Top 10 Best Electric Warming Trays for Buffets, Parties & Events In 2019

Parties and gatherings are incomplete without food. All in house parties are loaded with food and delicacies. However, when you are arranging one, there are numerous things to consider. Although the food is prepared according to your preferences, keeping it warm on the serving table is a challenge. Cold food never tastes delectable, thus getting hold of proper equipment is very crucial. With the electric warming trays, you can always ensure the food is eaten the way it is meant to. Keeping the food on these trays will help it to stay warm and not lose out on the taste.

As the products are from the most trusted brands in our electric warming tray buying guide, the performances these deliver is always overwhelming. Go through the trays and their description to know more about each of them.

Table of the Electric Warming Trays Reviews

10. Chefman Electric Warming Tray for Buffets, Restaurants & Parties

Electric Warming Trays

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Bring home luxury that can function in a fascinating way and help you in the kitchen. With an electric warming tray for food serving, the dishes you prepare can stay warm. In fact, it will maintain tasty even when it is just sitting on a table. Featuring a 21” cross 16” of warming surface, a significant number of dishes are kept together. Thus, making the dinner table all the more engaging.

Furthermore, it is equipped with flexible temperature settings to serve you in various ways. Now you can opt to heat up the food quickly, with the low-temperature setting. Hence, the food can hold onto its heat for the entire day. Also, it has an intelligent fuse safety feature that keeps out the risks of overheating and damage.

Key features:

  • Premium quality construction for a wide range of kitchenware.
  • The top is rather made of glass that looks fantastic and is cleaned with pure ease.
  • Indeed has aluminium handles that remain cool-to-touch always.
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9. Salton TWT-40 Silhouette Cordless Stainless-Steel Warming Tray

Salton TWT-40 Silhouette Cordless Stainless-Steel Warming Tray

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Certainly, a cordless electric warming tray that understands the difficulties of a house owner in the kitchen. This is designed to reward users with a perfect food warming experience. Powered by a 1000 watt motor, it has a convenient cordless design that keeps the heat for around 60 minutes. The less warm-up time helps in warming up the tray in just about 8 minutes.

Moreover, there is a power and indicator light to ensure users have knowledge of what they are doing. Gone are the days when you need to constantly worry about the food getting cold before anyone even start tasting. With this warming tray, keeping it warm and tasty is extremely easy.

Key features:

  • Has automatic temperature control which helps in keeping risks of overheating away.
  • Handles have a stay-cool design to help you use it with ease.
  • Enough space to hold up to 4 trays.

8. NutriChef Professional Warming Tray – Food Warmer – Hot Plate for Buffets

NutriChef Professional Warming Tray - Food Warmer - Hot Plate for Buffets

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Coming from Nutrichef, if you often arrange buffet dinners or parties, this warming tray will reward you with an edge. The compact and ultra-thin electric warming tray design appeal to the eyes. However, it also lets you easily use it on a table top even when space is limited.

Having a stainless steel construction, it delivers high marks of durability. Also, the top surface is made out of a heat resistant and non-stick tempered glass. Along with that, the tray is equipped with a heating element that has high power. Thus, allowing users to heat the tray in the least time. It can work with any heat-resistant kitchenware without having to risk any damage to the utensils.

Key features:

  • Stay cool handles helps you use it even when the tray is hot.
  • Low power consumption technology to be more energy efficient.
  • Stainproof construction is also very easy to clean.

7. Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray &  Stainless Steel Triple Tray

Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray &  Stainless Steel Triple Tray

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A very unique and different type of designed warming tray to choose from. As a matter of fact, this one does not have a regular flat surface where you can keep plates. Unlike other trays, it is designed with three different compartments to store the food. Each of the compartments has transparent lids made in a dome shape which efficiently traps the heat and moisture inside.

Also, it has handles to use it without any hassles. Furthermore, the trays have a good capacity of 2.5-quarts each, meaning more space to store foods. The total size of the heating surface is 20” X 13”. Hence, making it quite suitable for most parties and gatherings.

Key features:

  • The electric warming tray handles are meant to stay cool even when the tray is in warm mode.
  • Indeed easy adjustment of temperature with the temperature knob.
  • Housing is made out of durable stainless steel for an ultimate long-lasting experience.
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6. Classic Kitchen Deluxe Warming Tray

Classic Kitchen Deluxe Warming Tray

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Is the warming tray for your parties and gatherings are loaded with supreme features? Then the performance you can expect out of it is going to be quite impressive as well. A wide range of temperature setting, the minimum heat it can provide is 110 -F while the maximum is 230-F.

However, it is very easy to use as there is a smart on-off switch that functions smoothly. On the inside, a powerful 300 watts of motor guarantees the top-notch quality results you want out of it.

Key features:

  • Side carry handles are rather made out of sturdy aluminium.
  • Has indicator light to let you know when the machine working.

5. Giantex Warming Tray with Overheat Protection Safe Cool Side Handles

Giantex Warming Tray with Overheat Protection Safe Cool Side Handles

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When looking out for convenient kitchenware, it is very important to settle for products that have a good compact size. Plus, also packs a significant amount of power inside it. Sized at 15.5” X 12.5 “, the smart shape makes it well-suited for table tops or counter tops. As a result, the surface is rather big enough to hold several dishes at a single place.

In terms of technology, it is designed with advanced overheat protection and also promises to be extremely energy efficient in all scenarios. Moreover, the lightweight coupled with cool-to-touch carry handles on both side aids in easy moving of the tray.

Key features:

  • Has four feet on the bottom for stable placement on a table.
  • The indicator light keeps you out of uncertainty.
  • The glass top is toughened for added protection.

4. Nutrichef Electric Food Hot Plate & Warming Tray Dish Warmer for Buffet Serving

Nutrichef Electric Food Hot Plate & Warming Tray Dish Warmer for Buffet Serving

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Yet another reliable and efficient portable electric warming tray designed for parties or buffets. It is designed with all the at par excellent technology and is rich in the features as well. On the inside, it packs a very powerful heating element for faster warming always.

The 150 watts of power does the job without any complains or hassles. Although the power is high, the power consumption is well managed and the tray is extremely energy efficient. It rather offers a maximum temperature of 203-degree F and the stainless steel housing is meant to last through time.

Key features:

  • The entire tray is resistant to stains and is very easy to clean.
  • Sleek space saving design is indeed well-suited for countertop in kitchen or dining.
  • The carry handles remain cool even when the tray is keeping the food warm.
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3. Giantex Electric Warming Tray – Stainless-Steel Trivet Food Warmer

Giantex Electric Warming Tray - Stainless-Steel Trivet Food Warmer

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Indeed one of the best products to look for in the market. This is a large warming tray with a surface measuring 21” X 16”. Designed for family buffets and dinners, no more hassles of the food getting cold every now and then. The tray has adjustable temperature control. As a matter of fact, it ensures that the food is heated up rapidly plus keeps it warm throughout. And it also prevents risks of overheating.

This same tray can also come in handy if you are looking to heat up a dish quickly. Moreover, it is designed to deliver a convenient and user-friendly experience. The safe and cool side handles will not heat up even when the tray is heating up.

Key features:

  • The top surface is made out of stainless steel.
  • Provided with four feet at the bottom to make it well placed on any surface.
  • The sleek finish on top is easy to clean and looks beautiful.

2. Home N Kitchenware Collection Large Pan Electric Buffet Server

Home N Kitchenware Collection Large Pan Electric Buffet Server

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Looking for a warming tray that has spaces dedicated to store food and make it easy to serve? This smart and innovative design is a good choice. There are three trays made out of stainless steel and each is provided with plastic lids for added benefits. Also, the machine is powered by 300 watts of the motor for unrestricted performance in all conditions.

Furthermore, it is designed with carry-handles on both sides that do not heat up along with the tray. Hence, making it certainly suitable to transport from one place to another.

Key features:

  • Temperature control is adjustable and flexible too.
  • Appropriate equipment to keep food warm for as much as 3 hours.
  • Removable and non-stick heating trays are indeed easy to clean and maintain.

1. Classic Kitchen Buffet Warming Tray

Classic Kitchen Deluxe Warming Tray

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The chart-topper, this is certainly one of the finest warming trays to buy. It is powerful and always promises to deliver unquestionable performance. As there are 300 watts of power built in the tray, the results you can expect are unmatched.

Plus, the entire set-up is very flexible and works just the way you want it to. The dial offers users with the flexibility to choose between various temperatures. Along with that, the knob adjusts the temperature is removable for added convenience. Finally, it has an impressive temperature range of 110 F to 230 F.

Key features:

  • Easy to use an on-off switch.
  • Red coloured pilot indicator to indeed keep out risks.
  • Huge 24” X 20” of warming surface to keep rather a good amount of food.

Serve your guests with hot and deals meals. The warming trays certainly will maintain the taste of the food and still keep it warm.

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