Top 10 Best Library Rolling Book Carts on Wheels Reviews In 2019

Who does love to read? While reading is fun and enjoyable, most people find it quite difficult storing their books in a safe and organized manner. This is why you need the best book carts on the market to easily store your books and find them with ease when needed. Book carts are an excellent way to store books and easily move them around with minimal effort. In this review, we are going to help you choose the best book carts on the market.

Book carts can be used in libraries, office or even at home to help you transport books, store books or display them. Here are some of the leading book carts to consider buying for your office or home.

Table of the Best Rolling Book Carts on Wheels Reviews

10. Safco Products Scoot Double-Sided Book Cart on Wheels

Book Carts

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The Safco book cart is pretty large with six slanted shelves that enable you to store all your books and move them around with ease.  It is a pretty versatile cart that enables you to move the books around on the featured swivel wheels. It also features adjustable height pockets. The construction of the cart is the durable steel with a powder coated finish for long-lasting use.  The cart is able to resist chirping, rust and scratching maintaining its original looks. Overall, this cart can hold a maximum 300lbs.


  • Four oversized caster wheels for easy movement
  • Six slanted shelves for enough storage space
  • Durable steel assembly
  • Powder coating to prevent scratches and chipping
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9. Alice 200lbs Rolling Library Book Cart with Lockable Wheels

 Rolling Library Book Cart

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The Rolling library book cart is another stable and sturdy selection made of the durable 18-gauge steel. The cart features four lockable caster wheels that allow for easy movement and locking when needed.  There are also three single-sided shelves that offer ample space to store up to 200lbs of book weight. Overall, this is excellent that can hold as many books as they can fit and still roll away smoothly.


  • Four large wheels that roll smoothly and lock when not in use
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Three single-sided flat shelves
  • 200lbs weight capacity

8. Safco 5357SA Steel Double-Sided Book Cart with Shelves

Steel Double-Sided Book Cart

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This is our second Safco book cart on the list with three slanting shelves on each side to offer ample storage space. It is a sturdy steel cart with double-sided shelves for more storage space. The cart features four mobile caster wheels for easy movement. Overall, this is a fully welded book cart with a durable powder coating finish. It can resist chipping and scratches keeping it in its original shape for long.


  • Steel double sided book cart
  • Three shelves on each side
  • Fully welded
  • Four caster wheels

7. Lorell Double Sided Rolling Book Cart

Lorell Double Sided Rolling Book Cart

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The Lorell book cart is another top-quality design that you need to consider buying. This is a double sided book cart giving you plenty of room to store and carry as many books as possible.  The cart in total has six shelves allowing you to store more books. It also features larger caster wheels for easy rolling as you transport the books. The handles are also pretty smooth allowing for easy manoeuvrability. The end panels are also perforated to allow for excellent air circulation.


  • Smooth rounded handles for easy movement
  • Four large caster wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Double-sided design to carry more books
  • Perforated panels for air circulation
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6. H&A Home Office Library Rolling Book Cart – 200lbs Capacity 

H&A Rolling Book Cart

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The H&A is a large single-sided book cart ideal for home or office library to store large books safely. The cart features three large shelves that can fit some of the largest books safely. The shelves are also flat allowing for stable transportation of the books without falling. This is a sturdy 18-gauge steel frame cart that holds a maximum 200lbs. It features a glossy powder coated surface that resists corrosion, chipping and scratching.  The cart casters allow for smooth movement but also lock for stability when not moving. Overall, this is one of the best book carts on the market with U-shaped handles for easy handling.


  • Glossy powder coated surface
  • Durable 18-gauge steel frame
  • 200lbs max weight load
  • Three single-sided flat shelves

5. Learniture 24-Outlet Tablet Assembled Black Recharging Cart

Learniture 24-Outlet Tablet Assembled Recharging Cart

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The Learniture is a unique design book cart with a built-in electrical assembly that allows you to charge up to 24 devices. You can easily charge tablets, laptops and phones using on this book cart. The Learniture is an excellent cart for use in the office or home where books are not the norm. It is a sturdily constructed cart with ventilated panels to offer ample ventilation space for your devices. The wheels are non-marring and will not damage your floors. You can easily move this cart around with easy and lock the wheels when not in use.


  • Ventilated panels to prevent overheating of devices
  • Built-in electrical assembly
  • 11 adjustable height shelves
  • Rubber caster wheels

4. Learniture Extra-Wide Locking Unassembled Charging Cart

Extra-Wide Locking Laptop/Tablet Unassembled Charging Cart

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This is another portable charging port if your home or office is more laptops and gadgets than books. It is an excellent cart with 24 charging outlets to charge several laptops at once. The cart features four large 5-inch non-marring wheels for easy movement. Two of the wheels are lockable allowing the cart to remain stable when not in use. Overall, this is a safe and convenient cart with locking doors for added security. It is extra-wide and can store up to 24 devices. The shelves are height adjustable to suit a wide range of gadgets with ease.


  • Extra-wide to store up to 24 laptops
  • Height adjustable shelves
  • Durable steel frame
  • 5-inch four non-marring caster wheels
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3. Line Leader Compact Mobile Charging and Storage Cart

Line Leader Compact Mobile Charging and Storage Cart

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The Line Leader is another pretty simple laptop charging cart with 15 charging outlets. It is a convenient cart with four non-marring wheels for easy movement from one room to another.  Two of the wheels easily lock when not in use allowing for stability. It also features a convenient grab handle to allow for easy carrying. Overall, this is a secure charging cart with a front and rear door for super easy access of your laptop. Your devices are safe and protected when charging with 1-inch rubber coated dividers to prevent scratches.


  • 1-inch rubber coated dividers
  • 15 charging outlets
  • 4-inch non-marring wheels
  • Ventilated sides to protect overheating

2. Learniture 12-Outlet Laptop/Tablet Assembled Charging Cart

Learniture 12-Outlet Laptop/Tablet Assembled Charging Cart

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This is another Learniture charging cart with 12 charging outlet to help charge up to 12 tablets or laptops at once. It is another simple design cart with four non-marring caster wheels for easy movement.  The cart features locking rear and front doors to provide you with easy access to your devices.  The shelves are height adjustable to suit different charging needs. Overall, the cart allows the convenient arrangement of devices for better air circulation. A further side handle allows for easy movement.


  • Locking front rear and front doors for easy access
  • Non-marring caster wheels for easy movement
  • Durable steel frame
  • 12 charging outlets

1. Buddy products Two-Shelf Sloped Book Cart with Dividers

Buddy Products Two-Shelf Sloped Book Cart

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The Buddy Products book cart is a simple design book cart with two shelves in one side. It is a simple design cart with four 2-inch caster wheels that make book transportation a breeze. The construction is sturdy and powder coated for long-lasting use. Overall, this is a quality cart ideal for libraries, offices and schools. It features sloped shelves to prevent books from sliding off.


  • Sloping shelves to prevent books from sliding
  • Four 2-inch caster wheels
  • Sturdy powder coated steel frame
  • Two-shelves


These by far the best book carts and laptop charging carts on the market to help you store and transport books easily. The carts are sturdily made using steel metal and powder coating to ensure long-lasting use. They are quality carts with good reviews and recommendations so that you can buy with confidence.

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