Best Dog Food Containers and Bins Reviews

Pets are always the centre of attention and we always intend on giving them the right care and attention they deserve. From food to grooming products, giving them the best quality is a matter of prime concern. In most of the families that keep pets, they buy and stack large quantity of food. These foods when not kept in the right condition lose out on its nutritional values and also get contaminated by various materials and microorganisms. Storing the pet food is very important and thus today we have selected the dog food containers which you buy to store your pet’s food.

Every product has been provided with detailed reviews of their features, making it easier for you to choose the best without getting lost in the sea of similar models. Check out the range of dog food storage containers and choose on the basis of the factor that appeals to you the most.

Table of the Best Dog Food Containers Reviews

10. Vittles Vault Outback Stackable 40 lb Dog Food Storage Container

Dog Food Containers

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So you have figured out the right nourishment and food for your pet but do you know that keeping it at the best state is very important? Pet containers are typically designed to safe keep your pet’s food and not get contaminated due to the atmosphere. For multiple unknown factors, pet food often turns stale if not kept in the correct way. Avoiding this issue is easy with this food container for two dogs as it has been secured by an airtight seal.

Further, the neat design also holds on to the food odour that appeals the most to your pets. Also, accessing the contents is hassle-free with the help of the wide opening of the container.

Key features

  • 40 pounds of capacity is quite a much.
  • Stackable design is extremely user-friendly.
  • Holds food for 2 animals with ease.

9. IRIS Airtight Food Container for Dog, Cat and Bird

IRIS Airtight Food Container for Dog, Cat and Bird

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Having a pet in your home invites happiness and joyous moments in your life. Veterinarians and animal experts always point at the advantage of feeding your pet with nutritious food. In the case of dogs, they love dry food and it comes with numerous health benefits as well. Similarly, cats have their own type while birds mostly eat seeds. Storing the large amounts of food in your home can be a challenge though. Well, this dog food container on wheels features a BPA-free material for ensuring all-around safety. It has an air-tight seal built-in which means the food remains fresh always. In fact, it prevents moisture and pests that can affect the quality of your pets’ food.

Moreover, it has a transparent and translucent finish, thus you will clearly have knowledge about the level of food remaining inside.

Key features

  • Designed with 4 wheeling casters at the bottom for easy movement.
  • Top opening is wide and very easy to take food out.

8. Simplehuman Large Brushed Stainless Steel Pet Food Storage Can

Simplehuman Large Brushed Stainless Steel Pet Food Storage Can

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Storing pet food now has all the convenience with this beautiful-looking food container from the house of Simplehuman. Carved out of brushed stainless steel, the looks of this container is at par excellent and makes for a good addition in your house. The stainless-steel construction is durable and does not catch fingerprint as well. In terms of features, the container has a BPA-free plastic bucket which is safe for the food. Besides, when you feel the need, you can just the bucket out and clean the entire product.

Furthermore, there are built-in wheels, making it easy for you to move it as per your need. The 30-litre of capacity is another impressive feature of this practical pet food container.

Key features

  • Has an air-tight seal that assures food remains fresh in every scenario.
  • Comes with a scoop that can be mounted on the lid directly.
  • Food container for dogs with handles that are lockable to keep the food out of reach and eliminate accidental opening.

7. Vittles Vault Stackable 50 lb Dog Food Container

Vittles Vault Stackable 50 lb Dog Food Container

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A very minimalistic looking pet food container that can serve the purpose of storage well, this will keep the food from going stale in the long run. As a matter of fact, Vittles Vault uses their patented Gamma 2 technology to keep the freshness alive for an unlimited span of time. The airtight freshness seal preserves the food in the best way possible.

Plus, the same seal also keeps the odour intact, thus your pet will never lose the love for eating their food. Also, you get a heavy-duty construction which will last a long time and not get damaged.

Key features

  • Huge 50 lbs dog food container capacity is big enough to store large amounts of food.
  • Easy access design.
  • FDA approved material is safe to store pet food.

6. IRIS 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Combo

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Make your furry friend’s life all the more beautiful by keeping their food in the healthiest storage facilities. From odour to freshness, if their food is not in an edible state, they will not like it. Thus, this plastic pet food container with an airtight facility locks in the freshness excellently. Along with the airtight seal, there is also a snap lock that efficiently keeps out moisture always.

However, it is a 2 -piece design where you will get a 12-qt of storage and a huge 33-qt of storage to store food. The airtight seal is inbuilt in the container, thereby eliminating any extra hassles whatsoever. Finally, the translucent exterior helps to monitor the contents.

Key features

  • BPA-free in order to maintain the quality and also safe for storing food items.
  • Provided with casters for ease of mobility.
  • Comes with a scoop, letting you measure the food perfectly always.

5. Iris Premium Airtight 55 lb Pet Food Storage Containers

Iris Premium Airtight 55 lb Pet Food Storage Containers

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Iris’s name in the pet industry is very reliable and this is another addition in the huge line of pet products. The container from Iris is designed and crafted to perfection so that when you keep your pets’ food, there is practically nothing to worry about. As it is an airtight container, the food remains at its best always and there are practically zero chances of getting affected with moisture, air or pests.

Furthermore, there is a snap-lock latch for enhanced protection of the food. The creative design of the bin with tapered bottoms makes scooping the food out exceptionally easy. Also, when there is a need for cleaning, you can do that without sweating.

Key features

  • 55 pounds of dry dog food holding capacity.
  • BPA-free plastic causes no harm to your pet’s food.
  • Have caster wheels for easy movement of the bin.

4. Bergan Stak-N-Stor 40 lb Stackable Pet Storage

Bergan Stak-N-Stor 40 lb Stackable Pet Storage

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From the house of Bergan, this one of the most creative options of food storage you will find in the market. The container in itself has huge 9-gallons of storage capacity but what makes it even better is the stackable feature. You can practically stack multiple containers in an organized fashion, thus making your house look tidy and clean.

As a matter of fact, the product is totally weatherproof and can be stored outside without any worries. The durable construction makes it a great choice for maintaining a large quantity of your pet food.

Key features

  • The dual-toned design looks extremely appealing to the eyes.
  • High-density polyethylene construction is safe against rusting and denting issues.
  • Front open accessibility is very easy to use and takeout food.

3. Buddeez lb Fresh Dry Dog and Cat Food Plastic Storage Container with Lid

Buddeez lb Fresh Dry Dog and Cat Food Plastic Storage Container with Lid

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Owning a food container for your pet that not only allows you to throw away the large bags but also maintain the health status of the food is really important. Blessed with 12 pounds of capacity, storing your dog’s or cat’s food is very practical. The thoughtful design keeps the quality of the food always at its very best and ensures no contamination.

Moreover, due to the compact shape of the container, one can store it in the pantry or any corner of your house.

Key features

  • Contains no BPA and so it is harmless even when the pet comes in contact with the food.
  • Has been cleared and certified by FDA.
  • Heavy-duty food container includes a flip-lid.

2. GAMMA2 Vittles Vault Airtight 15 lb Food Container for Pet

 GAMMA2 Vittles Vault Airtight 15 lb Food Container for Pet

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Yet another option of a food container that is trustworthy in every instance, this one is also built out of clearified polypropylene and has all the features you need to look for in a pet food container. With Gamma 2 feature, the freshness of the dry food will always stay intact. Plus, it has an airtight seal for unmatched protection of the edibles. Also, there is lock down latch that effectively maintains the freshness.

Not to forget, it is equipped with wheels for smooth movement and the Stay-Fresh Gasket will not allow you to compromise on the quality of the food.

Key features

  • Indeed a space-saving design that can store 15 pounds of pet food.
  • See through material lets you keep a track on the quantity of the food inside.

1. Paw Prints Plastic Pet Food Storage Container

Paw Prints Plastic Pet Food Storage Container

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This is certainly an excellent product coming from Paw Prints. Top-notch in terms of looks, functionality and reliability, the container takes care of every criterion you would look for. It has a gasket-sealed lid that securely locks in the freshness of your pet’s food. Also, you will get a 1 cup measuring scoop for accurate measurements while distributing the food.

However, the scoop does not take up any extra space and locks into the lid itself. Finally, the convenience of the design with a flat back aids in leaning it against the wall.

Key features

  • Made out of polypropylene plastic which is BPA free.
  • Minimal efforts needed to clean.
  • 15 pounds of storage capacity is ideal for domestic use.

In order to keep your pets away from the vets, feed them with healthy food and even store them non-toxic containers for maintaining the nutritious value.

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