Best Outdoor Patio Umbrella Stands & Bases Reviews

The season of summer is finally here and the summer heat is thus rising exponentially. Want to enjoy a cold juice or lovely morning tea on your patio peacefully? Well, we all look for a nice shed under which we can remain protected from the scorching rays of the sun. The only thing that can create such a comfortable ambience is an umbrella for your patio. But in order to keep your umbrella mounted, the very first thing you will need is the umbrella stands. The stand holds your umbrella perfectly and keeps you protected from the sun.

In this umbrella stand and base buying guide, we have selected. You can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly and make the summer days more enjoyable.

Table of the Best DIY Umbrella Stands Reviews

10. EliteShade Portable Umbrella Base – Pole Holder Stand with Wheels

Umbrella Stands

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Umbrellas are the ultimate saviour when the sun is scorching and when it’s pouring heavily. It’s even better if you have one in your patio or the backyard. The EliteShade Base Pole holder is an ideal fit for an umbrella with a pole diameter of 1.5”- 1.96”. The base is sturdy due to the thumb screws that will keep the umbrella in place.

Furthermore, it will also prevent it from swaying or even flying off. The umbrella stand with wheels is easy to move as the wheels are attached on both sides. This umbrella base is certainly highly durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • The wheels on either side of the base are protected with a covering of steel panel. This indeed prevents the wheels from wearing out or enduring much damage.
  • The umbrella base is usable as a pot for planting flowers and plants as well. This readily beautifies the area.
  • The base is coated with a bronze powder that prevents rusting or weathering of the same.

9. DC America UBP18181-BR Cast Stone Umbrella Base

DC America UBP18181-BR Cast Stone Umbrella Base

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A perfect fit for the huge umbrellas in your backyard or beside the pool, this will not let you down. Firstly, the stunning umbrella stand design brings a vintage look to the area. Above that, the base is made of cast stone, which although heavy, can endure a lot of harsh weather conditions.

Without a plastic insert, this base can hold a pole with up to 2” diameter. However, with an insert, it can hold a 1 ½” pole. If you want to beautify your house as well as protect it, then this is the product to choose.

Key Features:

  • The bronze colour gives it an elegant look.
  • Plastic inserts are included in the package. You may or may not use them to put in the umbrellas.
  • Indeed has a diameter of 18”.

8. US Weight Durable Fillable Umbrella Base with Patio Table

US Weight Durable Fillable Umbrella Base with Patio Table 

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If you want a heavyweight, sturdy companion for your patio umbrella, then you should choose the US umbrella base without looking any further. Firstly, this product is made for the patio tables. It comes pre-filled with solid concrete or one can fill with sand, pebbles or gravels. Next, the heavy weight of the base keeps the umbrella in place and prevents it from swaying.

Moreover, it can fit poles with a diameter between 1”- 1.75”. As a matter of fact, it can withstand harsh weather conditions without breaking or tearing open.

Key Features:

  • Features sturdy polymer built that does not rust or bend. This leaves the product to look brand new throughout.
  • The base has a proper opening for gripping called the EZ grip handle. Hence it is easily transportable from one place to another without much work.
  • Do not fill the umbrella stand base with water.

7. Blissun 22lb Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella Base Stand

Blissun 22lb Heavy Duty Patio Base

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This heavy-duty base stand is of dreams. The entire base is made of resin which makes it resistant to rust or any kind of weathering. It is extremely strong and can withstand ultraviolet rays of the sun. Thus, helps it to maintain its shape and condition throughout.

Nevertheless, the base is also a thing of beauty. The unique pattern of it induces a strong personality to your patio or backyard. Having the knob at the side, the pole allows you to fix the umbrella in one place. Thus preventing it from moving around all the time.

Key Features:

  • Features a black finish which protects it from harsh weather or the UV rays. This allows the base to last long without corroding.
  • Perfect for both commercial and household purposes.
  • It can accommodate poles with 1.5” -1.9” diameter.

6. Best 26lb Heavy Duty Steel Outdoor Patio Umbrella Base Stand 

Best 26lb Heavy Duty Steel Outdoor

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True to its name, this patio umbrella stand is definitely the best choice for you as it will serve you right and serve you well. The base is a heavy-duty one and weighs impressive 26-pounds. This keeps the umbrellas in place during windy days and stops them from moving around too much.

Furthermore, the base has a resin construction which eliminates any form of weathering. It indeed keeps rust and corrosion at bay. Lastly, the unique basket-weave design gives your patio the ‘oomph’ factor.

Key Features:

  • The base can fit poles with diameters ranging between 1.5”- 1.7”.
  • Has a perfect amalgamation of beauty and strength. The product brings a personality to your patio while protecting it from the tough conditions imposed by Mother Nature.
  • Includes hand-turn knob that allows you to fix the umbrella in one place. Thus, it will not sway or move around too much.

5. Tropishade 36 lbs Steel Plate Umbrella Base

Tropishade 36 lbs Steel Plate Base

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As chic as a stand can be, it is a thing of beauty which gives a sophisticated look to the patio. Made with an A-grade steel plate, it is strong and highly resistant to breakage or any damage.

Nevertheless, it can withstand harsh weather conditions as well. The minimalistic look of the base is ideal for any household as it will go with any decoration. Also, the base is so slim that you do not have to worry about your guests tripping on it. The black powder finish makes it more attractive and also resistant to damage. For extra convenience, the hand-turn knob at the base allows you to fix the umbrella in place. Thus, controlling it from swaying around too much.

Key Features:

  • It weighs 36 pounds which is easy to carry and still perfect for the umbrellas t stay in place.
  • Can fit poles with diameters 1 3/8”, 1 ½” and 1 3/4”.

4. Best 50lb Heavy Duty Cast Iron Patio Umbrella Base Stand

Best 50lb Heavy Duty Cast Iron Patio Base

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Another beauty from Best choice Products, this heavy-duty stand is perfect for commercial as well as household use. The base can fit table umbrellas and also individual independent ones. Plus, the cast iron composition makes it strong and ideal for harsh weather conditions.

As a matter of fact, it can tolerate strong winds, heavy rains and even the scorching rays of the sun. Hence this base can support umbrellas in any condition. In addition to that, the base also has a unique antique look. Lastly, the design gives off a vintage vibe and induces personality to your patio.

Key Features:

  • The 50-pound base indeed makes the stand strong and capable of thriving in windy days.
  • Includes hand-turn knobs to keep the umbrella in one place.
  • Features a bronze varnish coating which protects the look of the base and keeps the antique look intact.

3. Sunnyglade Outdoor Patio Bronze Umbrella Base

Sunnyglade Outdoor Patio Bronze Umbrella Base

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Capability to handle rough situations and beauty were the two things that the makers of this base had in mind. The Sunnyglade patio umbrella base is ideal for the outside world.  It is one to tackle the harsh conditions thrown while keeping its elegance intact.

Moreover, the base is resin-built which protects it from weathering and also rusting or corroding. The decorative pattern of the base naturally beautifies your patio while protecting it as well. With the inclusion of a hand-turn knob, you can keep the umbrella fixed in the given position. Thus, the chances of accidents are minimized.

Key Features:

  • Comes with two couplers to fit umbrella poles with diameters of 38mm and 48mm.
  • The base weighs a total of 30.2lb which is perfect for supporting an umbrella.

2. TropiShade Bronze Powder-Coated Cast Iron Umbrella Stand

TropiShade Bronze Powder-Coated Cast Iron Stand

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Cast iron is a strong material which is perfect for supporting almost all kind of things. Using cast iron as the base material for a stand makes the base all stronger. Hence the TropiShade product is capable of supporting umbrellas of variegated sizes.

Nonetheless, the entire base weighs around 30 lb. Hence, it helps in keeping the umbrella intact and upright. Furthermore, the design of the base is also a thing of beauty. It certainly naturally brings in a sense of antiquity to the patio.

Key Features:

  • Appropriate for poles with diameters 1 3/8” and 1 ½”.
  • The attached knob attached keeps the umbrella steady.
  • The bronze powder coating makes the base all the more attractive while protecting it from weathering as well.

1. Shademobile Rolling Umbrella Base

Shademobile Rolling Umbrella Base

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The Shademobile umbrella base is ideal for both commercial as well as household usage. To start with, the base has polyethylene construction which is a highly resistant material. It does not rust, chip, bend or break that easily. In fact, it can go a long way without having to be taken care of.

Keeping in mind the movements of the sun throughout the day, the base has attached wheels. As a matter of fact, this allows you to move it anywhere to protect yourself from the scorching rays of the sun. Shademobile combines beauty and strength to produce the perfect product which is ideal for any weather condition.

Key Features

  • Any poles ranging from 1 3/8” to 2-1/16” diameters can fit this product.
  • The poles are made of quality material and are long lasting which can pivot and move around quite easily.
  • You can fill the base with bricks, sand or gravel to make it capable of supporting an umbrella. It can withstand up to 125 lb of material.

Have a quality outdoor time under the umbrella in your patio or backyard. Buy an umbrella stand for garden and outdoors to ensure its longevity and also avoid coming in contact with direct sunrays.

One thought on “Best Outdoor Patio Umbrella Stands & Bases Reviews

  1. USW Empty Umbrella Base

    If you’re looking for a smaller base that comes in at a cheaper price, check out this model from US Weight. It comes in 4 standard neutral colors: black, sand, topaz and white. They work simply by filling them with water or sand. It has an approximate weight of 25 lbs when filled with water, and 35 lbs if sand is used. The materials are guaranteed to not rust, dent, leak, or fade from sun damage. It fits 1″ and 1.75″ poles, and comes with a standard easy grip on the side of the base.

    VMI Polystone Umbrella Stand, 33-Pound

    This uniquely styled umbrella style from VMI delivers great value at a fair pricepoint. The modern design features a simulated euro decor style, that also has a floral touch to it. The color has a cool bronze style with a rustic, metal texture. It weighs 33 pounds, guaranteeing stability especially since you there are also 2 thumbscrews to secure the umbrella. It works best when used in conjunction with a table.

    USW 50-Pounds Umbrella Base

    If you’re looking for a solid midrange priced umbrella stand, this model from US Weight is a good pickup. It is constructed from UV stability polymer that is resistant to fading and cracking from moisture. It weighs 50 lbs which guarantees a stable base even with strong winds present. It can fit 1″ and 1.75″ poles, and it even comes with a convenient grip handle. This allows you to transport the stand without having to fumble. It comes in 4 minimalist color styles: black, white, topaz and tan.

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