Top 10 Best Trailer Hitch Locks-Wheel/Coupler Lock Reviews In 2020

Trailer Hitch Locks are convenient accessories that make hitches easier to use and maintain. These units deter thieves from making off with your gear. Some of them are uniquely designed to further prevent runaway trailers. These locks provide a perfect fit for heavy-duty reliability regardless of what you’ve got behind you. Trailer Hitch Locks have undergone rigorous fatigue stress testing to guarantee maximum strength. The incorporated powder coating offers additional toughness and protects against corrosion, rust, and oxidation. Below is a list of the best Trailer Hitch Locks that will offer maximum security and protection for years to come.

Table of the Best Trailer Hitch Locks-Wheel Locks

10. Trimax UMAX50 Universal Dual Purpose Coupler Lock

Trailer Hitch Locks

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This lock incorporates a solid hardened steel construction that makes it difficult to break. The tapered edges offer great defence against sledge and bar attack. The lock is coated with a rustproof and corrosion resistant material to guarantee maximum durability. With a 5/8-inch diameter, the steel shackle makes the lock hard to saw through. Its advanced locking mechanism comes in a 6-toothed design that makes it hard to pick. The lock accommodates all coupler types.

9. Master Lock 1469DAT Heavy Duty Receiver Lock

eavy Duty Receiver Lock

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Rustproof and corrosion resistant, this lock can withstand any type of weather and still perform accordingly. The lock is fabricated from stainless steel to give it the desired level of strength. The good thing about this lock is that it can rotate in all directions to offer easy access. The keyway incorporates a cover that functions to keep out moisture and dirt. The lock fits 2-inch receivers.

8. Reese Towpower 72783 Coupler Lock

Universal Coupler Lock

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This lock incorporates the strength of steel and aluminium for maximum protection. It does not rust or corrode regardless of the weather condition. The U-bar is fabricated from heavy duty steel that is hard to cut through or force open. The lock incorporates the 11-position ratchet locking mechanism for added convenience. The pin holds the shackle from sliding and makes it difficult to force the lock open.

7. Master Lock 377KA Universal Coupler Lock

Universal Coupler Lock

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The universal design of this lock allows it to fit all couplers. The lock incorporates a nice and attractive chrome finish that gives it an elegant look. The block is fabricated from heavy duty stainless steel that provides maximum protection against rust and corrosion. It is very resistant to hammer attack and hard to pry open. The lock incorporates a low-profile design that makes it easier to install in tight spaces.

6. Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

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This lock secures the wheel in position to prevent any unwanted movement. The lock measures 4 x 12 x 16 inches and is constructed from heavy-duty steel for maximum strength. It features a smooth powder coated finish that renders it highly resistant to corrosion. The lock is gentle on the rim and does not leave any scratches. This lock can be adjusted to provide a perfect fit for all wheel sizes.

5. Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal ‘Solid Hardened Steel’ Trailer Hitch Locks

Dual Purpose Coupler Lock

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This heavy-duty coupler lock comes in a large size that weighs in at 6 pounds. The hard outer casing is fabricated from ballistic nylon to provide maximum strength and great protection against the elements. The steel base is covered by a plastic material that serves to soften the blows of the hammer. The cover conceals the key insertion place to keep out dust, dirt, and grit. The locking teeth are on both sides of the chrome bar to provide enhanced security. The lock is simple in design and easy to install or remove.

4. Master Lock 1480DAT Stainless Steel Receiver Lock for 5/8” Receiver Hole

Stainless Steel Receiver Lock

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This stainless steel lock provides a perfect fit for 2-inch receivers. It features an attractive chrome plated key way that gives it a touch of elegance. The lock and pin look and feel very durable. The shaft of the pin features a rubber O-ring that serves to keep out water and dirt from the locking mechanism. The lock incorporates a 360-degree swivel head for easy access.

3. Trimax MAG10SC 10ft Combination Cable Lock

Combination Cable Lock

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This is a tough steel cable lock that is powder coated to keep it rustproof and corrosion-free. The cable measures 10 feet long and 8mm in diameter. It is straight and not all tangled up. This makes it much easier to lock up. The 10-feet length is perfect for locking two bikes side-by-side. It features a combination lock mechanism that eliminates the inconveniences of a key lock.

2. Master Lock 3794DAT Trailer Coupler and Hitch Pin Lock Set, Keyed Alike

Trailer Coupler and Hitch Pin Lock Set

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This is a universal lock that fits all couplers. The lock is fabricated from stainless steel to provide maximum protection against rusting and corrosion. It incorporates a push to lock mechanism and can fit 1/2 and 5/8-inch receivers. This lock offers the convenience of an adjustable design. The adjustments can be done in the range of 9/16 to 2-7/5 inches. This lock comes with a hitch pin and a canvas bag for convenient storage.

1. Trimax SXT5 Premium 5/8″ Class V Extended Receiver Lock

Class V Extended Receiver Lock

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Constructed from carbon steel, this lock provides ultimate strength that can withstand hammer blows without giving in. The lock rotates around a T-shaped 5/8-inch pin to provide a more secure lock. It does not feature a jamming and the turning of the key directly unlocks the pin. The 3-1/4 inches of usable centre pin space provides a perfect fit for all extra thick metal receivers. The shaft of the pin is fitted with a rubber ring that seals off dust, water, and grime.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Trailer Hitch Locks-Wheel/Coupler Lock Reviews In 2020

  1. Whoever chose these as the top 10 trailer locks is either lacking any serious research or is on the take. Ft. Knox Locks or Proven Locks are both miles ahead of any of these locks if serious security is what you want.

  2. Thanks for the referral James. Just purchased a vintage Thunderbird trailer, so will want to take every precaution.

  3. The fact that the Reese one is here concerns me. We just had our trailer stole ln three weeks ago. Had that exact Reese tongue knock. They managed to break it into pieces to steal it.

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