Best Full Size Loft Beds for Adults & Kids with Desk

The fun and excitement of sleeping as well as sharing beds with siblings are unimaginable. For this purpose, the full size loft beds are fully designed to support kids of different weights. Strategically placed, the beds will create a friendly ambience and cultivate the nature of sharing. Even it is guarded with rails so that your kid can certainly stay safe. And of course, the sturdy built is not something to compromise on.

Given a chance to study all the products in details, one should check our list of the top picks to get a good idea of the available products. It’s wise to stay away from counterfeit products and only consider the top ones.

Table of the Best Full Size Loft Beds Reviews

10. Superindoor Metal Full Size Loft Twin Beds

Full Size Loft Beds

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King-sized beds in a matchbox room are a huge no-no. One has to keep in mind the breadth of a room before fitting in a bed in it. Moreover, the bed can take up most of the space without leaving any for other furniture. This twin-size full-size loft bed can offer you a lot of storage in the available space of your room. Not just a space-saver, this bed will also be a dashing addition to your room.

Moreover, it has a metal construction plus this bed brings an edge to its surrounding. You can certainly store a study table, chairs, bean bags etc. under the tall bed. Now, you do not have to worry about them falling off in their sleep. Also, with the instructions provided in the box, it is super easy to assemble.

Key Features:

  • Two ladders on either side are fitted to the bed. Climbing up and down should not be a thing of a problem with the help of these ladders.
  • The metal construction is indeed sturdy and can take up to 225 pounds of weight.
  • Guardrails near the upper portion provide safety for your children.

9. Safstar Metal Twin Size Loft Bunk Bed with Ladder Bedroom

Safstar Metal Twin Size Loft Bunk Bed with Ladder Bedroom

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The Safstar Loft bed will be a perfect addition to your child’s bedroom. This bed is a twin-size one and can fit two little persons effortlessly. A loft bed is a brilliant idea for any small rooms where it may seem foolish to add a normal bed. The metal full size loft frame is also sleek and modern. Therefore, it rather brings a fresh look to the bedroom, much like your children.

However, you can get creative with the storage space you get and add furniture and other stuff as you require. Lastly, it is durable and can hold up to 330 pounds of weight without any problem.

Key Features:

  • The metal frame provides sturdy support for the bed.
  • The full-length guardrails at the top of the bed keep your children from falling off in their sleep or while playing.
  • The ladders on each side certainly make climbing the bed much easier.
  • Assembling the bed should not be a problem as the instructions are provided in the box.

8. Abode Black Full Metal Loft Bed Over Workstation Desk

Abode Black Full Metal Loft Bed Over Workstation Desk

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Ideal for smaller spaces in the house, the Abode loft bed is an innovative addition to the children’s bedroom. Not just a bed, the structure also has a built-in desk and shelf for storage facilities. Thus, it is indeed perfect for students who do not have the facility of bigger bedroom space.

As a matter of fact, this all-in-one furniture is a space-saver and a fun place to work, relax and play too. The product comes in two colours- black and brown. Besides, the metal frame is an excellent support for all the extra weight that is put upon it.

Key Features:

  • The bed can support up to 300lbs of weight.
  • Includes upper full-size loft bed guard rails to provide protection for those in the bed.
  • The bed rather has a ladder on either side for easy climbing.

7. DONCO KIDS Twin Circles Modular Low Loft Bed

DONCO KIDS Twin Circles Modular Low Loft Bed

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The DONCO bed is perfect for any child as it is a multifunctional one that will never cease to amuse. Keeping in mind a child’s daily needs, DONCO has crafted this masterpiece. Whether you have a small room or a comparatively larger one, this will superiorly compliment the space. Furthermore, children may not always pay attention when sleeping or playing which may cause them to fall off the bed.

For that reason, the manufacturers have certainly created an edgy low-lying loft bed. As a result, it will protect the children from severe injuries of any sort.

Key Features:

  • The bed comes with a study area which a child can use for reading books or to carry out their studies.
  • The full-size loft bed storage space provided is utilized fully for storing toys and books.
  • A number of storage drawers are indeed provided where you can keep your child’s essentials including their clothes and shoes.

6. Naomi Home Twin Low Study Loft Bed

Naomi Home Twin Low Study Loft Bed

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The Naomi Loft bed is a beautiful addition to your child’s bedroom. This bed is not just for sleep as it comes with various other facilities. It indeed has numerous storage boxes and spaces which are used to store toys, clothes, books etc. Keeping in mind your child’s safety this low-lying full-size loft bed has a ladder which is easy to climb.

In addition to that, you do not have to worry about your children falling off and hurting themselves anymore. Finally, the bed is capable of carrying 80 lbs and the desk can indeed withstand a weight of 38 lbs.

Key Features:

  • The loft bed has a girdle around the upper part which will prevent children from falling while they are asleep.
  • A study table is also provided with the furniture. You only need to pull it down when you require.
  • The bed certainly has a sturdy structure which can provide proper support for children.

5. Discovery World Furniture Twin Over Full Loft Bed

Discovery World Furniture Twin Over Full Loft Bed

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If you have a small house or many children and too little space then the Discovery world Furniture has the perfect product for you. You will get a loft bed over a full sized bed which can accommodate a number of people. It has built-in storage and drawers which are perfect for storing clothes and shoes. Having the wooden structure, it is given a Merlot Lacquer finish which makes it more appealing.

Along with that, the beauty of the structure will compliment your room perfectly. So even if you do not have any particular reason for purchasing this product, it will be an ideal addition. Above all, you can indeed keep it in the guest room and it will fulfil its purpose.

Key Features:

  • The product is made of solid wood which proves the stability of the structure.
  • The wooden beds are ready to be stacked with mattresses. You do not have to alter anything before setting the mattress upon it.
  • The drawers have the European roller glide facility; as a result, you can smoothly pull them out. Also, reversible chest drawers are also added to the bed.

4. Donco Kids 790-TAG-B Louver Twin Low Loft Bed

Donco Kids 790-TAG-B Louver Twin Low Loft Bed

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Donco Kids has come up with beautiful furniture that will definitely please your children. The 790-TAG-B product is a serene loft bed which has not just one but many functions. You can set your bedding on it and store toys and books too.

Along with that, the grey colour brings a sophisticated outlook to your child’s room. Playtime and sleep time is certainly merged with the help of this humble piece of furniture.

Key Features:

  • The entire product is made of pine wood which provides a dashing outlook to any room.
  • Since the bed is made of actual wood, it can hold a huge amount of weight.
  • The bed rather has girdles around it so that no child falls off when in deep sleep.

3. NE Kids Full Loft Bed with Storage

NE Kids Full Loft Bed with Storage

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The NE kids loft bed is a thing of beauty as it not only encourages playing but also learning. With enough space under the bed, you can store chairs and other decorative pieces too. You only need to assemble it properly and you will have a multifunctional piece of furniture. Moreover, it is certainly made of pure wood and hence provides full support for those sleeping on the bed.

In conclusion, the reversible chests make it a fun one too. Now, you can move them from left to right whenever you wish. The entire product has a driftwood finish made with DURA-brush, emanating a sophisticated look to the room.

Key Features:

  • A huge amount of storage space is provided with the loft bed. You will have 6 s drawers where you can store clothes and books. There is however a shelf area where you can separately store your books.
  • A girdle round the top bunk keeps your child from falling off while asleep.
  • The loft is rather a mattress ready as you do not have to alter anything before putting in the mattress.

2. Home Accent Furnishings Full Over Loft Black Metal Framed Bed

Home Accent Furnishings Full Over Loft Black Metal Framed Bed

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The Home Accents Furnishings has aced it with its brand new loft bed. Made of metal, this loft bed is sturdy and long-lasting. It can support up to 250lbs and it’s perfect for children too. Given its height, you can store many accessories like chairs, shelves under it. Your child will definitely fall in love with this loft bed.

Furthermore, the guardrails around the top bunk protect children from falling off and hurting themselves.

Key Features:

  • Two ladders on each side of the metal frame make it easy to get into the bed.
  • Support slats indeed make it effortless to set the mattress on the frame.

1. DONCO KIDS 760-TDG Twin Low Loft Bed with Desk

DONCO KIDS 760-TDG Twin Low Loft Bed with Desk

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A loft bed like no other, this is one to look out for as it is supremely multifunctional. Not just storage it also provides a separate study desk which can be beneficial for your child. The dark grey colour rather brings an air of sophistication into the bedroom. Next, the twin-sized bed is ideal for one or two children as they can sleep comfortably there.

Moreover, it has a lot of storage space integrated into it. Overall, setting the mattress is of no problem because of the slat support.

Key Features:

  • The product has three drawers and one bookshelf where you can store clothes, toys, books etc.
  • The guardrails keep your children safe even when on the top.
  • The integrated ladder is easy to climb and because of the height of the structure, it should not be a problem for anyone.
  • The loft bed is made of pine wood, making it sturdy and strong enough to support your children’s weight.

Fun bedtimes will not be a dream anymore. The full-size loft beds for kids will prepare them for a cozy sleep and relaxation.

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