Top 10 Best Outdoor Pet/Dog Pens-Playpens for Sale Reviews

Dogs are naturally playful no matter which breed is in question. It is therefore, important that you allow them explore their nature and ensure that they remain healthy. Even with the thought that they need to play out in the open, it is advisable that you still protect them as well as keep them from running off to places where there are dangers. This is where playpens come in handy. There are outdoor dog pens that are designed to suit the outdoors thanks to their features and specifications.

It is therefore, important that you shop for the ideal dog pens to meet your preferences, which are also dependent on the breed and type of dog you own. They come in different sizes, designs, colors, as well as varying features. The following are the best outdoor dog pens for sale reviews that will help you pick out the right pen.

10. Portable Doggie Play Pen, Small Size by JSNY

Dog Pens

This dog pen does not require any sort of assembly thus making it ideal for right about anyone. In an effort to make it easy for portability as well as storage, you can easily fold it. It also has build-in loops at its bottom, which help you to stake it into the ground for stability. The base is water resistant to ensure your dog remains safe and dry. It is spacious enough and ideal for small and medium sized dogs.

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9. Easy Exercise Pens for Dogs and Pets

Easy Dog Exercise Pen in Black

This outdoor dog pen is designed to create enough space for your dog while at the same time ensuring that it is safe. It offers different sizes to ensure that no matter the dog breed you own, you can find the right size to suit him. It is made of steel to ensure that it is durable and the black e-coating complement the overall appearance. Its height is adequate coming at 26 inches. Its safety is boosted with its narrow spacing wire.

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8. Allmax Folding Pet Playpen

Allmax Folding Pet Playpen

This dog pen is designed to be light in weight so you can easily carry it along especially when you are in the move. In this, you can use it anywhere even out in the park. It is made of heavy-duty polyester fabric reinforced by an epoxy wire frame, which ensures it remains erect. An added advantage is its storage pockets that you can use to store your dog’s treats. You can easily pack your dog treats away from your other items.

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7. IRIS Wire Dog Crate with Mesh Roof

IRIS Deluxe Wire Pet Dog Play Pen

This playpen is safe as well as durable. Its durability is because it comes with a wire construction. The top comes with a snap on mesh for safety. It is also easy to clean after as the bottom is made of a plastic material. The door is large and easily slides to open. In an effort to keep the playpen in position, it has 4 non-skid rubber feet. The wheels also help in mobility. The color combinations are diverse so you can pick what best suits your preferences.

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6. Unique Petz Portable Playpen, Large

Unique Petz Portable Playpen

This is an ideal playpen that comes in handy for individuals who are constantly on the move. It does not require any form of assembly. The base is water-resistant to ensure that your dog remains dry when playing. It has built-in loops which come in handy in ensuring that you can stake down the playpen into the ground. It comes in two sizes to suit medium and large dogs. When not in use, you can easily fold it for storage.

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5. Pet Travel, Indoor or Outdoor Dog Cat Puppies Kitten Play Yard

Pet Travel, Indoor or Outdoor Dog Cat Puppies Kitten Play

This playpen is ideal for travelers. This is because it easily folds for storage and when required, it easily erects to ensure it remains in position. It is diverse because it design does not just hold dogs but kittens as well. It is ideal for medium sized dogs.

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4. Go Pet Club Pet Exercise Dog Pens – 40 in.

GoPetClub Exercise Pet Play Pen

This playpen comes complete with a carrying case to ease with mobility. Once you set it up, you can decide to include the top cover, which is detachable as it comes with a zipper. The setup process is easy and fast with no tools required. There is also a zip-in mesh for the top cover to retain stability. The best part is that it is spacious to allow for maneuverability of your dog.

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3. Prc Playpen Soft Side 29x19x17 Dog Pens

Precision Soft Side Play Pen

This playpen is portable while at the same time ensures stability as well as a firm construction. To ease with portability, you can easily fold and store it away. In this, anytime you want to get on the road, you are ready to go. It is fast and easy to assemble it especially since there are no tools required. It is ideal for the outdoors because it is water resistant keeping your dog dry. The corners are protected and reinforced with seams to prevent fast wear and tear.

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2. Large Leopard Skin Pet Tent Exercise Pen

Large Leopard Skin Pet Tent Exercise Pen

This outdoor playpen is light in weight to ease with portability as well as with storage. It comes with a carry case which is part of the package so you do not have to buy it separately. In an effort to ensure that it remains firm to the ground, it comes with four metal hooks. You can store the hooks to prevent loss in its side pocket. The overall space is spacious to ensure enough room for your dog.

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1. Large Camouflage Pet Tent Exercise Dog Pens

Large Camouflage Pet Tent Exercise Pen

This playpen is designed to be sturdy, durable, yet light in weight to ease with portability. In addition, you can easily fold it flat when it is not in use for easy storage, as you require very little space. It also comes with four metal hooks, which come in handy in securing the playpen firmly into the ground. It is spacious as each panel is 21” wide and 36” high. It also comes with a carry case to enhance portability when on the move.

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