Top 10 Best Laboratory Medical Centrifuge Machines Reviews In 2020

Whether you are trying to isolate blood platelets from the plasma or any foreign particle from a solution, the usefulness of centrifuge machines is endless. Especially, in science or forensic laboratories. A centrifuge works on the principles of centrifugal force. The solution is added in test tubes and placed in the machines. As the centrifuge rotates fast, the centrifugal force isolates the particles; the desired test results are obtained.

However, as it is a critical product, it is common to have no or little knowledge about these products. In this article, we have selected and reviewed the best centrifuge machines for you. Opt the one that suits your needs best and get desired results from your experiments.

Table of the Best Centrifuge Machines Reviews

10. Super Deal PRO Desktop Electric Lab Laboratory Centrifuge Machines

Centrifuge Machines

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Pharmaceutical laboratories, schools and other places which deal with research and science can benefit greatly with this incredible machine. It can hold 6 test tubes with a maximum capacity of 20 ml. In fact, can churn them at an impressive speed of 4000 rotations per minute. So if you are looking for separating samples of low volume it can greatly assist you in the task. You don’t need to be limited at 4000 rpm either. It has a dial which lets you control the speed at or below 4000 rpm. Hence, if you need to work with lower speeds you can easily do so.

As a matter of fact, you get a centrifuge machine timer feature that is adjustable from 0 to 60 minutes. Due to its compact size, you can easily use it in any settings and transport it wherever necessary. If you often bring your work home, then you can use this device for work or just domestic personal projects. Lastly, it can also aid in several medical fields in all the branches of science, especially biology and chemistry

Key features:

  • The weight of the product is above 7 and a half pounds.
  • Works with 110V of power source at 60 Hertz.
  • Certainly a safe product for use.
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9. Super Deal Upgraded Electric 110V Lab Medical Centrifuge Machines

Super Deal Upgraded Electric 110V Lab Medical Centrifuge Machine

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This centrifuge machine is an upgraded model that gives you more capacity and lets you do more in the same small form factor. Due to its small size, you get to carry it to anywhere you want. It is especially useful for campuses which are tight on budgets and need to organise their resources. And inventory in a more efficient way.

Moreover, you can also control the balanced centrifuge machine’s speed and timer settings easily with the provided knobs. Now you won’t feel the irritated cause of the annoying sounds as the machine generates a very low level of noise.

Key features:

  • Speed can go up to 4000 rpm.
  • Apart from offering a large capacity, it rather ensures stable operation.
  • Promises automatic balancing.

8. F2C Electric Lab Medical Practice Desktop Centrifuge Machines

Desktop Centrifuge Machine,110V 80-2 4000rpm 40w

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This model is new and improved and has quite a few advantages than its predecessor. Firstly, it has a very minimalistic and clean look that goes well with any laboratory where functionality is valued more. Next, you get a cubic outer shell with the centrifuge inside it. It has got a total of 12 slots which can take test tubes of individual highest capacity being 20 ml.

Furthermore, it also comes with a translucent lid for centrifuge machine. As a result, you can get a top view. It also prevents impurities from getting inside the serum, plasma or whatever sample you are using. Even with a high-capacity, it isn’t bulky and one can transfer it easily from place to place if the need arises. It is powered by a 40-watt motor which can rotate the tubes at a maximum speed of 4000 rpm. For controls, you get a simple on-off switch along with two knobs. One can indeed use it to control the speed and timer settings

Key features:

  • The timer goes on-off anywhere within one hour.
  • Comes with a complimentary 15 ml tube.
  • Certainly, doesn’t make too much noise.

7. Qor Labs Mini Centrifuge

Qor Labs Mini Centrifuge

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Qor Labs brings you one of the most powerful centrifuge machines that you can get in the market. Tube motor has space for 6 tubes and can rotate them at ultra high-speed of 10000 rpm. This kind of speed produces such a massive centrifugal force. Hence, you can get more done within a shorter period of time.

Nevertheless, even with all this power it doesn’t weigh much and is pretty lightweight at around 3.4 pounds.

Key features:

  • Can indeed produce maximum RCF of 5000g.
  • Has a width of 7.4-inches.
  • Very easy to use and high price to performance ratio.

6. HFS Electric Centrifuge Machine

HFS Electric Centrifuge Machine

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HFS brings you an innovative and feature-rich solution for separating particles, cells, coagulants and more. You can use this small yet advanced piece of technology in schools, universities or microbiology research laboratories. Inside this machine, you can certainly put a total of 6 test tubes of maximum 20ml capacity. Plus, it uses electricity and converts it into mechanical power to rotate the test tubes at an inclination of 45-degrees.

However, it might be compact but underestimating its power due to that can only result in missing a great deal. With just the normal power source, it can rotate the tubes to reach a maximum speed of 4000 rpm for optimum results. While others might have a timer setting that is adjusted up to 60 mins this, gives you an additional feature. Along with the 60 min timer adjustment, you also get mechanical time. As a result, you can let the machine run for as long as you want.

Key features:

  • Comes with half a dozen of 20 mm centrifuge tubes made from plastic.
  • Rather come in handy when you don’t have enough information on testing parameters and have to closely observe everything.
  • The electric centrifuge machine gives you stable and consistent performance.

5. ROVSUN Desktop Electric Centrifuge Machine Laboratory Medical Practice

ROVSUN Desktop Electric Centrifuge Machine Laboratory Medical Practice

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To start with, other centrifuge makers have to rely on the 40-watt motor for achieving a certain speed and centrifugal force. But Rovsun does it with just a 25-watt motor. You get the same impressive max speed of 4000 rpm but at a low power cost. Hence, it translates to savings on your energy bill.

Moreover, this is possible due to various factors one of which is the high-quality aluminium alloy construction of the rotor. That indeed keeps it light and hence requires less power for operation.

Key features:

  • Ships with an extra speed knob and screwdriver,
  • Timer and speed both are certainly controlled.

4. Hardware Factory Store Electric Lab Centrifuge Machine

Hardware Factory Store Electric Lab Centrifuge Machine

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Any tool or gadget that you use for scientific experiments or productivity needs to have a certain level of protection. It rather keeps exterior elements out and robust build quality that can last you for a long time. HFS provides you with all of that and more with this incredible centrifuge machine. It comes in a small cube shape which makes it easy for storage and transportation anytime, anywhere. Next, it plugs into any normal American socket and uses minimal power for maximum efficiency.

Furthermore, it has 6 slots and for filling them up until you also get 6 centrifuge tubes. These tubes indeed have plastic construction with each having a diameter of 20 mm. For controlling the speed, you get a knob that has graduations with separation of 500 rpm at each level. You can go up to 4000 rpm and can set the timer anywhere between 0 and 30 minutes.

Finally, between the two regulating knobs, you also get a simple and easy to use the power switch.

Key features:

  • Length of complimentary plastic tubes is 105 mm.
  • Has a weight of 11.9 pounds.
  • User-friendly design and affordable option.

3. Labnique Microyn Digital Bench-top Centrifuge

Labnique Microyn Digital Bench-top Centrifuge

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Instead of using ancient analogue machines, it is high time that you get an upgrade with this high-tech digital option. It comes with an LCD display which shows you various useful information regarding time, speed and other important settings. You can’t even accidentally mess up your experiments since this has a safety lid. As a result, it remains shut till the rotor stops spinning.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to go through the hassle of opening it. Interestingly, it rather does that automatically to save you some precious processing time.

Key features:

  • Includes spin button which is pretty short. Hence, you get fast spins which are pretty convenient.
  • Certainly, uses a 40-watt motor

2. Yescom 800-1 Electric Laboratory Medical Centrifuge Machine

Yescom 800-1 Electric Laboratory Medical Centrifuge Machine

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Yescom’s 800-1 brings to you a centrifuge machine which has the superior build-quality and is constructed out of top-grade materials. So you can use this for a long time and it would be your reliable apparatus for years to come. At a certain inclination, you get 6 test tubes inside the machine. In the centre, you will see a strong and heavy-duty bolt that goes further as a testament to this machine’s build-quality.

However, the test tubes you can insert into the 800-1 can have a maximum capacity of 20. You can use it in laboratories of various branches of science for separating solid granular particles, liquid mixture with varying density and a lot more. It can act as a learning instrument for students and a reliable tool of education that teachers can rely on. You also get a comprehensive manual which has all the instructions you need to know for a safe work environment.

Key features:

  • Lid protects and shields the test tubes from outside impurities.
  • A maximum rotation speed of 4000 rpm.
  • Weighs close to 7 pounds.

1. Four E’s Scientific Mini Centrifuge with Interchangeable Rotors

Four E's Scientific Mini Centrifuge with Interchangeable Rotors

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While other manufacturers are going with the most basic shell design this machine adopts an enclosed design. So you don’t have messed up equipment with liquid splashes everywhere. Even if you get unbalanced rotors on either side, this will run smooth and stable due to its dynamic balance.

With other manufacturer products, you are stick with the high motor sound. It indeed interrupts your concentration. But this machine operates at 50 decibels or lower.

Key features:

  • Operates at a low voltage within safe limits.
  • The high speed which can hit a maximum of 5400 rpm.
  • Indeed have 2 interchangeable rotors.

Confused which one to own? Study the products properly and get the one that offers the best.

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