Top 10 Best Skateboard Helmets for Kid and Adult Reviews In 2020

Whether you are an amateur or a professional skater trying her/his skills for the first time, wearing the skateboard helmets is important during skateboarding. A high-quality helmet can protect your head and prevent head injuries in case of an accident. There are many brands available on the market. To help you get the best skateboard helmet on the market, we have researched for you the Top 10 Best Skateboard Helmets in 2018 that are durable, protective and comfortable.

Table of the Best Skateboard Helmets Reviews

10. Flybar Adjustable Skateboard Helmet for Sports Kids & Adult Bike

Skateboard Helmets

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Flybar Skateboard Helmets are considered to be very protective. This skateboard helmet has been certified by ASTM and CSPC which mean that is a super protective helmet. The material this skateboard helmet made up is very strong and durable. It has a strong ABS outer shell and comfortable foam inside that will keep your head safe. It comes in three sizes, for adults, teenagers, and children. This helmet also features 2 wide vents that provide even air flow to keep your head cool. If this is something you’re considering in a skateboard helmet, don’t hesitate to purchase it.

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9.  Triple Eight Black Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

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Triple Eight Helmet is a rubber helmet made to be highly protective, tough and durable. This is one of the best skateboard helmets on the market.  This skateboard helmet is created with a multi-impact design: there are straps that are easy to adjust around the chin to make this helmet tighter around your head. Moreover, this helmet also features a sweatsaver liner that keeps your head dry. Materials used are a tough and durable ABS shell. So Triple Eight Helmet ensures that you are protected as you skate.

8. Pro-Tec Skateboard Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

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The Pro-Tec Skateboard Helmet is one of the best skateboards helmet available on the market. This helmet is the top choice for most skaters from pros to newbies. The helmet will protect you against many wipeouts and fall you encounter as a skater. This high-quality helmet is best for skating as well as other outdoor sports. It features high density, inner 2-stage foam liner and lightweight injection-moulded PE shell that protect your head against head against low bumps and impacts. Moreover, this helmet has fabric and plush moisture wicking that prevents sweat on those hot days. This helmet also has 11 large vents to allow airflow and keep you comfortable and cool during sports.

This skateboard helmet company has been making helmets for over 40 years now, this is why it understands the needs of a rider and you get high quality, comfortable and lightweight helmets all times.

7. HiCool Skateboarding Helmet

Skate Helmet, Hicool Protective Helmet for Skateboarding Cycling

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HiCool Helmet is one of the world’s most recognized skateboard helmets. This helmet features EPS lining sponge fabric and ABS shell that delivers a strong impact resistance. It perfectly protects your head from being hurt. It is also very comfortable to wear since it is lightweight. This helmet also has 11 large vents to keep your head cool. Moreover, this helmet features inner padding that prevents stench, bacteria, and sweat, to keep your skin dry and free from irrational. It also comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. This skateboard helmet is also certified by the US CPSC Safety Standard.

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6. GoMax Original Classic Skateboard Helmet

GoMax Original Classic Commuter Bike Skate Protective Helmet

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The GoMax Original Classic Skateboard Helmet is a great helmet that is made with simplicity in mind. This helmet feature 11 vents to keep your head cool and EPS encased by ABS to keep your head safe. The GoMax interior padding technology prevents bacteria, stench, and sweat keeping your head dry and free from irritation. This helmet also features a rear LED tail light that helps you to skate at night.

5. BoneShieldz Adult Skateboard Helmet

BONEShieldz Bomber Adult Helmet

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The BoneShieldz Adult skateboard Helmet is designed with simplicity and protection in mind. It has an adjustable chin strap and adjustable fit ring that provide you with a dial size. It also features Front Intake Vents, Rear Exhaust Vents, and Race-Style Exhaust Diffusers. The BoneShieldz Adult skateboard Helmet complies with the CPSC Safety Standard. This adult helmet has two colour options: black and grey.

4. Triple Eight Gotham Skateboard Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Helmet

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Triple Eight Gotham skateboard Helmet combines comfort, safety, and style to bring you a great helmet that actually looks cool to wear. This helmet features patented Conehead EPS liner technology, Adjustable Fit Dial System and reflective dial for safety. It also has a sweatsaver fit pad that prevents swear and bacteria to keep your head your skin dry and free from irrational during hot days. Moreover, the grooved EPS allows air flow to keep you cool. The Triple Eight Gotham Helmet complies with ASTM Skate and CPSC Bike safety standards. This skateboard helmet is available in 8 different colours.

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3. JBM International Skateboard Helmet

JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified Impact resistance Ventilation

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This high-quality skateboard helmet is designed using the latest technology in order to deliver the best product in terms of providing protection and safety to the skaters and bikers, all over the world. This helmet is made using pc, PVC and EPS foam which makes this helmet tough, durable, and impact absorbing. Additionally, this helmet features aerodynamic design, breathable foam, and large vents which helps to keep your head cool and reduce sweating. This helmet comes in different sizes for Kids, Child, Youth, and Adult

2. Critical Cycles Skateboard Helmet

Critical Cycles Skateboard Helmet

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This skateboard helmet complies with the CPSC standards for safety and can be used for multiple sports. It features 11 vents, which will help to keep your head comfortable and cool. This skateboard helmet is made of ABS, which surrounds durable EPS foam. Thus, provides the best protection to your head in case of low bumps and impacts. It is available in different sizes ranges and colours to choose from.

1. Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sport Helmet

Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi Sport Kids & Adult Bike

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Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sport Helmet is a helmet that is CPSC and ASTM certified: this means that this is one if the best skateboard helmets available on the market. This helmet features a durable EPS foam liner that will provide you with protection to withstand impact. Inside the helmet, there are Soft foam inserts which contribute to maximum protection and comfort. Additionally, this helmet features 12 wide vents and comes in different sizes that range from small to large.

One thought on “Top 10 Best Skateboard Helmets for Kid and Adult Reviews In 2020

  1. Old Article:
    Whether you or your teenager is looking to get into skateboarding or are already experienced, finding a suitable helmet will be just as important as picking up a sweet deck. While many kids find it trendy and cool to skip wearing a helmet, there are many dangers associated with that. Injuries can be unpredictable, and even the smallest margins of error can escalate into major head injuries. It’s better to stay safe and smart, than otherwise. The biggest difference that skateboard helmets have over cycling ones is that they are designed and rated for frequent low-speed collisions, whereas the latter is built for the rare high-speed collision. However, many models can be viable for many extreme sports as modern designs have improved over the years.
    When you’re searching for a great helmet, the most important thing is how well they are rated in terms of safety compared to their price point. Other factors to consider is how tight they fit and how lightweight it is. These can make a big difference for comfort. Another feature that improves comfort is having a breathable inner lining. Finally, the style and colors that the helmet comes in will be important, given the importance of personal fashion in skateboard culture.

    5. Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet

    With its highly rated safety shell, this multi-sport helmet is versatile and effective at its affordable cost. It uses an ABS hard plastic shell that can handle many collisions from BMX to skateboarding accidents. The segmented EPS liner gives it more versatility for fitting, and the 8 separate cooling vents make it quite breathable for overall comfort. The coolest part about this model is that there are over 20 different colors and styles to choose from.

    4. BERN Watts EPS 2-Tone Summer Matte Helmet

    Meeting several safety certifications, this matte helmet from Bern is stylish and functional. Similar to the previous Bern model, this has several nice safety and comfort features. The stable fit system on the back of the helmet conforms nicely to the shape of your head, while the low profile fit gives it a nicer style. The main difference with this helmet is if you’re looking for a two-tone color style. It comes in black/grey, black/blue, and black/green.

    3. Protec Adult Helmet

    Without compromising your safety, this high-quality helmet from Pro-Tec offers lightweight construction with over four decades of experience. These classic style helmets feature tough ABS shells with an emphasis on comfort and aerodynamic design. They come in a variety of sizes and come fitted with two custom sizing pads for additional adjustments. The inner dual-density foam lining absorbs shock effectively and rebounds back to its original shape quickly.

    2. Pro-tec Classic Matte Skateboard Helmet

    If you’re looking for something from Pro-Tec with a style that is more down to earth and less flashy, check out this particular model. It uses an appealing matte style, rather than the usual glossy finish. The shell features the standard high-impact ABS construction, while the EPS impact liner keeps your head safe for any low-speed collisions. There are 11 large vent openings to keep your head cool even during the intense sessions.

    1. Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet

    Coming in 6 fun colors, this helmet from Critical Cycles is affordable and delivers consistent performance. It is CPSC safety certified and approved. It features 11 air vents to keep you cool, while the EPS encasing keeps you safe from small falls. It uses a special padding technology that wicks away moisture, odors, and bacteria, keeping your head dry and comfortable.

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