Top 10 Best Custom Car Seat Covers Reviews In 2020

Your car is a valuable treasure that is always at the bottom of your heart. Maintaining it in the best shape is one duty that comes with owning a car. Other than all the other components of the car, the seat is a crucial piece that should be cared for to keep your car interior in an appealing state. Just imagine a car with tattered seats? That is not amusing at all. To keep your car in an original state, you require tailored custom car seat covers. But it is never easy to make that choice; that is why we have sampled the best seat covers you can get in the market.

When choosing seat covers, you may need to look at features such as the material used, colour preference, strength among others. We have simplified your search by conducting an in-depth research of the top 10 car seat covers. Now, let us dig in. Hopefully, the knowledge is helpful.

Table of the Best Custom Car Seat Covers Reviews

10. FH Group PU207102 NeoBlend Leatherette Front Car Fit Seat Cushions

Custom Car Seat Covers

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If you are looking for a sleek seat cover, then this is the right one for you. This brand is available in 18 different colour variations to meet your preferences. At the front, it has a bucket that fits your phone and more accessories. Whether you want the seat warm or cold, this type is pretty flexible. It is also designed to hold seatbelts.


  • Sleek design
  • 18 colour variations
  • Bucket to hold phone and accessories
  • Flexible by allowing seat heating
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9. Kust rzd3192r Custom Fit Leather Auto Seat Covers for SUV Full Set

Leather Auto Seat Covers for SUV Full Set

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Toyota lovers will like this car seat cover. This seat cover is an easy to install type that saves you time. The feather seat cover comes in a pack of 8 pieces, making it ideal if you need to change while cleaning the other type. This cover also includes a head cover and is adjustable at 40-60% which effectively fills the gap at the back seat.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes in 8 pieces
  • Includes a head cover
  • Adjustable to fill a gap at the back seat

8. 2-Tone Semi-custom Fit Car Seat Covers with Headrest Covers

Semi-custom Fit Car Seat Covers with Headrest Covers

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For commercial passenger vehicles, this is the best choice to pick. It is made of pure cotton which makes it very durable. Inside it has a thick foam for enhanced comfort. The covers also include those for the armrest and seat covers as well. The manufacturer is flexible to customize for customer preference. Another good thing is that it is a universal type that works for many vehicles.


  • Made of pure cotton
  • Reinforced with thick foam for comfort
  • Covers include those of armrest and seats
  • Customization accepted by the manufacturer

7. Sojoy Universal Full Set of Car Seat Cover and Cushions

Sojoy Universal Four Seasons Full Set of Car Seat Cover and Cushions

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This another awesome design you need to consider during your purchase. This seat cushion is made of silicon which allows good grip, hence safe for everyone including children. It is well aerated hence you will not experience any foul smells from sweat and spills. It comes in white and black colour which blends well with any kind of car colour. Washing is an easy hassle as it allows for machine wash


  • Made of silicon for grip
  • Well-aerated
  • Available in black and white
  • Allows machine wash
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6. Kust zd31941w Custom Fit Leather Seat Covers for Jeep

Custom Fit Seat Covers

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Kust design guarantees your class and style. You get it in 8 designs with colour variations to suit your preferences. It is the simplest to install, and you can do it alone without involving a mechanic. You get it in an assortment of 13 pieces that includes saddle cover, headrest and back cover. It is embossed with a cool Jeep logo. The leather design is very stylish and appealing.


  • Available in 8 stylish leather designs
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with 13 pieces of assortment
  • Embossed with a Jeep logo

5. Front and Rear Seat Covers for Jeep Liberty

Front and Rear Seat Covers for Jeep Liberty

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When looking for a dynamic design, do not hesitate to grab this one. It is available in 22 colours branded with a fancy Jeep logo. You can also get a semi-custom fit to meet your requirements. For the back seat, you benefit from a 60/40 adjustment that fills the gap between the seats. The texture is a little slick for appeal.


  • Available in 22 designs
  • You also get semi-custom fit
  • 60/40 adjustment available for back seat
  • Slick texture for appeal

4. Plush Paws Waterproof Custom Dog Seat Cover for Trucks & SUV

Plush Paws Custom Dog Seat Cover Center Console Access

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If you love an aesthetic appeal, this one was designed for you. This product is available for shipment across the world. The silicon finish ensures uniformity of the surface while the Velcro material makes it easy to clean. This type is available in three colours that include Tan, black and Grey. It has a hammock for maximum control when it is not needed it is easily removed.


  • Shipped worldwide
  • Silicon finish for uniformity
  • Velcro material for easy clean
  • Hammock for control
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3. INCH EMPIRE Anti-Slip Suede Backing Universal Fit Car Seat Covers

INCH EMPIRE Easy to Clean PU Leather Car Seat Cushions

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Another dynamic type is the inch Empire. With this design, you get quality from the leather finish. It comes in 6 colour variations to suit your preference. Its surface is intentionally textured to reduce skidding. Installation is simplified which makes fixing understandable by anyone. Diamond Rubi stitches projects a touch of class.


  • Quality leather finish
  • Available in 6 leather designs
  • Intentionally textured surface to reduce skidding
  • Diamond Rubi projects a touch of class

2. CarsCover Custom Fit Neoprene SUV Wagon Front & Rear Seat Covers

Front & Rear Seat Covers

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This type is custom made to meet your needs. It is most suited for wagon vehicles and is waterproof to withstand intensive wash. The back seat allows 60/40 adjustment that fills the middle gap. The material used is UV resistant making it durable of all the other types.


  • Waterproof cover
  • 60/40 back cover adjustment
  • Durable design
  • Best fit for many wagon vehicles

1. Kust zd31921w Custom Fit Seat Covers Fit for Toyota Highlander

Kust zd31921w Beige Car seat Covers

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Quality is what you get when you purchase this seat cover. It is made of pure leather that is durable and easy to clean. It comes with 17 piece assortments that contain components of the headrest, back cover, and saddle. You also benefit from easy installation accompanied by a video. Another key aspect you should know is that it ships anywhere across the world.


  • Made of pure leather
  • Comes with 17-piece assortment of components
  • Installation is easy and accompanied by a video
  • Ships worldwide


Now we believe you are equipped with the best information about car seat covers. When making a choice always remember to check on quality, durability, ease of installation and colour preference. Our ten selections put you on a head start as you shop around; we know you will find one for yourself.

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