Top 8 Best Manual Lawn Aerators for Sale Reviews In 2018

Maintaining your lawn is more than just mowing, watering and laying down new fertilizer every once in a while. When the soil on your grass becomes dense, the amount of aeration decreases. This means that important nutrients, water, and air have a harder time passing through the soil. This can often lead to uneven growth in your lawn, stagnation in the water on top of the soil, and your grass looking duller. Using manual lawn aerators is a simple and affordable way to alleviate this problem. The work simply by poking holes into the soil and pulling it out, thereby reducing the density of the soil.

There are several types of hand aerators available on the market. Simple manual core aerators are designed with a footrest that gives you greater driving force as you step on it. They will also remove small bits of soil each time Look for ones with comfortable grips, and built with strong materials. Lawn spike style models do not pull out dirt but are sufficient if you just want to loosen the soil underneath. There are also other models that are effective for aerating compost if you are interested in making your own organic fertilizers.

Table of the Best Manual Lawn Aerators Reviews

8. Yard Butler ID-6C Coring Aerator

Manual Lawn Aerators

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Recommended for particularly dense soils, this coring aerator from Yard Butler is effective in maintaining your lawn. This hand core aerator has a very simple design and an attractive price tag. By driving the prongs into the dirt, it removes small cores of dirt out. This allows air, water, and fertilizer nutrients to penetrate into the roots more freely. Your lawn will look and feel better, and it also has a side benefit of requiring less water and fertilizer. It also strengthens the lawn’s tolerance to heat stress and drought.

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7. Yard Butler M-7C Lawn Spike Aerator

Lawn Spike Aerator

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If you’re interested in a spike aerator, check out this model from Yard Butler. It features four 3 inch spikes that effectively penetrate through tough soil. It comes down to personal preference between this style versus core styles. The main advantage of spike lawn aerator is that it leaves fewer dirt chunks lying around which can look aesthetically unappealing. This hand aerator helps stimulate root growth as well by separating the roots, thus decreasing the amount of concentration of roots. This contributes to healthier, more even lawns.

6. Compost Crank Compost Aerator

Compost Aerator

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Handcrafted in the USA, this aerator from Lotech Products is perfect if you need an effective and quick way of aerating your compost. It works by simply cranking it clockwise into the compost, and then pulling it straight out without turning. This mixes and aerates your entire compost bin with less hassle. It is very durable and made of a solid 3/8 inch stainless steel. The whole tool is 45″ tall, and it has an effective aeration depth of 29″.

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5. Yard Butler G-CORE Green Line Aerator

Yard Butler G-CORE Green Line Aerator

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With its simple, yet effective design, this core aerator from Yard Butler is an excellent solution for those with uneven, ailing lawns. It removes two 1/2 inch manual plug aerator at a time, and the tool is 31-1/2 inch long. This reduces the soil compaction and water runoff, resulting in a healthier, more efficient lawn. You can break down thatch, and let in more water, air, and fertilizer into the roots.

4. Exaco Plastic Composting Tool

Exaco Plastic Composting Tool

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Exaco’s compost aerator is lightweight and easy to use. It measures a little over 30 inches long, and can effectively mix and aerate large compost bins. The endpiece features 3 prongs which can help in agitation. One of the problems that many homeowners have when filling their own composting bin is packing it in too tight. This raises many of the same issues that dense soil does to your lawn. By aerating it, you are effectively speeding up the composting process by introducing looser space between the composted materials. The T-handle grip is easy to handle and it is made from a high-quality polypropylene.

3. Redmon Wingdigger Compost Lawn Aerators

Redmon Wingdigger Compost Aerator

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If you’re interested in a compost aerator that takes less effort to use, Redmon’s offering will not disappoint. It is simple to use compared to other compositing tools, without requiring any bending or twisting on your end. Every time you add fresh composting materials to your bin, you can simply push the tool straight in, and then pull it out. It will efficiently deposit material from its wings throughout the compost pile. The angled handle gives you a more natural grip, and the galvanized steel materials are durable.

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2. Rittenhouse Pro 3 Prong Lawn Aerators

Professional 3 Prong Lawn Aerator

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If you’re looking for improved aeration efficiency, you need to check out this model from Rittenhouse. Although the price is steeper, it is built and recommended for professional as well as residential use. The compact nature makes it ideal for when full lawn aerators will not work. It is built from all steel, and there are no separate parts for it to malfunction. With its rugged shape and triple prong setup, it works quicker than most manual lawn core aerators which only have two prongs.

1. Punchau Lawn Aerator Shoes w/Metal Buckles and Straps

Punchau Lawn Aerator Shoes

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With its unique design and concept, this model of manual lawn aerators from Punchau is surprisingly effective and doesn’t cost you a fortune too. They work by strapping onto the bottom of your shoe, allowing you to aerate your lawn as you walk around on it. This lets you multi-task and takes care of the lawn as you are mowing it. It comes equipped with 3 durable straps with metal buckles. One size securely fits all, and the 2″ spikes are proven to effectively loosen the compact soil.

2 thoughts on “Top 8 Best Manual Lawn Aerators for Sale Reviews In 2018

  1. This tool from Vertex is slightly more expensive than most standard models, but makes up for that fact with its smart design and durable build. The contoured forward handle design centers your weight better and allows you to balance over the foot rest easier. This specific build conforms to your body’s natural comfort zone better, and the aeration process helps create healthier lawn that is less water and fertilizer hungry.

  2. Alterra Tools Garden Lawn Aerators – Coming in a unique package, this spike aerator from Alterra Tools offers some similarities to other models, as well as other more interesting departures. Instead of offering a linear line of spikes, it uses 4 square-aligned diamond blades. You can use the large stepper to increase the driving force into the soil. One of the main advantages of this style of blade is that it has superior soil penetration, due to the increased surface to soil contact. The ergonomic cushioned grip is comfortable to use and support.

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