Best Dog Car Seat Covers Reviews

When you welcome a pet, you welcome things that can make life more beautiful and fun for your pet. Although, the fun and attention from your pet know no boundaries, the problems of unwanted hairs and debris are hard to avoid. One of the primary challenges every pet owner comes across is while carrying the dog in a car. The company is fun but the hairs and debris make the car look really untidy and unappealing. The issue can be tackled easily by getting hold of the dog car seat covers. These amazing products are designed to keep the car beautiful and free from pet hairs.

Have a look at the dog car seat covers for sale which you can buy for your pet. There is a product for everyone and every dog. Without troubling your mind, just look at these good quality covers that can make your life easier.

Table of the Best Dog Car Seat Covers Reviews

10. URPOWER Dog Hammock Car Seat Cover for Pets 

Dog Car Seat Covers

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Fancy the company of your dog even when you are on the move? Now you can do that and bring your dog along in the long rides without having to cause any damage to the car seats. This dog car seat cover is made of 600D oxford fabric which is extremely durable and has a PVC net surface that helps in keeping the cover and your pet at the right place. Also, the set comes with the benefit of quick release clips to help you install it in the blink of an eye.

Along with that, the plastic clips reward you with a very firm attachment. The polyester used for construction ensures heavy-duty car seat cover for dogs and cleaning it is very easy as well.

Key features

  • Velcro strap helps you create versatile cover options inside your car.
  • Comes with triple layered padding for more comfort.
  • The bottom is made of PVC and totally non-slip in nature.

9. 4Knines USA Based Dog Seat Cover for Cars, Trucks and SUVs with Hammock

4Knines USA Based Dog Seat Cover for Cars, Trucks and SUVs with Hammock

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It’s hard to explain how much we love our pets and how much we care about them but at times their relentless shedding can cause troubles in the regular lifestyle for sure. When your dog is travelling with you in your car, preventing the clinging of dog hair to your seat cover is practically unavoidable. Although you cannot stop the shedding, you can certainly keep your car clean effortlessly with this seat cover. It can be attached to the front seat headrest which not only prevents debris from falling on the floor but also keeps your dog secure.

Moreover, it has Velcro openings for seatbelts and child safety dog car seat cover latch system. The material used in the construction of the cover is heavy-duty, high temperature rated and free of chemical contaminants that can cause trouble to your pet or your child.

Key features

  • Waterproof construction keeps moisture away from seeping in.
  • Quick-release clips and reinforced headrest straps help in easy and secure installation.
  • The non-slip backing surface plus the sturdy anchors keep the cover at the right place always.

8. iBuddy Waterproof Pet Car Seat Cover for Back Seat of Cars, Trucks & SUV

iBuddy Waterproof Pet Car Seat Cover for Back Seat of Cars, Trucks & SUV

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As intelligent and advanced it sounds, this is a dog car set cover that comes equipped with features aimed at making your ride with your more fun and loving. No hassles of muddy paws, pet hairs or even scratches to cause you trouble when your pet is inside the car.

Further, the cover has a mesh breath window which enhances the air circulation in the back seat for your pup. Also, there is a visual window which helps your anxious pet to stay put as they can see you through it. In addition to that, the hammock style dog car seat cover protects your dog even from injuries in the roughest of the roads and during sudden braking.

Key features

  • Side flap has a convertible design which makes it easy for the dog to get in or out without causing any damage to the seat or interiors of the car.
  • Has rubberized anti-slide bottom combined with seat anchors to eliminate issues of sliding down
  • Triple layered padding and heavy-duty oxford material are hugely comfortable while being durable.

7. YESYEES Waterproof Car Seat Cover for Dogs with Middle Seat Belt & Armrest

YESYEES Waterproof Car Seat Cover for Dogs with Middle Seat Belt and Armrest

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If you are travelling with your dog in your car, there is always a risk of unwanted debris and scratches which seems pretty impossible to stop. The YESYEES waterproof dog car seat cover is an ideal solution which not only helps your anxious dog to sit more comfortably but also maintain the health of your car in the process. The innovative design of the cover has a couple of zippers which makes it suitable for the middle seat belt and even access the armrest when needed.

Furthermore, the premium quality material is completely tear-proof, capable of handling heavy-duty applications and stays safe from scratches as well. It also has side flaps to prevent scratches to the seat ends.

Key features

  • Machine washable design, extremely easy to clean with vacuum and damp cloth as well.
  • Buckle strap technology is fast and easy to set up.
  • Has a non-slip mesh surface and seat anchors which restricts the cover from sliding down.

6. Meadowlark Waterproof Pet Seat Cover for Cars

Meadowlark Waterproof Pet Seat Cover for Cars

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Do not let anything come in between you and your unconditional love towards your dog. At times it becomes really difficult to carry your dog in the car as hairs, water, and even scratches make your car look ugly. With this well-crafted seat cover, every problem is taken care of and you will never have any issues in taking your dog out on a ride.

There are durable zippered side flaps and a hammock pattern to assure complete protection of your car and also more security for your dog. Also, it is very easy to set up with the straps, Velcro and anchors it comes with. In fact, you can directly put it in a washing machine whenever you feel the requirement for cleaning.

Key features

  • Comes with a couple of headrest protectors for added safety.
  • 4 layers double stitched, extra padding makes it comfortable, safe and secure.
  • Waterproof construction and non-slip surface are extremely beneficial.

5. KQRNS Heavy Duty Dog Hammock Car Seat Cover for Back Seat

KQRNS Heavy Duty Dog Hammock Car Seat Cover for Back Seat

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A perfect companion for your road trips with your furry friends; this is a dog seat cover which takes care of your dog and your car in an amazing way. Along with having a hammock style of fit, there are also side flaps for easy access of your pet in and out of the car.

The top-notch quality Oxford fabric coupled with PP cotton mat delivers your pet the ultimate comfort all along the journey. Having a smooth cleaning process, one can maintain the good looks even after regular use. Even when it gets wet spots, just wiping it off will solve the issue.

Key features

  • Comes along with a pocket to keep toys of your pet.
  • Non-slip silicone backing keeps the cover in right place always.
  • Has inbuilt Velcro openings for getting hands on the seat belts whenever needed.

4. Urpower Soft Waterproof Pet Back Seat Cover for Cars Trucks and SUVs

Urpower Soft Waterproof Pet Back Seat Cover for Cars Trucks and SUVs

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One of the finest models of car seat cover for your dog, this one from the house of Urpower has a very thoughtful and practical design that takes care of your everyday application. This is created of a heavy-duty oxford fabric along with a PP cotton mat, making it pretty durable as well as waterproof.

Plus, the same material takes care of mud, debris and scratches that can ruin the beauty of your car when you are travelling with your pet almost always. The seat anchors and non-slip backing keeps your dog away from problems of slipping down.

Key features

  • Has side flaps to prevent scratches to the interior of the door.
  • Hammock pattern can be used as a full hammock or half hammock to suit your needs of travel.
  • Designed with Velcro openings for seat belts.

3. AmazonBasics Waterproof dog Car Bench Seat Covers for Pets

AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover for Pets

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An Amazon dog car seat cover that serves the purpose yet look absolutely minimalistic in terms of the design and construction. Coming from Amazon Basics, this is something that can keep your car beautiful and tidy always even when you have pets around. From dirt and dander to spills, this keeps everything away from ruining your car’s interior.

Also, the 100% polyester construction is very reliable and durable and promises longer years of service even when used on a regular basis.

Key features

  • The water-resistant cover keeps various kinds of liquid away from the car seat.
  • Have seat anchors, headrest loops and elastic straps to set it up securely.
  • Large 56 X 47inches of size.

2. Dog Back Seat Cover Protector Hammock for Dogs Backseat

Dog Back Seat Cover Protector Hammock for Dogs Backseat

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The USP of this car seat cover is the use of fine materials in the construction and design. At the top layer, you get a premium 600D oxford fabric which is further supported by 210D oxford fabrics in the middle layer. Along with that, there is a waterproof coating and the whole thing can be cleaned with just a damp cloth or vacuum. When it comes to durability of the cover, the premium built guarantees long life.

In terms of safety of the pet, it has 4 headrest anchors and 2 heavy-duty seat anchors that support the hammock in an outstanding way. Also, there is an opening for rear seat belt when there is someone that needs to share the seat with your dog.

Key features

  • Cover has a non-slip bottom to keep your pet safe from slipping and sliding.
  • Easy to convert it into a standard bench cover and cargo cover according to the requirement.
  • 4 layer constructions are very reliable when it comes to protecting the valuable seat cover of your car.

1. AMOFY Waterproof Hammock Pet Seat Cover for Cars, SUV and Trucks

AMOFY Waterproof Scratch Proof Non-Slip, Hammock Pet Seat Cover for Cars, SUV and Trucks

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Making its mark as the best, this is one of the premium choices to make and has a very good quality of construction. To start with, it has reinforced stitching on 3 parts, has joined seams on the quilted edges and even heavy-duty sewing, meaning this can support the weight of large dogs with ease. Also, there are zero risks of water seepage as both the top and bottom layer of the cover is totally waterproof and takes care of the seat.

Furthermore, the bottom layer has been finished with a silicone coating to make it non-slippery and make every journey more comfortable for your pet. If you are buying this, you can be sure that you have not committed a mistake in choosing the right seat cover.

Key features

  • Cleaning can be done by using vacuum and washing machine.
  • Has a pocket in front to keep the space organized and things handy.
  • Designed with side flaps.

The range of dog car seat covers is many but you have the liberty to make the decision upon your discretion. So, refer to a guide for not committing an expensive mistake.