Best Electric Guitars for Beginners and Kids Reviews

Ever since guitar came into existence, the popularity and demand have witnessed a steady rise. There was never a generation that did not get attracted to guitars and the music that is produced from them. Although the learning process demands dedication and hard work, once someone starts it, there is no turning back. If you bear the willingness to perform with a guitar in hand, then starting with the right guitar is important. And the beginner electric guitars are a perfect choice, to begin with.

However, selecting the best electric guitar for learning is quite a job. But if you read through the beginner electric guitars guide, the whole process will confuse you less. Only the best from the market is featured here and you will certainly love to try them out.

Table of the Best Beginner Electric Guitars Reviews

10. Best Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit

Electric Guitars

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Music is one of the most creative practices. And for creating the most enthralling sounds, there are a huge number of musical instruments around the globe. If you are passionate about composing great music, learning the same on a beginner electric guitar kit can help you. This is indeed a classic style electric guitar designed with 22 frets so that you can always do mellow playing.

Furthermore, the design assures you with a comfortable neck pick up placement always. The overall hardwood construction assures high-end durability. Truss rod neck is rather used to create the fingerboard and also make sure that intensive sessions are well handled.

Key features:

  • Well-equipped AMP with outlets for both guitar and microphone.
  • The treble and bass are indeed controlled directly from the AMP.
  • Single coil pickup frame for bright and natural sound.

9. ZENY 39″ Full-Size Beginner Electric Guitar with Amp & Case

 ZENY 39" Full-Size Beginner Electric Guitar with Amp & Case

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Every good thing starts somewhere and every famous musician has travelled the road of patience, hard work and dedication. Bring out the guitarist in you and start with the art right from your home with this electric guitar. The combination of maple wood neck and truss rod in the construction of the guitar rewards you with unmatched longevity.

Right-handed guitarists are more in the world and for every-one of them, this is certainly a considerable choice to make. As a matter of fact, a very user-friendly beginner electric guitar shape allows you to handle the guitar. As a result, play it with utmost comfort. You can make full use of it both by standing and sitting.

Key features:

  • Indeed easy to take it anywhere along with you as the guitar has a nylon carry case.
  • Steel strings are 650mm long.
  • 21 frets set up for wide flexibility.

8. YMC Stedman Pro 30-Inch Kids Electric Guitar

YMC Stedman Pro 30-Inch Kids Electric Guitar

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Getting hold of a good quality electric guitar can reward you with multiple benefits and fun in your life. YMC has manufactured this guitar for kids who have the passion to be creative and wishes to learn music. Measuring at 30”, kids and beginners can practise all their tunes perfectly in this. The 20-inches scale with 21 frets set-up never makes you compromise on the music.

As a matter of fact, it rather comes with a 5-watt amplifier which is battery powered for added convenience. In addition to that, you can carry it to your music classes or jams without any difficulty. The package certainly includes a nylon carry bag as well.

Key features:

  • Features a hardtail chrome ally bridge for unparallel quality and reliability.
  • The battery-powered beginner’s electric guitar’s body has a double cutaway style basswood.
  • Neck and fretboard are made with maple wood.

7. Best Full-Size All-Wood Electric Acoustic Guitar

Best Full-Size All-Wood Electric Acoustic Guitar

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Certainly, a full-size acoustic beginner electric guitar for amateurs and professionals alike! This one can bring life to any parties or earn you numerous claps on a stage. The well-thought and well-crafted design of the guitar are quite appealing and have an acoustic-electric cutaway. Top, back and sides of the guitar have linden wood construction while the neck gets an okoume wood construction. Next, the 4-band preamp enhances the sound to produce a perfect balance of crisp and bright music always.

However, a whole set of accessories will make sure you never feel short of anything during practise or performance. Lastly, the set of replacement guitar strings comes in really handy during something important.

Key features:

  • Padded nylon carry bag rather keeps the guitar safe during transportation and storage.
  • Digital clip-on tuner and gig bag is all the important technology that you might need.
  • Fully controllable 10 W of an amplifier for added benefits.

6. WINZZ 30-Inch Real Kids Electric Guitar with Beginner Kit

WINZZ 30-Inch Real Kids Electric Guitar with Beginner Kit

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The guitar is a kind of instrument that needs training from the earliest years of life.  It takes a lot of practice and dedication to be a professional at playing the guitar. Hence buying your kids this guitar is really a wise choice. Also, you can buy this guitar for gift purposes as well.

Rated for children between 4-10 years, the 20” of length and 21 fret design gives a feel of a professional guitar. Finally, the guitar has a top-notch build quality with chrome alloy bridge and a fingerboard maple wood construction.

Key features:

  • Designed for right-handed guitarists and has the convenience of straps, gig bag, cables, and amplifier.
  • Easy to use double-cutaway styling.
  • The finely polished body indeed has a high gloss varnish finish.

5. Best Choice Products 30in Kids Electric Guitars for Beginner

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Best Choice Products is indeed amongst the popular brands and their line of electric guitars has become popular among users. Firstly, it features double-cutaway and reliability. Next, if you have a kid who has a knack of music, they can learn using this 30-inches guitar. The beginner electric guitar’s design is quite appealing to the eyes and equally fantastic to use.

Plus, it features a perfect combination of all wooden construction, smooth glossy finish and steel strings. However, it is not only it looks good but also can put-up some serious competition to the top electric guitars.

Key features:

  • All important accessories like straps and extra guitar strings are included in the package.
  • Safely store or transport in the carry case that comes with the guitar.
  • Powerful 5W of the amplifier for rather perfect outputs.

4. Ashthorpe Full-Size Cutaway Thinline Electric Acoustic Guitar Package 

Ashthorpe Full-Size Cutaway Thinline Electric Acoustic Guitar Package 

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No need to compromise on the sound quality even if you choose to invest in a beginner electric guitar. This one indeed delivers you the perfect tunes in all scenarios. Made out of quality materials, the guitar is known for producing soothing music perfect to its core. A grade spruce wood is a well-known wood that has supreme resiliency and this guitar is made out of it.

Moreover, no matter how you are experimenting with the playing style, tonal integrity is never compromised. Finally, give new wings to your creativity with the electric guitar that can do everything you want.

Key features:

  • The overall finish is ultra-glossy and tough as nails for outstanding aesthetics.
  • Phosphor bronze strings come in two sets and are upgradable in nature.
  • 4 bands pick up EQ is built in the guitar.

3. Vangoa Acoustic-Electric Guitar Beginner Kit

Vangoa Acoustic Electric Guitar Beginner Kit

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If the beginning of any process is done with the right set of equipment, the end results are always praiseworthy. For a beginner guitar, portability and lightweight is a prime factor as one learns to handle it well on these. The 36-inch size of the guitar is well suited for both in home practises and outdoor performances. Next, the guitar is extremely adjustable in all directions.

As a matter of fact, it has a convenient truss rod. And the string height is adjustable in a perfect manner to make sure your fingers do not start paining. In conclusion, it has a 2 band EQ that takes care of both the bass and treble. Now you can certainly fine tune it before getting up on the stage even.

Key features:

  • Includes closed knob tuning pegs for precise and easy tuning.
  • A set of extra strings always keeps you insured during performances.

2. ISIN Full Size Mini Electric Guitars for Beginner with AMP

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A guitar without the promise of quality and reliability is certainly not something you would want to start learning with. When you know your electric guitar is designed with outstanding quality materials, the learning process becomes more fun and interactive. Also, the looks play a major role to keep you motivated for long.

Furthermore, the surface of the guitar is finished off with a black fender. This specialized styling gives an added amount of appeal to the guitar and also protects it well in the long run.

Key features:

  • The shoulder strap allows you to comfortably perform. Whereas the carry bag indeed allows you to take it to places with ease.
  • Amplifier and power cord for making the most out of the electric guitar.

1. Yamaha Gigmaker Electric Guitar Package

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You cannot forget the name of Yamaha when it comes to guitars and music. At the very top, the gig maker from Yamaha is designed with everything you need to start. It certainly offers premium looks coupled with the very best construction and design. Once you own this, you can stay sure to feel the ultimate inspiration to be more inclined towards music.

All the important controls like the volume knob are featured on the body of the guitar. Hence it never makes you feel short of anything.

Key features:

  • The neck is rather constructed out of maple wood.
  • Comes along with a powerful 15W of an amplifier.
  • Tuners are covered for added flexibility.

Get the electric guitar lessons for kids and beginners right as have a trusted product can level-up the performance. And also grows more interest in learning.

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