Best Commercial Coffee Makers with Grinder Reviews

We all love a great cup of coffee at home or office. But the price of coffee is steadily increasing and our busy lives cannot allow us to run to the nearest coffee shop. Getting yourself that best coffee machine for home seems to be the only solution to this. There are various types of programmable coffee makers available on the market. However, if you are planning on purchasing a coffee machine, it would be advisable to look at some of the top-rated coffee makers for home or workplace so as to make the right choice. The following is a review of the top highest rated coffee makers that will certainly offer good value for your money.

Table of the Best Commercial Coffee Makers Reviews

10. Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffee Maker with Water Filtration

Coffee Makers

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This is among the good coffee makers that emerged among the best in the 2011 consumer research magazine. The BVMC-SJX33GT can easily be customized to your specific taste, thanks to its Brew Strength Selector that offers the options of the strong or regular brew. Its detachable filter basket allows for fast refilling and easy cleaning. Moreover, it incorporates a carbon-based filter that helps improve the taste of your coffee by eliminating 97% of chlorine from the water. The pause and serve feature is a great addition that allows you to pour yourself a cup of coffee while brewing. It incorporates off/on indicator light with a 2-hour automatic shut-off that keeps your coffee hot.

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9. Keurig K-Cup In Room Brewing System

Keurig K-Cup In Room Brewing System

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This is a great coffee maker that allows you to brew in just under 3 minutes. It is highly versatile and can brew a cup of coffee, hot cocoa, iced beverage or tea with ease. The system features a handy single-use reservoir that is convenient to carry and fill. It has an energy saving feature that automatically shuts down after every brew. This coffee maker is easy to operate as it comes with pictorial instructions to guide you in your brewing process.

8. Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System – Black

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System

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This is among the company’s top models. The Brew on Demand feature allows you to make a cup of coffee right there without the need to heat up a lot of water. It features three brew choices, 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. The system also incorporates a removable 48 oz. water reservoir. It is fast and can brew in just under 1 minute. The system runs quietly, thanks to the incorporated Quiet Brew Technology. It also includes an auto-off feature that shuts down the system whenever it’s not in use. Also included with the system is a 12 pack of K-cups, the water filter assembly and a water filter cartridge.

7. Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffee Makers – 4 Cups

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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The DRX5 is a powerful yet compact coffee maker that allows you to brew 4 cups quickly and cleanly. It clearly displays the water level in the reservoir, thanks to its dual water window. This enables you to accurately fill the reservoir. And it is really low maintenance. The filter pulls out easily for filling and cleaning. The pause and serve feature enables you to pour yourself a cup of coffee while the machine is still brewing. Power monitoring has been made easy, thanks to the on/off indicator light that shows when the machine is on or off.

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6. Mr. Coffee CG13-RB Switch Coffeemaker – 12 Cups

Mr. Coffee CG13-RB 12-Cup Switch Coffeemaker

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This coffee maker incorporates the same features as the DRX5. These include Brewing Pause and Serve, detachable Filter Basket, Dual Water Windows, and On/Off Indicator Light. However, as the name implies, the CG13 has the ability to make 12 cups of fresh hot coffee. Also, it has a water filtration adaptable that serves to filter out 97 percent of chlorine from water for a better tasting coffee.

5. Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central Programmable Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

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The DCC-1200 comes in the brushed metallic design that is stylish and space-efficient. It incorporates an ergonomically designed handle for drip-less pouring. It offers one-touch brewing with an ability to make up to 12 cups before refilling. The water is precisely heated to the correct temperature for optimal retention of flavour. It has a glass-lined stainless steel carafe, which features a perfectly-designed lid to keep the coffee warm. Other features include an auto shutoff, programmable LCD control centre and a 24-hour digital clock.

4. Hamilton Beach Digital Stainless Steel Coffee Machines – 12 Cups

Hamilton Beach Digital Stainless Steel Coffee Machines

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This coffee maker features an ergonomic design that allows you to perform quick and easy filling. The carafe brews up to 12 cups at a time. It has a brew strength function for regular and bold coffee and fully programmable with a 2-hour auto shutoff. A release button easily lifts the brew basket for easy cleaning. The coffee maker incorporates a wheeled base for quick and easy access to the reservoir. It also has a pause and serves a function that allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee in the middle of the brewing process.

3. Melitta Coffee Maker with Vacuum Stainless Thermal Carafe

Melitta Coffee Maker with Vacuum Stainless Thermal Carafe

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This is among the top coffee makers that incorporate thermal carafe capable of brewing up to 10 cups of coffee. It features thumb-activated pouring that requires no need to twist the lid. It features various settings that include regular, bold and robust. This enables you to have maximum control regarding the taste of your coffee. Its filter basket easily pulls out for easy access besides offering maximum coffee extraction. The programmable feature is a great addition that allows you to automatically brew your coffee in the morning. A pause and serve feature enables you to enjoy a cup of coffee while the device is still brewing.

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2. Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with Coffee Pot – 12 Cups

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with Coffee Pot - 12 Cups

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The great thing about this coffee maker is that it does not feature the breakable glass carafe. Instead, it has an insulated tank with an ability to brew 12 full cups. Unlike most coffee makers, it is designed to dispense one cup at a time to guarantee a more consistent flavour. It precisely heats your coffee to the right temperature without compromising on the flavour. Brewing options include regular, bold, and 1-4 cups. Other features include a water level indicator and 0-4 hours programmable auto shutoff timer.

1. Cuisinart DTC-975BKN Programmable Thermal Brewer – 12 Cups

Cuisinart DTC-975BKN Programmable Thermal Brewer - 12 Cups

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This is a fully automated coffeemaker featuring 24-hour programmability. Its 12-cup carafe is made of double walled insulated stainless steel. The Brew-Through and Pour-Through lid is a remarkable feature that allows brewing and pouring of the coffee without the need to open or adjust. Its reservoir cover easily lifts for effective filling. Other notable features include pause and serve the function, on indicator light, LCD readout, filter basket and water window.


To conclude, the above-listed coffee makers have consistently got high scores across the board. Most customers rate them as a good purchase and would recommend it to those considering to buy one. So make a point of getting yourself one and enjoy that hot fresh cup of coffee at the comfort of your home or office.

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