Best Wood Makeup Vanity Tables with Mirror & Drawers Reviews

It is each and everyone’s desire to look flawless at all times. A friend of mine once said, every time manufacturers and inventors are coming up with a new beauty product, they will definitely give women the first priority. Needless to say, women and beauty are one and the same thing. Just to prove my point, think of how long a woman takes to wear her makeup. A woman would go to any lengths to have a flawless look. Today I am going to introduce everyone to a simple furniture piece that can give our women ample time each time they spent their time in the bedroom dressing up. This is nothing new but the makeup vanity tables that store and allow easy access to make-ups.

Plus, they also help any woman master the art of applying makeup. If you are looking for a well-crafted vanity makeup table Set, go through our reviews that showcase The top best vanity Dressing tables with mirrors and choose your best.

Table of the Best Makeup Vanity Tables Reviews

10. SONGMICS Brown Makeup Vanity Tables with Drawers – Makeup Dressing Table with Mirror 

Makeup Vanity Tables

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When you want a tri-folding functional vanity table set and mind on space, the SONGMICS mirror vanity table set proves to the best. It boasts of exclusive craftsmanship among other prominent features. Are you tired of having all your makeup supplies mixed up and messy? Well, it is time you laid your hands on this amazing set and have all your makeups organized. Having this set in your cozy home will transform your entire makeup experience with its spacious 7 drawers plus 2 brush holder organizers.

Organizing your jewelry and other beauty products will be a breeze. Furthermore, SONGMICS also features a 3-panel mirror that allows you to see yourself from every angle. If you love swivel chairs, the under-table space is adequate enough to let you swivel it in and out. The super solid construction plus the classy design makes this unit a great deal for women who love a flawless look.

Special Features

  • Easy assembly
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Spacious with several storage spaces
  • 3-Mirror panel
  • Fine craftsmanship

9. SONGMICS White Vanity Desk with Mirror and Drawers

SONGMICS White Vanity Desk with Mirror and Drawers

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Boasting of the state of the art vanity design, this set will revolutionize how you interact with your beauty supplies and accessories. It consists of 3 spacious drawers, a tri-folding mirror, and a large table surface that saves you time. Another plus feature is the anti-slip rubber pads that keep your table put and prevent scratches on your floor. The 3-panel mirror won’t just make a great addition to your interior décor but also enable you to look at yourself from any angle. Hate to be the Dyer?

Well, SONGMICS Tri-Folding Mirror Vanity Set comes completely assembled, you will just screw a few parts and you are good to go. More prominent is the fact that this set boasts the TÜV Rheinland certification, solid proof that its anti-rust and durable hardware is nothing less of high-grade commercial standards.

Special Features

  • Well-finished smooth surfaces
  • Durable anti-rust construction
  • Enough leg space
  • Comes with cushioned stool
  • Easy assembly

8. Roundhill Furniture Ashley White Wood Makeup Vanity Table and Stool Set

Wood Makeup Vanity Table

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Even though this vanity set doesn’t come assembled like other models, it is a great set that will excellently serve you in your guest room or bedroom. It is an elegant contemporary vanity set with a spacious 32W X 16D X 53H table plus a well-padded stool. Most outstanding are the 5 lined drawers that will store and organize all your beauty supplies. You can see your face and hair using the adjustable swivel mirror without lots of tweaks.

For those obsessed with interior décor like myself, you will love the way the white color of Roundhill Furniture Ashley Wood Vanity Set blends with every single home décor.

Special Features

  • 5 Drawers with Velvet Liner
  • Adjustable oval mirror
  • Well-padded stool
  • Matched with any interior décor

7. SONGMICS White Makeup Vanity Set with Mirror and Drawers

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If you happen to be a die-hard fan of modern style and elegance, then SONGMICS Vanity Set makes the best deal. Featuring a white stylish design, this vanity table and stool set will match any interior and blend seamlessly with any furniture style. Have all your jewelry, hair accessories, and cosmetics well organized in 2 pre-assembled smooth sliding drawers. A well-cushioned stool with a removable cover is included. This aids in cleaning the stool.

Additionally, the legs are installed with anti-slip rubber pads to keep the entire set in place and avoid any scratches on the floor. It is of no doubt that the vanity 31 1/2” L x 15 3/4” W x 51 3/8” H sized set is simply amazing for those that mind space. Overall, the SONGMICS Vanity table makes a great set that will make you want to spend time with your makeup accessories all the time.

Special Features

  • Amazing size
  • Elegant stylish design
  • Cushioned stool with a fire-retardant sponge
  • TÜV Rheinland Certification
  • White color blends with any interior décor
  • Outstanding sturdy structure

6. Giantex White Bathroom Makeup Table with Mirror Women

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By looks and design alone, it is with no doubt that the Giantex Vanity Set is one outstanding piece of furniture. Apart from being exquisite and having a chic appearance, this set doesn’t just store your beauty products, it also serves as a magnificent display unit. Nothing won’t find its special place here, thanks to the vanity spacious tabletop and the 3 drawers. A firmly assembled mirror that is well anchored in place with two elegant wood poles elevates the overall beauty of Giantex to a whole new level.

Besides, this mirror makes it easy for you to watch both your dress and makeup from any given angle. Curved legs aren’t just sturdy but also adds to the resin factor – A crucial feature in any interior décor setting. A cushioned seat whose height matches well with that of the table is included to give you an awesome effortless makeup session. Plus, the stool boasts excellent craftsmanship not to mention the beautiful flower patterns. Hands down, Giantex is a high-end vanity set that serves both as a display and storage unit.

Special Features

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Classy elegant chic design
  • Very spacious
  • Works as both a display and storage unit
  • Well-cushioned stool with fine flower patterns

5. Frenchi Furniture Espresso Finish Wood Vanity Set

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Nothing great comes to you on a silver plate if you haven’t added a little effort. In the same way, if you want to have all your makeup, brushes and other cosmetic accessories organized and stored tidily, grab the Frenchi Furniture 3 Pc Vanity Set. Consisting of a drawer, mirror, and a bench, this set won’t just accommodate your beauty products but also enhance your interior décor. The wood construction adds to the lifespan of this furniture piece. One adorable aspect of the Frenchi Furniture Vanity Set is the fact that it comes in multiple finishes allowing you to choose your favorite. Besides, you can tilt the mirror and have a crystal clear look at your dress and face.

Special Features

  • Comfortable upholstery bench
  • Durable wood construction
  • Easy-to-tilt mirror
  • Multiple finishes

4. Fineboard Vanity Beauty Makeup Table and Wooden Stool

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Seventh on the list is the Fineboard Vanity Set with a tri-folding mirror that is known for its amazing attention to detail. If you want to strike a balance between exquisite craftsmanship and quality construction, look no further than this vanity set. With its 5 organization drawers, Fineboard provides a convenient way to accommodate all your beauty supplies and add to your interior décor. The beautiful dressing table and the 3 mirrors feature an unmatched coziness compared to any other furniture piece.

Besides, an upholstered comfortable black stool is included in the set. To sum it up, Fineboard makes one of the best Vanity Makeup Set that strikes a unique combination of durable MDF construction and excellent charm design.

Special Features

  • Three mirrors
  • Premium stool
  • Excellent build quality
  • Exquisite craftsmanship
  • Very spacious

3. SONGMICS Tri-folding Mirror Makeup Dressing Table with Drawers

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This is another top-model from the popular SONGMICS brand. Unique, practical yet very elegant are the best words to describe this amazing furniture piece. It has safe-oriented corners to prevent any possible injuries. A center mirror plus 2 180 degree folding mirrors make it possible to take a view of any angle, thanks to SONGMICS URDT108M creative design. Plus, 5 spacious drawers and 1 large table surface offer ample storage and décor-enhancing display for all your hair accessories, jewelry, and beauty supplies.

With the included clear-to-follow instructions, assembling this vanity set is a snap given that it is pre-assembled. Actually, you only need to install the mirror and the legs only. Besides being a functional unit, you can utilize this unit as a nightstand or even as an office table.

Special Features

  • Multifunctional
  • Adequate storage
  • Vintage décor-enhancing handles
  • Anti-bump to protect the floor from scratches

2. Fineboard Makeup Vanity Set with Mirror

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If you want to achieve an astonishing look, then you better have this Fineboard Dressing Set in your bedroom or guestroom. Beautifully crafted, Fineboard offers a holistic solution to your beautiful space by providing 5 drawers and a makeup table. In order to save space and improve on the design, a large drawer is fixed at the center whole four smaller drawers are positioned by the sides. Plus, three mirrors are part of the set to help you with dressing, you won’t get out of your bedroom with any mess.

Besides, a premium round stool provides unparalleled comfort when you are busy interacting with your beauty accessories. Another reason why you may consider spending your bucks on this vanity set is the durable and sturdy hardwood and high-density MDF construction.

Special Features

  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Five drawers plus three mirrors
  • Suits any décor or taste
  • Multifunctional vanity set

1. Bobkona Croix Collection Black Makeup Vanity Tables with Stool

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With a total of 5 spaces, the Poundex bobkona St. Croix Vanity Set makes a great difference in the display and organization of your cosmetics, beauty supplies, jewelry among other accessories. Coming in a variety of wood finishes, this unit also has two movable mirror extensions that allow you to have a clear view of your face and hair from any angle. To enhance comfort and add to your interior décor, Poundex Bobkona comes with a matching stool that is nicely covered with a piece of lavish plush fabric.

If you love the exquisite interior design, you won’t fail to notice the adorable size of this vanity set, not to forget the appealing feminine accents and the New Transitional Cherry Design. Another plus to owning St. Croix Vanity set is the fact that some easy assembly is required to set the whole thing up.

Special Features

  • Easy assembly
  • Features moveable mirror extensions
  • Comes in multiple wood finishes
  • 5 storage spaces

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