Best Portable Baby Diaper Changing Tables Reviews

Welcoming a newborn at the home is indeed the best gift one can expect in this world. The little hands and feet just do magic that no other thing can give. However, it is your duty to set-up their nursery in a beautiful manner in order to make them feel comfortable. And the portable baby diaper changing tables are one of the top-most priorities. It aids in the diaper changing process and the whole thing is completed with facing fewer hassles. Protected with guard rails as well as safety rails, chances of accidents are zero.

Thus, to keep your baby safe always, choose any product from the diaper changing table review. Get some idea before making the final decision.

Table of the Best Portable Diaper Changing Tables Reviews

10. Delta Infant White Changing Table with Pad

Diaper Changing Tables

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As a matter of fact, the other established brands are drying up the savings of parents in the juvenile care industry. Delta Children was founded on an entirely different mission. Delta Children provides reasonably priced cribs and other products for juveniles. They have provided thousands of furniture for growing babies and have satisfied an equal number of families with their top-quality products. This changing table from the brand has been made from high-quality natural solid wood. It has a classically traditional design and the colour and finishes look minimalistic yet elegant.

Moreover, the fashionable waterproof diaper changing table will look great with any kind of decor and includes a changing pad. It will indeed accentuate the overlook look of your baby’s nursing room. For added security, it also has a safety strap. Thus your child has no possibility of falling down from the table while changing. As an extra layer of safety, you also get vertically extended rails all around the boundary. And your baby is always within safe confines. Even if they decide to roll the rails would keep them out of harm’s way.

Key features:

  • You can assemble this table in some very easy steps
  • Two shelves where you can store all your baby supplies including, clothes, diaper, powder and more
  • Free from lead and other toxic materials

9. Dream On Me Emily Changing Table Topper

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table Topper

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Homes in cities are always smaller and every bit of real estate space is super expensive. So you need furniture that won’t clog up too much of your apartment space, yet highly functional and portable. Dream On Me has designed furniture for your child’s early days with those features and specifications on the mind. It has two open shelves which can be used for storing diapers and other baby supplies.

The open design allows you quick access to whatever you need so that you can readily change your child’s diaper. It is also free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals. So it has no adverse effects on your child’s health. Apart from being a diaper changing table with safety rails, you also get a safety strap to keep your child away from danger.

Key features:

  • Weighs just around 19.5 pounds.
  • Rated at maximum weight support of 25 pounds.
  • Excellent deep, dark and rich espresso finish that has its own charm and gives a warm look to the room.

8. Delta Children Eclipse Black Cherry Changing Table

Delta Children Eclipse Black Cherry Changing Table

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Another great changing table from Delta Children that will amaze you with its solid and robust build quality. The changing pad is water-resistant so that even in case of leaks you won’t have to worry too much. Delta Changing also makes safety their highest priority. So they have provided high rails on the perimeter to block your child from falling over.

Furthermore, you don’t need to buy new tools for assembling your table either. Everything you need arrives with the package so that you don’t have to go through the extra hassle. Nonetheless, to provide assurance, it does qualify the anti-tipping standards.

Key features:

  • Has a diaper changing table safety strap.
  • Supports a maximum weight of 30 pounds.
  • The black cherry finish accentuates its look and the overall decor of your room.

7. Costzon Baby Dresser Changing Table with Pad & Hamper

Costzon Baby Dresser Changing Table with Pad & Hamper

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The Costzon Baby changing table comes with a sturdy frame that can hold various baskets. It certainly has a very modern look to fit inside any home. You get a total of 6 baskets with two different sizes to store everything you need. A perfect commercial diaper changing table, the natural oak hardwood construction makes it a sturdy product. Thus, it will offer long term service and is corrosion-proof.

Having safety rails to protect your baby in every way, an environment-friendly paint which is further water-based is used. And even the baskets are made from a combination of 80% polyester as well as 20% cotton.

Key features:

  • Easier to clean than other tables.
  • Screws don’t protrude out to hurt your baby.
  • Four-sided safety rail.

6. Delta Children 2-In-1 Grey Changing Table and Storage Unit

Delta Children 2-in-1 Grey Changing Table and Storage Unit

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Another affordable and stylish offering from Delta Children that will be used even after your baby’s diaper days. You can use it as an elegant storage unit by removing the changing pad from the top. Use it as a kid’s storage shelf or for keeping towels and blankets.

Having a premium-quality wood-built, the product is tested as per the government as well as ASTM regulations. To keep your child in place, a strap is included. Thus, any sort of accidents is avoided. Having a versatile design, one of the storage options are fixed in nature.

Key features:

  • The curved design gives it extra volume without making it bulky furniture.
  • Weighs around 52 pounds.
  • A warranty period of 3 months.

5. South Shore Little Smileys Dresser Changing Table with Removable Station

South Shore Little Smileys Dresser Changing Table with Removable Station

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South Shore brings to you one of the most marvellous looking diaper changing table for a nursery in the market. It has two small open shelves which are used with baskets. Plus, its different sized drawers are used as a dressing table or wardrobe after your baby grows up.

Furthermore, the edge on the top acts as a security measure for your baby. As a matter of fact, it is removable to change it to useful furniture for adults. When it comes to construction, it is built of non-toxic laminated particleboard. Thus, there are no hidden threats,

Key features:

  • You can assemble this furniture in simple steps without the help of any tools.
  • The knobs in the drawer are indeed grey in colour and made oak wood.

4. Badger Basket Modern Infant Diaper Changing Tables with  Storage Baskets & Pad

Badger Basket Modern Infant Changing Table with  Storage Baskets and Pad

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Badger basket makes one of the most reliable baby furniture in the market. And this model from the brand is one of their best products. This is a safe and functional table that will blend into your decor and maximize the value of your investment. Plus, it comes with a safety belt and a changing pad.

Moreover, the changing pad is made from trusted materials and is soft and gentle for your baby. Don’t forget to buckle the belt for your baby’s security. The safety rails on this table enclose all four sides of the cradle to keep your baby safe. In fact, it has the highest weight limit of 30 pounds. Even it lets you use the table to tell that your baby has reached the age of being potty trained or doesn’t want to lie on the table anymore.

You also get 6 drawers style baskets to store and organize all your supplies in a neat manner. Lotions, diapers and wipes can go into the small baskets. On the other hand, large baskets are used for storing blankets and clothing. You can also customise the look of this table with the interchangeable basket colours. Finally, you can keep the baskets in the same solid white or grey colour or have a fun chessboard pattern.

Key features:

  • The safety belt is adjustable according to your needs.
  • Changing pad discovered by a vinyl fabric that is easily cleaned.
  • All the baskets have removable design and are used for other purposes as well.

3. Costzon Infant Diaper Changing Table Organization with Pad

Costzon Infant Diaper Changing Table Organization with Pad

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This changing table has a thickly cushioned changing pad which has a gentle fabric over it for your baby’s delicate skin. While other manufacturers are providing just a safety strap which is not suited for all babies, this table comes with a safety buckle. You can easily adjust the size to your requirements and the buckle is much more comfortable. It is indeed a safer alternative for your baby.

Furthermore, it is also equipped with high fencing all around the four sides to protect your baby from falling down. Made from high-quality oak wood, this table is very sturdy and will last you for years to come. However, in order to reduce the waist strains and pains of adults involved in handling the kid, a scientific height is selected.

Key features:

  • Have shelves at two levels to store supplies and provide you with quicker access through an open design.
  • Has a metal bar frame under each shelf for added stability.
  • The table is resistant to corrosion.

2. Athena AFG Amber White Diaper Changing Tables with Drawers

Athena AFG Amber White Changing Table with Drawers

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Athena has designed this table to be as versatile and functional as possible. You get the most out of your investment. Wondering what’s the benefit? Even after your baby grows out of it you can use it as a dresser and use the top as a trophy desk. It comes with two drawers which are used to store supplies and your clothing.

Moreover, the attached safety belt eliminates the safety issues and even the guard rails prevent your child from slipping down. The changer features smooth lines and thus, you can team it up with any furniture.

Key features:

  • Has a finish that is non-toxic and safe for the baby.
  • Open shelf can be used for quick access.
  • Certainly a sturdy solid wood construction.

1. Suite Bebe Hayes Natural White Changing Table

Suite Bebe Hayes Natural White Changing Table

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Suite Bebe makes one of the most premium tables that would suit your style and won’t break the bank either. It has designed this table by flawlessly blending classic styles with a bold wooden finish. When you buy diaper changing tables from other brands, you are limited for a couple of years of use. After that, it has to be sold or just rots in your room taking up precious real estate. But Suite Bebe has come up with an ingenious design. As a matter of fact, it lets you use this for a prolonged period of time for significant years of your kid’s childhood.

Other than being a changing table, it can also convert into a crib for your baby. As your baby grows up out of his or her diaper years you can convert this into a toddler bed. Thus save the huge chunk of money on another investment. But it isn’t limited to that since it is also convertible into a full-sized bed for anyone. And one will certainly enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. So you can save hundreds of dollars that you would have spent on 3 or 4 different pieces of furniture with this affordable solution from Suite Bebe.

Key features:

  • Wood panels have a brushed design which makes it look really relevant.
  • Has a warranty period of one year.
  • Perfectly assembled and converted into different furniture very easily.
  • Very lightweight, weighing just around 24 pounds.

Thinking about a better diaper changing table with storage solutions? Then give these products a try and be amazed.

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