Top 10 Best Foot Bath Massagers with Heat | Foot Spa Machines In 2020

Getting a spa or foot massage is always very blissful. It relieves you from your tensions, provides the relaxation that your body needs and calms your mind above everything else. However, it is not possible for any of us to take time out of our busy schedules and go to a spa parlour. Well, you do not need to anymore if you get a bath massager. The foot bath massagers use an advanced technology which provides you with the utmost relaxation. It is all done using scrubs, rollers or imitating water flow action.

Interested in buying one? Take a look at the list where we have listed the best bath massagers in the market along with a proper review.

Table of the Best Foot Bath Massagers Reviews

10. MaxKare Foot Bath Massagers with Heat

Foot Bath Massagers

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Now you can get the relaxation you need without having to visit a fancy spa or spending hundreds of dollars. This massager from MaxKare has bubble action and increases metabolism. Therefore, you can release stress easily with better blood circulation. The water inside the massager will rather get warm enough to give you soothing pleasure. However, won’t be too hot that might burn your feet.

To stop the bubbling water from getting out and increasing your cleaning chores, you get a rounded front. No need for extension cords either, since this device comes with a super long power cord. In fact, the footbath massager cord can reach well over 5 feet.

Key features:

  • Bubbles will act on your acupuncture points to give you improved results.
  • You can indeed set it up within the temperature range of 35°C and 48°C.
  • Massage rollers that are inside the device are also removed.
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9. Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights & Bubbles

Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights & Bubbles

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Experience spa at home and save both time and money with this massager from Conair. It is certainly designed for complete soothing action and works on all of your feet to release fatigue and tension. Plus, the foot bath massager foot rollers work on your soles. For that reason helps to stimulate the muscles under your feet. While the upper part of your feet is massaged by flowing waterfall action.

Besides, you can also control several aspects. These include the waterfall function, temperature and bubbling action to target the ligaments and muscles of your feet better. Finally, choose a customised setting that works best for you with this innovative bath massager from Conair.

Key features:

  • Comes with three different attachments that include pumice stone and scrub brush for your skin.
  • Foot rollers rather have large dotted protrusions to penetrate into the tissues for releasing tension.
  • Inbuilt LED lights that show you bubble action inside the massager.

8. Ovitus Heated Foot Spa Bath Massager with Adjustable Time & Temperature

Ovitus Heated Foot Spa Bath Massager with Adjustable Time & Temperature

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Ovitus has equipped its massager with really easy to use controls. With a big on/off switch, it features a few touch buttons for controlling various functions and a simple LED display. With these controls, you can rather set anything from heating and frequency to temperature and bubble function. Moreover, it looks much more premium than other competitors and as a matter of fact, has a modern sleek look. That’s why it raises the aesthetic appeal.

For you sole, you get large shiatsu rollers that penetrate deep into tissues for triggering quicker blood flow and relaxation.

Key features:

  • Features infrared foot bath massager light that can kill bacteria and germs to prevent diseases.
  • In the middle, you certainly get an ergonomic scraper.
  • When not in use it is fully covered to prevent dust accumulation.

7. ACEVIVI Portable Foot Bath Massagers with Heat

ACEVIVI Portable Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat

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Acevivi brings to you a highly advanced bath massager that has one of the highest bangs to buck ratio. Firstly, you don’t need to pour warm water intolerance the machine for a good massage. Just regular tap water would be heated up automatically within a limited time period. Next, it has maize rollers that rotate automatically for giving your feet a comprehensive massage after a long day.

Along with that, it indeed has pebble rollers. Furthermore, these are meant to target larger muscles and release the tension that is accumulated after supporting the weight of your body and other physical activities. Lastly, to kill off germs, you also get infrared light.

Key features:

  • While most manufacturers cut costs by providing a single bubble jet hole, this one rather has two.
  • Pedicure stone gently exfoliates dead skin cells from your feet.
  • Drain hole allows you to safely dump out the water used during your massage session.
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6. Ivation Heat Bath Foot Spa Massager with Automatic Massage Rollers

Ivation Heat Bath Foot Spa Massager with Automatic Massage Rollers

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Due to the integrated heating function, you can have a cool bath or heat up the water. And that to a maximum of 122-degrees Fahrenheit for heated hydrotherapy. The machine uses 450-watts of power; as a result, you don’t have to wait too long for water to heat-up. As a matter of fact, all that power helps to run the other functions smoothly.

It certainly has a bright LED display that can show you various information about temperature, modes and more. With the intricately designed rollers, your soles and heels will get all the deserved muscle relief.

Key features:

  • With pedicure attachments, you can indeed beautify your feet along with the relaxation.
  • The stealthy built-in handle lets you take this massager anywhere you want.
  • Compact foot bath massager design doesn’t hog up too much space

5. Arealer Electric Feet Salon Tub with Automatic Foot Massage Rollers

Arealer Electric Feet Salon Tub with Automatic Foot Massage Rollers

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Now heal faster from your injuries and get quicker relief from sore muscles with Arealer’s incredible foot massager. It has large rollers that stimulate blood circulation and the heated water that is maintained at a consistent temperature. Hence, gives you much-needed heat therapy after a tiring day.

The abundant bubbles are not just good for the muscles but also for your skin. You can rather experience the luxury of a spa without spending large sums of money or wasting time. Above all, germs and bacteria won’t be able to spread diseases. The massager also features infrared light for killing off any potential germs.

Key features:

  • Dead skin is certainly removed easily with the detachable footstone.
  • Easy plug for draining out the water.
  • Has received recognition from CE and FDA.

4. HoMedics Foot Spa Machine

HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa

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HoMedics have crafted this bath massager with a generous size so that you don’t face any compatibility problems. No matter the size of your feet, everyone can use this massager without any hassles. Instead of dipping your feet in still warm water, upgrade to this bath massager that maintains a constant temperature. On the other hand, pamper your feet with bubbles.

Moreover, you don’t need to wait for a very long time. It can indeed heat up the water inside the tank within mere minutes. Above all, you get a splash guard that keeps water inside the tank and prevents spilling on your expensive carpet.

Key features:

  • Directly draws power from a wall outlet, no need for any batteries.
  • You don’t need to bend for controlling the device. All controls are rather toe-friendly.
  • Features a large pumice stone that is easily removed.
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3. MaxKare Heated Foot Spa & Bath Soaker – Professional Home Tired Feet Stress Relief

Professional Home Tired Feet Stress Relief

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MaxCare has designed its bath massager with a transparent shell. That’s why lets you see everything that’s going on inside the device. It has a total of four massage rollers that use grooves to reach into your tissues.

Don’t want a massage session and just want a cold or warm dip or just a simple spa session? Then you can certainly remove the rollers as well. It has a big scraper in the middle, as a matter of fact, is used to massage the lateral sides of your feet. After a relaxing session with the foot massager, you might also experience reduced problems with bad sleep.

Key features:

  • Can keep water heated, emit bubbles and vibrate all at the same time or individually.
  • You indeed get a removable case for storing massage salts.
  • Under the massager, you get anti-skid rubber stands that maintain its stability.

2. ACEVIVI Relax Foot Spa Bath Motorized Massager with Heat

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Another great bath massager from Acevivi that gives you a high price to performance ratio. You would get more out of every dollar spent on this machine. It has convenient features like auto drainage tube. Thus, allows you to dump the water in a safe way. That also without any of it splashing around or coming in contact with the electrical parts.

With a length of 17-inches and being 12.6-inches deep, it is super compact. Furthermore, it is rather stored easily inside the closet when not in use. With an integrated handle, you won’t find any issues when you are shifting home or carry this with you.

Key features:

  • Weighs just around 10 pounds, super light.
  • Can contain 4 litres of water and has enough space for accommodating both your feet.
  • Power setting is certainly changed between 300 watts to 500 watts.

1. Belmint Foot Spa Massager Machine for Fatigue & Tired Feet

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Skilled athletes often use shiatsu rollers before and after their workout for increasing their muscle flexibility. Plus aids in getting rid of muscle fatigue. This bath massager from Belmint has several pairs of shiatsu rollers for both your feet. As a result, you can get quick relief in the heated water and get the muscles at your soles.

These rollers have nodes that can relieve stress and rejuvenate your tired feet. It also has bubble holes which release a stream of air bubbles. Now, gently massage your feet and give you a great feeling. With some massage oils and salts mixed in the pool, you can indeed have relaxing aromatherapy right at your home.

Key features:

  • Has a timer function and large control buttons, however, it is easily operated with your toes.
  • It has certification from KC.
  • You can set water temperature as high as 118-degrees Fahrenheit.

After a tiring day full of pressure, enjoy a comfortable time using a foot bath spa massager. This is indeed the go-to option for escaping.

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