Best Fingerprint Door Locks for iOS and Android Reviews

Every door has a bigger purpose than just being the primary mode of access. The door of any house is the final boundary that no likes jeopardizing with. Locks and latches play a primary role in keeping the house secure. But if the locks are not strong or durable enough, there’s a huge chance of security breach which no one likes. Have yourself the fingerprint door locks which is nothing but an ultimate innovation to secure everything behind the door.

Here we have shortlisted the best fingerprint door system and explained them with detailed reviews to make sure every reader understands each product well before deciding on one. Have a look at the below article to make sure you don’t end up making a wrong choice. These are the finest models and promises to be extremely reliable when it comes to security.

Table of the Best Fingerprint Door Locks Reviews

10. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Fingerprint & Touchscreen Smart Lock for iOS and Android

Fingerprint Door Locks

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Something no one likes taking a chance with is the quality and reliability of a door lock. Bluetooth fingerprint door locks are advanced, modern and extremely secure in keeping things in the right condition. This keyless door lock can be accessed through fingerprint, smartphone, mechanical key, code or shake to open.

Equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0, the low energy connectivity of the same is available both on iOS and Android and can be used for viewing users or cloning too. Plus, the technologically advanced mechanism gives users a door lock that takes less than 0.5 seconds for identification, capable of identifying 95 different fingerprints, is dustproof, waterproof and extremely durable. Certainly, it has a solid one-piece of zinc alloy construction for ultimate strength and safety.

Key features:

  • Touch wakeup feature is impressive.
  • Low battery alarm available on smartphone app as well as OLED.
  • Stores up to 95 codes.
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9. HARFO HL91 Fingerprint Keyless Door Lock for Office & Home 

HARFO HL91 Fingerprint Keyless Door Lock for Office & Home 

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Installing a deadbolt fingerprint door lock in home or office is actually more advantageous than you can possibly think of. Not only are these at par excellent secure, reliable, and safe, these locks are very modern in construction. Indeed they have a hassle-free mechanism and even can be accessed only by the people you authorize. A maximum of 300 different users can open the lock while the owner has all the record and information of each time it opens.

Furthermore, it also has an added deadbolt button, this feature restricts the number of users. And only the admins will be able to open the lock with their fingerprint. There is also a touchscreen which can be used to easily add or delete users. Apart from having an OLED display, the semiconductor sensor aids in a secured process.

Key features:

  • Fingerprint system has semiconductor sensors for ultimate security.
  • Reversible handle design for both right and left-handed latch.
  • The touchscreen has an anti-peep finish.

8. Ardwolf Keyless Entry Door Lock – Fingerprint Touchscreen Door Lock

Ardwolf Keyless Entry Door Lock - Fingerprint Touchscreen Door Lock

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The outstanding touchscreen fingerprint door lock from Ardwolf has more features than of a regular fingerprint lock. A total of 300 different codes can be customized for 300 different users. Also, it can even store up to 256 fingerprints. Thus letting it open by numerous users without any compromise on the security.

Furthermore, it comes with two mechanical keys as well. Plus, has an impressive Audit Trail feature which allows the owner to have knowledge of the people opening the lock and even track entry record always. In fact, the reversing lever can be easily controlled by a key for more convenience.

Key features:

  • Heavy-duty double shell construction design is extremely safe, durable, and reliable.
  • The OLED display is bright, intuitive and shows battery level.
  • Touch active sensor is inbuilt, one-touch unlock enabled.

7. Ardwolf A1 Biometrical Fingerprint Door Lock with Reversible Lever and Automatic Locking

Ardwolf A1 Biometrical Fingerprint Door Lock with Reversible Lever and Automatic Locking

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This is a door lock which you can install in any door and be sure of the security it offers. There are five different combinations of fingerprint, mechanical keys and user code that can be customized to open the lock. Also, it has a pretty smart design with a reversible handle. There is a key which controls the reversing lever for a hassle-free experience.

Moreover, there is a removable key cylinder which allows the owner to make a copy of the key without having to open the entire lock every time. The easy to install design makes it even more appealing.

Key features:

  • Innovative passenger mode support to let the known people get in without telling them the password.
  • A total of 100 user codes and 100 fingerprints can be added on the lock.
  • The fingerprint door lock for home has double verification mode for more safety and support.
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6. ZKTeco Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Security Keyless Door Lock for Home & Office

ZKTeco Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Security Keyless Door Lock for Home & Office

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An amazing lock in terms of looks, feature, and even workability, this is certainly one of the finest looking electronic fingerprint door locks in the market. The rugged yet sleek and compact design is very appealing to the eyes. Along with that, the advanced Bedroom mode has 2-ways unlocking for a more hassle-free experience. In addition to that, the lock has a totally reversible design with the handle, latch and strike compatible with all kinds of doors.

Further, the clever 3 group operation divides the users into Admins, temporary as well as normal users. Also, it has a new generation algorithm for fingerprint recognition for more security.

Key features:

  • Touch to open feature with an infrared sensor.
  • The normal open mode allows access without a fingerprint.
  • Forcible entry is restricted with the idle handle design.

5. SAMSUNG SHS-5230 (SHS-H700) Digital Fingerprint Door Lock 

SAMSUNG SHS-5230 (SHS-H700) Digital Fingerprint Door Lock 

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Samsung is a worldwide popular name in the technological industry. And their innovative digital fingerprint door lock is yet another example of a supreme security solution for home or office. When you install this device, you get an excellent quality assurance which you can rely on blindly. The wide touchscreen pad is easy to use and intuitive in nature. There are also mechanical override keys for more flexibility too.

Furthermore, the automatic sliding cover opens the fingerprint reading panel effortlessly. Besides, there is also an anti-theft mode which creates a warning sound if someone plans on tampering with the lock.

Key features:

  • The magic number provides dual way security.
  • Can be accessed through a password, credit card and key tag.
  • Low battery warning signal always ensures zero issues of battery failure.

4. ZKTeco Keyless Door Locks/Biometric Fingerprint Door Safe Locks for Home

ZKTeco Keyless Door Locks/Biometric Fingerprint Door Safe Locks for Home

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One of the most advanced door locks in the current market, this one allows operation through 4 different modes of the fingerprint, smartphones, ID card and mechanical keys. There is a Bluetooth feature which allows for secure unlocking directly with your smartphone. While the advanced algorithm for fingerprint recognition assures you of the security you would want.

As a matter of fact, the lock comes along with 5 ID cards which let you decide the people who can have access to the lock. Also, there is an emergency power interface coupled with low battery warning to eliminate risks of being locked out.

Key features:

  • Shows a detailed log of the people who entered your home and what time.
  • Flexible reversible design for all kinds of doors and users.
  • One touch to open feature is fast and convenient too.

3. Ardwolf A20S Biometric Touchscreen Fingerprint Door Lock with Auto Lock

Ardwolf A20S Biometric Touchscreen Fingerprint Door Lock with Auto Lock

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This is another compelling fingerprint lock model from the house of Ardwolf. It promises to serve your purpose of a secure door in every scenario. Although there are three ways to unlock; with codes, fingerprints and keys, the random password protection is a blessing in disguise.

In terms of technology, Ardwolf uses the power of the ST chip which makes it 25% faster in processing the fingerprint. Also, it uses a high-quality black touchscreen to avoid any hassles of fingermark, thus eliminating risks of security compromise. As a matter of fact, the machine is capable of taking 100 different fingerprints along with 100 unique passwords for enhanced accessibility.

Key features:

  • Deadbolt button function which allows only the master users to unlock when needed.
  • All records of unlocking as well as the time of unlocking can be tracked.
  • Automatic locking indeed shuts the lock after 5 secs.

2. Pineworld Q303Plus National Biometric Fingerprint Smart Door Lock for Home Security

Pineworld Q303Plus National Biometric Fingerprint Smart Door Lock for Home Security

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An extremely advanced product that promises to standout with its amazing feature and builds quality. It is unparallel fast in identifying the fingerprint and does that so in practically less than 0.4 seconds with ease. Furthermore, the state of the art interchangeable two directional lock tongues is a pretty advanced feature.

When it comes to securing your door, the product automatically gets locked every time the door shuts. The same happens when the door handle is pulled up. In fact, it has protection to maintain your privacy as it comes with as many as 24 random numbers. And the correct password numbers ranging from 6 to 12.

Key features:

  • Has an emergency micro USB charging port.
  • Has doorbell and burglar alarm function
  • Low battery reminder keeps you assured.

1. ZKTeco Biometric Fingerprint Keyless Smart Door Locks

ZKTeco Biometric Fingerprint Keyless Smart Door Locks

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Certainly one of the very best fingerprint door locks in the market. ZKTeco has won the trust of multiple customers from around the world and this is their top of the line product. It comes with an advanced and new generation algorithm for fingerprint recognition. There is an added benefit of one latch combined with a couple of security deadbolts that makes it an anti-theft mortise.

Along with that, the idle hand styling effectively eliminates the risks of forcible entry. No matter which way your door opens, the reversible design takes out all the trouble. The random password feature adds more security.

Key features:

  • Can be opened with card, key, password, along with a fingerprint.
  • The keypad indeed has backlit illumination to work in the dark.
  • Has passage mode for normal access without keys too.

Keep the belongings of your house safe. Installing a fingerprint door lock will help you to focus more on work and less on the security of home.

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