Best Baseball Catchers Masks Reviews

Being a catcher in a baseball game is one of the toughest positions to play in any sport. Players usually make errant bats, foul tips and slide down aggressively. This can usually lead to serious injuries on the head if you don’t have a great catcher mask. There are usually a lot of physical takedowns when playing as a catcher. It only makes sense getting your best catcher mask on. However, choosing the best and most suitable catchers masks is not an easy task. There are several models on the market to buy which can sometimes be confusing for new players.

This is why we’ve done our research and narrowed down your search for the ideal catcher mask to these ten picks below.

Table of the Best Catchers Masks Reviews

10. Mizuno G4 Samurai Baseball Catcher’s Helmet

Catchers Masks

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This is our first pick catcher helmet and an excellent one with a strong steel frame. It is a well-designed catcher mask with a strategic ventilation system. The mask allows for excellent breathing and comfort when playing. It also features comfortable 3-layer EVA foam padding on the interior. The jaw pad is adjustable providing a soft feel and excellent moisture control. Overall, this is a safe mask with NOCSAE standard certification.


  • Strong steel frame
  • Adjustable jaw pad
  • Strategic ventilation for good breathing
  • 3 layer EVA foam padding
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9. Easton Speed Elite Traditional Baseball Catcher’s Facemask

Easton Speed Elite Traditional Baseball Catcher's Facemask

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This is a sturdily constructed catcher’s mask with durable metal frames. The mask offers maximum protection while leaving enough space for excellent visibility. The mask adjusts with ease giving a snug fit. It is a comfortable pick with padding on the head and chin for added comfort. It is a classic design mask to get you enjoying your baseball game.  The wide front area offers an excellent vision to see the ball with ease.


  • Durable metal frame construction
  • Excellent vision
  • Head and chin padding
  • Traditional classic design

8. Tompson Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mask / Softball Face Guard

Tompson Youth Baseball Catcher's Mask / Softball Face Guard

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This is a favourite catcher mask for most youths today and one to buy for your son. It is a great choice for players in baseball clubs and softball programs. The construction of the mask is the sturdy stainless steel wires. It is also lightweight and weighs a mere 18 ounces. This makes it feel lightweight allowing for long periods of use. You can be sure to feel comfortable even after extended periods of use. There are special leather pads on the inside that wick away moisture and resist bacteria growth.


  • Comfortable even with extended use
  • Lightweight
  • Durable with steel wire frame
  • Special leather pads to absorb sweat and moisture

7. Wilson Prestige Large/X-Large Catcher’s Helmet

Wilson Prestige Large/X-Large Catcher’s Helmet

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This is a premium grade quality mask made of durable ABS plastic.  The mask shell provides the head with maximum impact protection. It is a versatile mask that will offer 360 degrees head protection from bats and balls. It is strategically designed to fit the human head shape while leaving enough ventilation space. The mask is tested and meets the NOCSAE standards for safety.


  • 360 degrees ball and bat protection
  • Durable and premium quality ABS shell
  • Maximum protection
  • Strategic venting
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6. Wilson Dyna-Lite Umpire & Catcher’s Face Mask

Wilson Dyna-Lite Umpire and Catcher's Face Mask

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This is a strong face mask, and one best referred to as a steel cage. It is a sturdy steel frame mask to ensure maximum head protection from balls and bats.  The mask features a high-profile cage design to protect your head from any landing ball impact. It is a lovely cage finish mask with a rubber dip for added comfort. The outer material is the durable PU leather while the interior material is the absorbent synthetic pad for comfort. Overall, this mask weighs a mere 791 grams making it quite lightweight.


  • Cage finish
  • Synthetic absorbent pad material on the interior
  • High profile cage design
  • Steel Cage

5. All-Star System Seven Steel Catcher’s Face Mask

All-Star System Seven Steel Catcher's Mask

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The All-Star catcher’s mask is a curved forehead design mask. The curved area allows for more padding space making users feel comfortable. The construction of the mask features hollow steel wires. This makes the mask string but pretty lightweight for extended use. The areas around the eyes feature a flat horizontal construction for better vision when playing. Overall, this is a premium quality mask with a DeltaFlex harness system to firmly hold the mask in space. There are also moisture wicking padded materials to prevent bacteria growth and smell.


  • Curved forehead design to offer more padding space
  • Hollow steel frames to make the mask lightweight
  • Horizontal bar construction around the eyes for better vision
  • DeltaFlex system to hold the mask in place firmly

4. Easton M7 Catchers Helmet

Easton M7 Catchers Helmet

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The Easton is a streamline profile mask that offers a snug fit and prevents the mask from rolling up and down. The mask design feels closer to your head and moves with the head movement. It is a pretty durable helmet with quality grade ABS plastic. The interior of the mask features dual density foam padding for comfort and protection. There are a total of 18 vents which help users keep cool when playing.


  • Streamline profile for a snug fit
  • ABS high-grade plastic
  • Dual-density foam
  • 18 vents to keep the head cool
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3. Champion Sports Ultra Lightweight Catchers Mask for Youth

Champion Sports Ultra Lightweight Catchers Mask for Youth

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This is a lightweight design catcher’s mask for children. It is a full face protection mask design that offers maximum player protection without weighing them down. The mask features protective pads on the head and chin for comfort and added protection. Overall, this is a secure mask for boys and girls to get started in baseball. It is a small size mask for children offering maximum comfort. It is a perfect fit that all kids will enjoy wearing.


  • Small design for children
  • Head and chin padding
  • Lightweight for extended use
  • Full face protection

2. All-Star Adult System 7 Catcher’s Helmet

All-Star Adult System 7 Catcher's Helmet

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This is a professional catcher’s mask for adults with a smooth gloss finish. It is a quality mask with a high impact ABS grade plastic.  The mask features a cool liner mesh to keep players comfortable and at ease. It is well-ventilated, and players can easily breathe without any strains. The mask features an I-BAR vision which patented for increased field of view and strength.


  • I-BAR vision patented design
  • Matte/gloss finish
  • Increased strength
  • High-impact ABS shell

1. Under Armour Pro Navy Catchers Face Masks

Under Armour Adlut Pro Face Mask

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This is a professional traditional style catcher’s mask with sturdy stainless steel construction. It is a lovely mask with an I-BAR steel cage vision. The mask features a horizontal construction in the eye region for increased vision and strength. It is a soft leather padding mask that makes the user feel comfortable and relaxed when playing. There is a further included anti-slip neoprene mask harness.


  • Weighs 22oz
  • I-bar vision
  • Soft leather padding
  • Anti-slip neoprene face mask


These are the best catcher masks on the market to getting you playing baseball without the worry of head injuries. The masks are designed for maximum safety, comfort, and use. They feature excellent foam padding and durable steel frames to take on the heavy impacts. Make sure you choose one today after reading through our review.

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