Best Smartphone Car Mounts & Phone Holders Reviews

If you look into the cars of this generation, all of them are well-equipped with accessories. Hence, it is meant to make the drive more fun and convenient. The car mounts for the phone are one of the most crucial additions to any car as the requirements of navigation through unknown roads are often felt. Taking the phone out in your hands to watch the map is not only dangerous but also a difficult job.

For people like these and everyone else who owns a car, here is our selection of the top-rated car mount holders. The promise of quality and reliability is the common factor of every single product. So, they will surely not let down in any case.

Table of the Best Car Mounts Reviews

10. Beam Electronics Universal Car Phone Holder

Car Mounts

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Car phone mounts for vents are extremely important in today’s world. Every person wishes to stay connected to the outside world and also access the smartphone for various reasons. During driving, the smartphone comes in really handy for accessing GPS, music and even attend important calls. Designed for people who drive more often, this mount holder is perfect. Any phone falling within the width of 1.9” to 3.7” is indeed easily accommodated on the mount.

Moreover, it has 360° capabilities for added flexibility while driving. Along with that, the whole set up is extremely easy to use and understand even when driving. It is operated with a single hand. Now, you can even take the phone out of the mount without having to divert your attention from the road.

Key features:

  • Certainly, sturdy and cradle-less design for enhanced durability.
  • Extremely easy and user-friendly quick release button for faster removal of the phone.
  • Both horizontal, as well as vertical AC vents, are compatible.

9. iOttie Easy One Touch Dash & Windshield Mount Phone Holder for Car

Dash & Windshield Mount Phone Holder for Car

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A long and messy mount holder is not something you will certainly enjoy while driving your car. An extremely compact designed holder like this allows you to access your phone easily time and again. Plus, also makes sure your hands don’t come in contact with the mount accidentally.

Furthermore, this mount is well capable of fixing onto your dashboard or windshield without any challenges. The perfect viewing angle is decided as per your need and demand for added benefits. Also, it is designed with an extendable telescopic arm which you can extend from 4” to 6.5” for your convenience. Even if your phone is wearing a protective case, you can set it up on the mount without any difficulties.

Key features:

  • Supremely adjustable bottom foot cradle for adjustments in all directions.
  • Has a 225° pivoting arc for flexible viewing angle.
  • One touch car phone mount rather facilitates quick release button for one hand opening and closing.

8. MIRACASE Adjustable Vehicle Phone Mount for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & More

Adjustable Vehicle Phone Mount for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & More

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Having a technologically advanced product for everyday utility can make your days much easier in the real-life scenario. As the size of the smartphones is increasing day by day, choosing a car mount with limited holding capacity can only make it a bad choice.

A magnetic car phone mount like this can accommodate all sizes of phones in your dashboard or windshield. The assembly of 6 magnets securely holds the phone in the roughest roads also. Finally, it will certainly act as a blockage of your view.

Key features:

  • The suction cup is reusable as you can simply wash it to use.
  • One can indeed adjust it at multiple angles with a turn of 3 knots.

7. Vansky Universal Cellphone Holder for Car

Vansky Universal Cellphone Holder for Car

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This ultra-flexible and compatible car mount holder is something anyone would like to have in their car.  This device is so well-designed that you can literally use it in any place of your car. Usable on both your car’s windshield and vents, you can even mount it on your dashboard. Next, it features a strong and reliable suction cup which is safe against falling and will keep the phone steady.

As a matter of fact, it is designed for most modern day smartphones. The relatively has a bigger car phone mount size assures a good quality mount to hold it nice. Phones with a width between 3.5” and 7” are easily mounted on this car mount. In addition to that, it even comes with an extendable grip for larger sized phones.

Key features:

  • Mount is indeed 360-degrees rotatable to find the best viewing angle.
  • Includes soft padding for amazing stability and secure holding.
  • Convenient one press button release design.

6. JunDa 360-Degree Rotation Phone Holder for Car – Rotating Dashboard Clip Mount Stand

JunDa 360-Degree Rotation Phone Holder for Car

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This is not your everyday car mount holder that comes with limitations and problems. Now, one can easily and safely place the phone and keep it in close reach even when driving. The ultra-sleek and elegant design of the holder are impressive. As a result, it is certainly a good factor to consider when it comes to choosing the finest holder.

Furthermore, it delights users with a convenient one hand control. Hence, one can pick up and put back the phone without having to move one hand from the steering. Along with that, the advanced design is quite unique and meant to serve drivers for a long time. The non-slip and soft silicon pad coupled with a curved base. It securely holds the phone stable even when travelling through bumpy roads.

Key features:

  • Mount head is 360-degrees rotatable and offers drivers with unparallel viewing pleasure.
  • Keeps devices away from scratching and damages.
  • Ideal for phones between 4 to 6.5”.

5. BEYYON Magnetic Phone Mount Holder for Car Dashboard Windshield 


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Magnetic mounts are innovative and the advanced technology that anyone would love to have in their car. Firstly, it is designed with a total of 5 neodymium magnets. These are powerful enough to securely fix your phone without having to repeatedly install or remove it. Next, the adhesive metal plates come 4 in number. You can fix it on your phone to take full benefits of this amazing mount.

However, as it a magnetic mount, there is certainly no issues when it comes to compatibility with your phone’s size.

Key features:

  • The car phone mount locking lever coupled with sticky gel pad offers secure fitting to the windshield or dashboard.
  • Has a ball head which rotates at 360-degrees.
  • Adjustable button and arm for rather providing best user-experience.

4. Amoner Cellphone Holder for Car Dashboard Windshield

Amoner Cellphone Holder

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One of the most problematic issues of driving and using a phone is the risks that are associated with it. It will not only provide you with a place to keep your phone but will also allow you to use it for navigation, music, or even calls while driving.

As a matter of fact, it has a smart and sturdy telescopic arm placed between the mount and holder. Now, you can use it to bring your phone closer to your reach during driving. Lastly, there are simple release buttons on the holder. You can use to comfortably installing or removing the phone from the holder.

Key features:

  • Easy and flexible adjustable grip.
  • Strong suction cup combined with a supremely sticky gel pad for secure fixing of the holder.
  • Certainly, facilitates 180° rotation for enhanced comfort.

3. Spigen Kuel AP12T Universal Car Phone Holder

pigen Kuel AP12T Universal

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Place your phone on a holder that will work every single time you wish to use it during your drives. Reliability is an important factor if you wish to make sure that your phone will stay safe and secure. Having a smart One tap technology, the no-brainer function lets you install the phone with just a tap.

Moreover, it has an auto-locking feature which you can use with just a press. Certainly, this supremely easy user interface is something of delight when it comes to using it during your drives. Although this car mount is meant to be fixed on the windshield or dashboard, you can easily remove it.

Key features:

  • Combination of adhesive gel and suction cup for outstanding attachment.
  • Lock lever makes the fixing even stronger.
  • Pads have a scratch-resistant coating that takes off your phone’s body.

2. Bestrix Magnetic Dashboard Smartphone Car Mount

Bestrix Magnetic Dashboard Smartphone Car Mount

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Compromising with the quality for the sake of looks is never an option to consider. However, this brilliant looking car mount holder from the house of Bestrix is a perfect package of looks and quality. Constructed entirely out of the highest quality of ABS plastic, the mount will last you numerous years.

However, the base perfectly stabilizes the phone through the journey. For adjustable viewing, the holder has a 360° rotatable design. Along with that, there is rather an arm which you can extend or shorten as per your need.

Key features:

  • Has a silicone surface that keeps the phone safe through the journey.
  • Comes with a metal plate for magnetic attachment.
  • Features 4 strong magnets for secure attachment.

1. VANMASS Dashboard Windshield Air Vent Phone Holder for Car

VANMASS Dashboard Windshield Air Vent Phone Holder for Car

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This is certainly one of the best car mount holders to look for in the market. It is designed with the needs of a driver in mind. Hence, comes with a swivel ball head for highly adjustable viewing angles. Plus, there is even a telescopic arm that can bring the phone 2” closer to you during the drives. To take good care of your phone, the mount includes a couple of sponge cushions on both side clamps.

Nonetheless, the cradle even has a textured backrest that eliminates any risks of scratching to the back of the phone. Last but not least, the rubber padding on the bottom leg assures a wobble-free experience. Use it for any purpose to make your drives more convenient and hassle-free.

Key features:

  • Ultra-sticky adhesive for firm mounting to the dashboard.
  • Right side button rather for one hand operation.
  • Features folding legs for trouble-free charging experience.

Prevent your phone from frequently falling off. Install a car phone mount in your car and assures fool-proof security.

One thought on “Best Smartphone Car Mounts & Phone Holders Reviews

  1. This is the first Magnetic car cell phone holder I have ever purchased. I went with the Bestrix. I watched a video on how to install this contraption and it seemed really easy. When I got mine out of the box, it was already assembled which was nice. I went out to the car and wiped down my dashboard so the surface was clean.
    Once I found the part of my dashboard where I wanted the suction cup to go, I removed the cellophane cover from the suction cup, and then pressed down the cup onto my dashboard. I pressed from the side that is closest to the windshield, and rolled my hand forward until the entire suction cup was being firmly forced down, and then I pressed the locking clip down. that’s it. that is all it takes to install it. It was super easy.
    This is one of those magnet cell phone holders. I know you are probably thinking, “oh goodie, those things never hold the phone firmly enough.” Actually, you will be pleasantly surprised because this one does! It feels like the materials used to build this holder are quality. It doesn’t feel cheap which is a plus.
    I really like this cell phone holder, and I hope it lasts a long time. I have a Note 9. I recommend this one for sure. 5 stars.

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