Top 10 Best Folding Shopping Carts with Wheels Reviews In 2019

Shopping trips are usually fun and enjoyable with an easy to move shopping cart. A folding shopping cart is an excellent way to shop without lifting any weight on your shoulders. The cart rolls seamlessly and easily fold after use for easy storage. When buying the best folding shopping cart, you need one that is sturdily made and featuring ergonomic handles for easy handling.

In this post, we narrow down your choices of the best shopping carts to just ten that we think are the best. Read through our reviews and carefully choose a shopping cart that best suits your needs.

Table of the Best Folding Shopping Carts Reviews

picture title price
Goplus Folding Shopping Cart Jumbo Double Basket Perfect for Grocery Laundry Book Luggage Travel with Swivel Wheels Utility Cart (Black L)
$49.99$58.99 (15% off)
Whitmor Utility Durable Folding Design for Easy Storage Shopping Cart
Helping Hand Deluxe Stair Climber Cart in Silver | Folding Cart Holds Up to 60 lbs - Great for Shopping, Camping, Sport Events, Much More
$34.99$39.53 (11% off)
Folding Shopping Cart, Portable Utility Shopping Cart with One Shopping Cart Bag Liner and Rolling Swivel Wheels for Grocery and Stairs, 35 L/177 Pounds Capacity, 360° Rotating Handle
Wellmax Grocery Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels – Foldable & Collapsible Utility Cart with Adjustable Height Handle – Space Saving Heavy Duty Light Weight Trolley
$79.97$99.97 (20% off)
Homz Euro Shopping Tote Cart w/Fabric Bag, Foldable, Aluminum Frame
2019 Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart Stair Climbing Cart with Quiet Rubber Tri-Wheels Grocery Utility Cart with Wheel Bearings & Platform for Laundry Basket Loading
$51.99$89.00 (42% off)
dbest products Trolley Dolly, Black Shopping Grocery Foldable Cart
$34.99$40.00 (13% off)
Compact Folding Grocery Small Shopping Cart - Supenice (SN7502) Double Basket, Adjustable Height Handle, Easily Collapsible, Light Weight Utility Cart with Rolling Swivel Wheels for Coupe
$45.99$54.99 (16% off)
Melissa & Doug Toy Shopping Cart with Sturdy Metal Frame, Play Sets & Kitchens, Heavy-Gauge Steel Construction, 23.25

10. Goplus Double Basket Folding Shopping Cart with Wheels

Folding Shopping Carts

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The Goplus shopping cart is an excellent choice to start our list with a simple foldable design. The cart folds compactly when not in use to occupy little space in your trunk. It is a sturdy cart with heavy-duty aluminium construction. The cart is also painted to prevent rust and corrosion. It features four durable wheels for easy manoeuvrability. You can easily roll it on grass, gravel, sidewalks and streets. Overall, this cart gives you a large cargo area and one that you can use in various areas.


  • Large cargo area
  • 4 durable wheels
  • High-quality aluminium construction
  • Foldable design
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9. Whitmor Utility Durable Folding Shopping Cart for Easy Storage

Whitmor Utility Durable Folding Shopping Cart for Easy Storage

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The Whitmor is another durable shopping cart to help you haul sports equipment, laundry and toys. It is a versatile cart with sturdy steel construction.  The cart features ergonomic foam handles for easy handling and heavy duty wheels. The wheels are pretty easy to Snap-on and ideal for the elderly and city dwellers. Overall, this cart easily collapses to allow for easy storage. It is an excellent choice that can handle heavy loads with ease.


  • Ergonomic foam handles
  • Durable steel frame construction
  • Collapsible design
  • Easy assembly without using tools

8. Helping Hand Deluxe Stair Climber Cart for Shopping & Camping

Helping Hand Deluxe Stair Climber Cart for Shopping & Camping

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The Helping hand shopping cart is another pretty versatile cart that you can take anywhere. It is a perfect pick for shopping, carrying sports equipment, camping and much more.  The carts roll seamlessly and allow going long distances with heavy loads. It features versatile wheels that climb stairs, steps, curbs and much more. Overall, the cart is a sturdy construction from durable metals and can hold up to 60lbs.


  • Sturdy metal constructions
  • Holds up to 60lbs
  • Rolling three-wheel design
  • Easy to fold after use

7. FORTON Portable Utility Shopping Cart with Rolling Swivel Wheels

FORTON Portable Utility Shopping Cart with Rolling Swivel Wheels

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This is a newly upgraded design shopping cart that folds easily and takes very little space. It is a multi-functional cart with 360 degrees rotating front wheels. The cart rolls seamlessly and can hold up to 171lbs. It is sturdily made using an aviation aluminium alloy for the frame and a durable 600D Oxford fabric for the carrying bag. The cart also features stainless steel triangle crystal wheels for easy climbing of stairs. The wheels are sturdy and will withstand pressure serving you for long. Overall, this is an easy to fold cart ideal for a wide range of uses.


  • Stainless steel triangle wheels
  • Aviation aluminium alloy frame material
  • 360 degrees swivel front wheels
  • Foldable and easy to store
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6. Foldable & Collapsible Grocery Shopping Cart with Wheels

Foldable & Collapsible Grocery Shopping Cart with Wheels

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This is a high-quality grocery shopping cart built to last with durable steel frame construction. The frame is resistant to rust and resists wear serving for long periods. This is a lightweight cart with an easily foldable design for easy storage and use. The cart’s wheels are also small allowing easy storage in your car trunk. It also features an adjustable and padded handle for easy rolling. Overall, this shopping cart is a practical choice for all your shopping needs and will serve you well.


  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Durable steel frame construction
  • Foldable design with small wheels to fit in your trunk
  • Adjustable and padded handle

5. Homz Euro Foldable Shopping Cart with Fabric Bag

Homz Euro Foldable Shopping Cart with Fabric Bag

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The Homz shopping cart is another simple design with a foldable and locks design for easy storage. You can easily fold the cart and lock the parts in place allowing for easy storage.  The construction of the cart is the durable aluminium frame for durability. It is also lightweight and featured a padded handle for easy pushing.  The cart features snap-lock wheels that easily install. There is a further polyester bag to keep your shopping safe from dust.


  • Snap-lock wheels for easy installation
  • Durable aluminium frame
  • Padded handle
  • Easy to fold and locks when folded

4. ROYI Tri-Wheels Grocery Utility Shopping Cart for Stair Climbing

ROYI Tri-Wheels Grocery Utility Shopping Cart for Stair Climbing

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This is a much bigger shopping cart with excellent upgrades to help you climb stairs effortlessly. It is a well-made shopping cart with a spacious storage bag. The bag features side pockets, front pockets and inside pockets to fit a wide range of items. The quiet tri-wheel design of the cart allows for smooth rolling on almost all surfaces. You can safely haul items downstairs or upstairs with ease. The construction of the cart is the durable stainless steel metal to prevent rust and corrosion. Overall, this is a quality utility cart that easily assembles.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Tri-wheel design
  • Spacious storage bag
  • Easy to fold and assemble
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3. Trolley Dolly Foldable Shopping Grocery Cart

Trolley Dolly Foldable Shopping Grocery Cart

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The Trolley Dolly shopping cart is another excellent buy that balances durability with weight to allow for easy movement. The cart features some oversized beefy wheels that can take on almost any terrain. This simply means you can take your cart to the supermarket or beach and move easily with confidence. The large wheels allow for easy, smooth rolling without feeling the weight. It is a multi-functional cart that can hold up to 110lbs. Overall; this is a quality bag with a weatherproof material bag to keep contents dry. The bag features 7 compartments to store a wide range of items.


  • Weatherproof material bag to keep items dry
  • 7 compartments on the bag
  • Collapsible and portable
  • Beefy oversized wheels for all-terrain use

2. Collapsible & Lightweight Folding Grocery Shopping Cart

Collapsible & Lightweight Folding Grocery Shopping Cart

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This is a perfect grocery shopping cart for most households with a lightweight and compact design. The cart folds easily and can be stored in your trunk. The assembly and foldable process is easy and does not require any tools. This is a lightweight yet sturdy cart that can haul a maximum of 60lbs. It features a convenient adjustable handle for easy hauling. The cart comes with enough space and a further rear basket to fit extra items.  The front swivel wheel design allows for better control.


  • Adjustable height handle
  • Enough storage space with a further rear basket
  • Easy to assembled and fold without tools
  • Lightweight and compact

1. Melissa & Doug Toy Folding Shopping Cart with Metal Frame

Melissa & Doug Toy Folding Shopping Cart with Metal Frame

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The Melissa and Doug toy shopping cart is our final pick and one that is highly rated and recommended. It is a practical toy shopping cart with pivoting front wheels for excellent control.  The cart features a durable heavy duty steel gauge construction for durability. There is a further folding seat for your kids. This way, you can easily shop with your kid everywhere you go. Overall, this is an excellent shopping cart to consider buying this year.


  • Heavy-duty steel gauge construction
  • Pivoting front wheels
  • Adult assembly required
  • Child folding seat


If you’re on the market for the best foldable shopping carts, then your search ends here with us. You can choose from our carefully selected list with confidence. These carts are the best and guarantee you quality and good value for your money.

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