Best Flush Mount Ceiling Fans with Lights & Remote

Unlike the traditional ceiling fans, the flush mount ceiling fans have been specifically designed for the rooms that have low headspaces. Even though these ceiling fans are very close to the ceiling, they can easily draw a lot of air and aerate the room without any hassle. Most importantly, you can easily install them in your room even if you have a low ceiling. The flush mount ceiling fans come with a variety of design choices. So, they do not only perform their task excellently but also add a gorgeous look to your indoors.

In this article, you will find a detailed review of the top-rated flush mount ceiling fans. Go through our reviews and you will be able to make an informed decision.

Table of the Best Flush Mount Ceiling Fans Reviews

10. Hunter Indoor Bronze Ceiling Fan with Light & Pull Chain Control

Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

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Hunter’s indoor flush mount ceiling fan can bring you significant cost savings on your energy bill. Your air conditioner draws a lot of power which isn’t always needed. Sometimes a constant stream of air is all that’s required for a comfortable living. Hunter has implemented an intelligent design on the blades and the motor. So you get high revolutions per minute without too much noise.

Hunter is over a century old and always provides top-quality products. The lifetime warranty period they offer on their motor shows the brand’s confidence in their craftsmanship and high-quality materials used in the construction.

Key features:

  • During summer, the air is pushed downward, while the reversible motor with the upward drift of air provides warmer room during winter
  • Comes with two incandescent bulbs of 60 watts for the lighting kit
  • For better power savings you can also use the complimentary 6.5 watt LED bulbs

9. Monte Carlo Mini Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain for Small Space

Monte Carlo Mini Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain for Small Space

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Metal blades make a lot of noise and take more power for spinning since they weight a lot as well. So Monte Carlo has designed their fan with blades made from lightweight and durable ABS material which is also immune to rusting and has a much higher resistance to corrosion than metals. It uses a high-quality induction motor which gives you super quiet, yet efficient performance.

Moreover, with three capacitor design, it won’t get much slower even if one of the capacitors gets damaged. Finally, the reversible motor allows good temperature regulation both during hot summers and cold winters.

Key features:

  • The mini flush mount ceiling fan’s all-white finish looks amazing with any kind of décor.
  • You can adjust the fan’s speed between 3 different levels.
  • Low power consumption at just around 40 watts.

8. Hunter Indoor/Outdoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fans with Light

Hunter Indoor/Outdoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fans with Light

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Hunter has a unique look which combines classic rustic style with modern elements. It has five blades that mimic the appearance of Beachwood with a weathered finish. It is much more appealing than a polished shiny surface and gives off the feeling of tropical antiquity. The lighting kit that comes with the fan also has a very interesting shape of a lantern.

Furthermore, it has all of its hardware made from durable and rust-resistant stainless steel. So you can even use this in rooms or areas that have high humidity.

Key features:

  • Pull chain design lets you quickly reach out and make adjustments to speed or turn it off completely.
  • You also get to choose from three different installation positions, standard, inclined at an angle or a low position for high ceilings.
  • The flush mount ceiling fan with light comes with CFL bulbs of 14 watts for the lighting kit.

7. Harbor Breeze Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote

Harbor Breeze Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote

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One of the best features that you get with this fan is its remote control. No need for pull chains or going to the switch terminal for operating your fan. You can control all the features without moving from your position.

The fan has durable metal construction with a brushed modern look that goes flawlessly with the contemporary decor of your living room or bedroom. It also has frosted glass integrated with the lighting kit. This creates good dispersion of light in your room and prevents your eyes from directly looking into the bright light bulb

Key features:

  • 3 different flush mount ceiling fans’ speed settings include low, medium and high.
  • The flush mount allows you to install the fan even on ceilings with a low height.

6. Emerson Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Wall Control

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With this ceiling fan from Emerson, you will feel around 5 degrees cooler than in a room without one. It takes off some of the load from the air conditioning system by circulating a breeze of cold air.

And you get better comfort as well as energy savings with this fan. It also has blades that mimic wooden finish and have reversible sides. You can choose between dark cherry or walnut finish.

Key features:

  • Ships with the wall control that lets you regulate the fan’s speed.
  • The motor is covered by a lifetime warranty period.

5. Mazon LED Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote

Mazon LED Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote

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This Mazon fan from Harbor breeze is a classic case of “good things come in small packages”. It has a compact form factor at 44 inches and allows you to install it in smaller rooms without any problems. Plus, it has a modern design that looks brilliant and will match the overall decor of your room.

It also has a light kit that comes integrated into the fan. So unlike models from other manufacturers that leave you confused with light bulbs that might or might not be compatible, this one is free from any such problems. No need to know about the light bulb or base since it doesn’t need any replacement. You can also dim it down whenever you want.

Key features:

  • Made from high quality and premium materials like metal, plywood and glass.
  • Along with the LED module, this fan has a maximum wattage of around 76 watts.
  • The LED flush mount ceiling fan has received certification from UL, ETL and Energy Star.

4. Westinghouse Lighting Gun Metal Ceiling Fan Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass

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Westinghouse Lighting offers you a silicon steel motor that works with two capacitors for providing you ultimate, yet quiet airflow. The motor is housed inside the fan with a decent diameter of 42 inches. With three streamlined blades, this alloy fan is the perfect addition to your room for a cheaper and more efficient way of cooling than air conditioning in moderate temperatures.

You can lower the fan speed for more efficient power use or raise it to the high setting during hot summer days. The fan also has a glass fixture that holds the light bulb for illuminating your room. It also boasts high durability due to its alloy construction and the reversible motor makes this an indispensable household electronic for the whole year.

Key features:

  • Without the lights, this fan uses just around 50 watts of power.
  • The fan is capable of moving over 4000 cubic feet of air every minute.
  • Reversible blade design lets you customise the fan to match your décor.

3. Honeywell  Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fans

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Honeywell brings you convenience and superior craftsmanship with this large ceiling fan. The rectangular blades look very unique with their rubber pine or dark elm finish while the design accentuates the overall decor of your room. The 62-inch fan has large blades that produce immense airflow that is sufficient for even your large rooms that span 400 square feet or higher. The fan also comes with an integrated LED light which can produce a maximum illumination of 1400 lumens.

For even more power savings you can also dim the light when you don’t need so much brightness. But Honeywell goes an extra step at providing you ultimate convenience by giving you a remote to control all the features from fan speed and direction to the LED light.

Key features:

  • The motor has a reversible design that makes it useful even during winter.
  • Installation is easy to follow and doesn’t have too many complicated steps.
  • With the option for angled mounting, you can even use it in trendy commercial space with unique architecture.

2. Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Ceiling Fan

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Westinghouse Lighting has created a fan with a convenient reversible motor which allows optimum energy use and savings throughout the seasons. Just switch the fan to counterclockwise direction during the summer season for a cool and relaxing breeze over your skin.

During winter reverse the direction for even distribution of warm air at the ceiling to rest of the room. This helps you lower the use of both your air conditioning and heating systems. If that wasn’t a significant power saving then the extremely low power use of just 25 watts makes this nothing short of a remarkable deal.

Key features:

  • Highly efficient fan spreads around 39 CFM of air with every watt used.
  • Compact size allows you to use it in small rooms that have an area of 100 square feet or less.
  • Except for the motor all other parts of your fan is backed by a two year warranty period.

1. Hunter Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan – Matte Silver

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Hunter has designed this fan for large rooms that need a lot of aeration. The 52-inch fan uses Hunter’s reliable WhisperWind motor which gives you all the rotational power without any of the annoying noise. The little bit of white noise that comes from the fan is really useful for a good night’s sleep. It also has very unique aesthetics that lets you keep things interesting and compatible even if you change the decor.

This fan comes with reversible blades where on one side you get the look of soft laminated wood while the other side has a matte silver metallic look. So depending on your decor, you can change the look of your fan. No need to buy a new set of blades for renovations.

Key features:

  • The lifetime warranty period on this product lets you make a worry-free purchase.
  • Has been damp rated by ETL, so you can use it in humid environments.
  • For switching the fan on or off you get a pull chain.

Ceiling fans are highly necessary when it comes to aerating your room, especially during the summer. However, a low ceiling can be a bit problematic when it comes to installing the ceiling fans. Thus, you need to opt for the flush mount ceiling fans with lighting kits. They provide you with the same amount of air while getting rid of the trouble of low headspace. So, read the reviews carefully and choose the best ceiling fan for your household.