Best Hight Life & Low Profile Floor Jacks for Car, Truck, SUV Reviews

If you repair your own car or have a workshop, then you may already know how important low profile and high lift floor jacks are. The hydraulic jacks allow you to lift your car is easy for repairing or moving it. Works on hydraulic piston pumps, these devices have great weight carrying capacity. Furthermore, it allows you to lift your car easily and faster than a screw jack. However, there are several things to consider while opting for the best jack. Firstly, you need to be very careful about its build quality. Next, you must be sure about its weight limit. Also, it must have a great swiveling feature and overload protection mechanism.

To help you out, we are reviewing the best low profile floor jacks on Amazon so that the online frauds do not fool you. Scrutinize each product minutely and pick the most desirable ones.

Table of the Best Floor Jacks for Sale Reviews

10. Blackhawk 3 Ton Fast Car Lift Jack

Floor Jacks

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Having the tag of Amazon’s choice, the Blackhawk B6350 is certainly a universal floor jack that money can buy. Of course, the foremost thing about this product that will draw your attention is its brilliant design. In fact, it comes with a special safety valve on the inside along with a vent plug. As a result, it surely provides you with complete safety during operation.

Furthermore, it features a special swivel saddle mechanism. Thus, it becomes very easy for you to correctly position your jack without making any compromise with your safety. The hydraulic mechanism that it uses can easily lift heavy objects with complete ease.

Key features:

  • This boasts a maximum weight capacity of 3.5 tons or 7000 lbs.
  • Moreover, it comes with a rugged special universal joint that offers complete control.
  • The wheels that this jack comes with can easily allow you to carry heavy loads anywhere.

9. Pro-Lift 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack for Car

Pro-Lift 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jacks for Car

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A truly amazing product, the Pro-Lift F-767 has a very low profile. So, you can easily insert it at the bottom of heavy objects with a low clearance space for easy lifting. Hence, it is very user friendly and convenient. Most importantly, this product makes use of heavy-duty stainless steel in its construction. Hence, it is highly durable and will serve you for years to come without any complaint.

Thanks to its special construction, the product comes with complete resistance against rusting. Thus, it further boosts the durability of the product greatly. Furthermore, it weighs only 30 pounds. So, you can easily carry it anywhere without any trouble.

Key features:

  • Of course, it comes with a special bypass device that has been patented by the Pro-Lift. Thus, it protects the floor jack from over pumping and allows completely safe operation.
  • It comes with a lifting range of 3-1/2 inch to 14 inches. So, it provides a great range for lifting.
  • The low-profile floor jack comes with a safety valve which provides complete protection against overloading.

8. Arcan 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack with Dual Pump Pistons and Reinforced Lifting Arm

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Arcan lightweight floor jack is surely a marvelous product that you can opt for. The excellent design of this incorporates a special dual-piston pump into its making. So, the pumps can easily quickly raise the floor saddle for loading without any trouble. The handle in this floor jack also has a two-piece design. So, it becomes very easy to store it anywhere you want.

However, the best thing about this product is the fact that it is completely safe to use. In fact, it comes with the ASME PASE-2014 certification for safety. Hence, you will have no trouble using the product without having any safety concerns.


  • Surely, it comes with a handle bumper made from a rubber saddle. Hence, it protects your vehicle or heavy item from any scratch.
  • Made from high-quality airplane grade aluminum, this product is high will tackle heavyweight yet light in weight.
  • You will also get a side mount handle. Thus, it offers complete ease when it comes to position the jack.

7. BIG RED Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service & Floor Jacks for Truck & SUV

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This hydraulic floor jack from BIG READ is surely one of the best buying choices you can make. Of course, this makes use of high-quality steel. Thus, this product assures you of extraordinary durability and great industrial luster. Furthermore, it provides you with a great height range. In fact, it provides you with a minimum lifting height of 5-7/8-inch while the jack can lift up to the maximum height of 20-7/8-inches. So, you will be able to adjust the height as per your requirement.

Moreover, the jack comes with two large-sized 360-degrees swivel casters and two large-sized steel caster wheels. As a result, the jack provides you with the utmost ease of maneuverability.

Key features:

  • Thanks to its single-piston pump design, it can raise the jack to the desired height very quickly.
  • Most importantly, due to the presence of a long-saddle, a lot of time will be saved in the carrying process.
  • It boasts a 3 ton or 6000 lbs carrying capacity that will let you deal with any struggle.

6. Pro-LifT Low Profile Floor Jack – Hydraulic Trolley Car Jack Lift for Home, Garage Shop

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One of the most interesting things about this product is the fact that this heavy-duty floor jack comes with a valve bypass system to prevent overloading. Thus, it ensures your safety while protects you from any injury. Moreover, it features a compact design along with a carrier handle. So, one can simply carry it for swift transportation purposes.

Furthermore, it also offers an excellent weight carrying capacity of 2.5 tons or 5000 lbs. So, you can easily lift small vehicles without the risk of falling or losing control.

Key features:

  • The built-in patented bypass system makes sure that you do not over pump the device and cause damage to the hydraulic system.
  • It also comes with a handle for ease of pumping the jack.
  • Also, the large swiveling saddle makes sure you can easily position the jack for hassle-free lifting.

5. BIG RED Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack – 2 Ton

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Well, the BIG RED T820014S hydraulic jack is surely an excellent one. Of course, this hydraulic floor jack makes use of high-quality industrial grade steel in its construction. As a result, this floor jack is highly durable and lasts for years to come. Thanks to its incredible build, this product is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 2 tons or 4000 lbs. So, it can easily lift a car, truck, or SUV with the utmost ease.

Maneuvering this jack is also very easy. It provides you with 2 large steel casters along with two 360 degree swivel casters. Hence, you can easily lift and carry any load with the utmost ease.

Key features:

  • You can also store or carry the jack without damaging it thanks to the plastic carrying case that it comes in.
  • The floor jack provides you with a minimum lifting height of 5-3/5-inches and a maximum lifting height of 13-inches.
  • It also provides you with a 1-year manufacturing warranty for covering the defects that often happens.

4. liftmaster 3-Ton SUV High Lift Floor Jack

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One of Amazon’s top choices, the Liftmaster jack is undoubtedly a valuable addition to this list. The very first thing that you need to know about this product is the fact that it provides you with a maximum lifting height of 21-inches. In fact, you can easily adjust the lift height between 7.5 to 21 inches as per your requirement.

Furthermore, it comes with a powerful hydraulic mechanism. The hydraulic piston pumps are smart enough to raise the saddle with only a few strokes. Plus, the jack is completely safe too since it comes with a special bypass valve which prevents overloading of the jack.

Key features:

  • This boasts a total weight carrying capacity of 3 tonnes or 6000 lbs. So, it can easily lift any car, truck, SUV, and other vehicles with absolute ease.
  • Thanks to its highly improved hydraulics, this product will last almost 10 times longer than most of the other jacks.
  • You will get 3 years manufacturer’s warranty on any hydraulic failure along with a 1-year warranty on other parts.

3. BIG RED Torin 4-Ton Hydraulic Low Profile Floor Jack

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Here you have another excellent product from the house of Big Red. Like its predecessor in this list, this product also makes use of industrial-grade heavy-duty stainless steel on the construction of the product. As a result, this product boasts a robust build and unparalleled durability. Due to its sturdy build, this floor jack also has an incredible weight carrying capacity.

As a matter of fact, it can easily support up to 4 tons or 8000 lbs of weight with absolute ease. So, this product is absolutely perfect for heavy-duty usage as required by different industries.

Key features:

  • This surely features a dual piston pump. Hence, it can lift the load at a pace that is almost 5 times faster than others.
  • With large steel casters along with two swivel casters, you can be sure about getting complete maneuverability with this product.
  • It also complies with ASME safety standards. So, you will be able to use it without any risk of a safety hazard.

2. Powerbuilt 4000 lb Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack

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Having a highly durable design, this product comes with some extraordinary patented features. Indeed, you get a removable lift saddle along with padded lift rails. As a result, it makes sure that you can easily the heavy load without administering any damage to it. Furthermore, the product also features a special locking safety bar. This allows you to keep the jack raised in a lifted position as long as you want.

Also, the incredible build of the product makes sure that you can easily lift cars, SUVs, ATVs, and other heavy objects with relative ease. Finally, the 40-inch handle length makes it very easy to use the jack.

Key features:

  • The flexible design helps it to adapt to unique frames of different vehicles easily.
  • It is also capable of supporting a load of 4000 lbs without any risk.
  • Furthermore, the product also meets as well as exceeds the ANSI standards. Thus, you can be completely assured about its safety and quality of the product.

1. JEGS Professional 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jacks

JEGS Professional 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jacks

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Sitting at the top of our list, this from Jegs is surely the best one that the market has to offer. Of course, this product makes use of premium quality aluminum in the construction of the jack. Thanks to its special aluminum construction, this product is very lightweight yet completely durable.

Due to its lightweight design, you can easily pick up the jack and carry it anywhere with you. Also, the durable build of the product makes sure that it can easily support up to 3 tonnes or 6000 lbs of weight with ease.

Key features:

  • The jack comes with a special rubber lift pad. Hence, it can easily lift any heavy object without marring its surface.
  • Next, it provides you with a 360-degree swiveling saddle which ensures easy maneuverability on multiple surfaces.
  • Besides, the low profile design of the jack allows you to lift an object in between the range of 3 ½-inches to 19 ¼-inches.

With the professional floor jacks, keep working on the heaviest vehicles without the risks of getting hurt. Just place it correctly and start working smoothly.