in an extra-large design for enhanced stability. The crushed ice is collected in an 8-inch dish. The crusher provides hassle-free cleaning.

5. ZENY Electric Ice Shaver Maker Kitchen Machine 

Electric Ice Crushers

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This is a light and portable electric ice shaver. Its 300-watt motor spins at an incredible speed of 2,000 RPM. It drives the included stainless steel blades that easily crushes through blocks of ice. The crusher is easy to operate, thanks to the included on/off switch. It features an auto-shutoff feature that activates when the cover is opened. This provides maximum safety during operation. The crusher has a wide, weighted base that keeps it firmly in place. It features easy cleanup and maintenance.

4. TMS Electric Ice Shaver Machine and Snow Cone Maker

ice crusher machine

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This unit offers a high size to power ratio. It weighs in at just 9.2 pounds but has the capacity to have 143 pounds of ice in a single hour. It runs on a 250-watt motor that makes 1,680 RPM. The crusher sits on a stable base fabricated from cast iron. This prevents any unwanted movement during use. The incorporated cover serves to prevent any possible injuries.

3. Chefgadget 1 X Ice Crusher by Westmark

Ice Crusher

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This is a lightweight 4.8-ounce ice crusher. It is fabricated from durable cast aluminium for long-term use. The crusher is hand-operated. Ice is placed between the two mandibles. The arm is then pressed down to crush the ice. The mandibles completely close together to prevent any spill. The handle features a smooth finish to provide comfortable handling. This crusher can be put in a dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

2. DragonPad Commercial Ice Crusher Machine Shaved Snow Cone Maker

Commercial Ice Crusher Machine

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This unit provides you with exceptional elegance and great functionality. It incorporates a brushed stainless steel finish that enhances the decor of any kitchen setting. This crusher is not just about looks, it packs enough power to shave 440 pounds of ice per hour. It comes with a holding bowl that catches the shaved ice. This crusher is ideal for both home and commercial use.

1. Yescom Electric Ice Crusher Machine with Dual Stainless Steel Blade

electric ice crusher

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This ice crusher comes in a durable and rustproof aluminium construction. The blades are fabricated from sturdy stainless steel. The powerful motor 200-watt motor spins the blades at 1,450 RPM. The force generated by the spinning blades allows them to shave 143 pounds of ice per hour. The unit shuts off whenever the lid is opened to guarantee user safety. The on/off switch makes the unit simple to operate. The switch is coated with a water-resistant material for enhanced safety.

One thought on “Top 8 Best Electric Ice Crushers for Home Use Reviews In 2018

  1. Zeny Ice Crusher Maker Commercial Ice Shaver

    This unit is designed to be used on a commercial scale. It features durable stainless steel blades that are driven by a 250-watt motor. The blades spin at 1,400 RPM and can easily shave 4 pounds of ice per minute. The mouth opening is wide enough to accommodate large cubes of ice. The crusher comes with a tray that collects the shaved ice.

    XtremepowerUS 300W Ice Crusher Machine Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker

    This is a powerful 250-watt ice crusher. It features a shiny and smooth stainless steel construction that gives it a touch of elegance and a feel of class. The crusher is fitted with a set of premium quality stainless steel blades. The blades rotate at 2,200 RPM. The force generated by the spinning action allows the unit to shave 198 pounds of ice per hour. The base is fabricated from heavy cast iron to provide maximum stability. This crusher is CE approved for safe use.

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