Top 10 Best Portable Golf Hitting Mats for Practice Reviews In 2020

Golf like any other sports is a game which demands hard work and practice. It takes years to become a good golf player and one must never skip a practice day to achieve that. However, practising golf in your backyard may damage the grass. And you may have to spend a fortune checking and fixing the ground. Instead of that, just get golf hitting mats. Having the same texture and comes with more than one type of grass, you will be benefitted.

But only professionals can identify and differentiate amongst the varieties. So, to help you to pick the one that is best in every way, we have prepared the list.

Table of the Best Golf Hitting Mats Reviews

10. Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat for Backyard with Adjustable Tees and Foam Practice Balls

Golf Hitting Mats

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Rukket has come up with Tri-turf portable golf hitting mat which you can place anywhere in the backyard and practise. This mat prevents the ground from turning over and saves you a lot of cash. Hence you can become a champion at playing golf and a champion of the house together.

That being said, the mat has a heavy rubber base of 2mm which sticks it to the ground. You can certainly practise for hours without worrying about it flapping about. Moreover, the rukket mat is used both in the outdoor and indoor.

Key Features:

  • The tri-turf feature allows you to practise on both rough and smooth surface. If you practise on all three, you can get ready to hit the ball in the roughest turf.
  • The mat has a lifetime warranty and will surely not displease you.
  • Also, you get 9 practise balls and 12 differently sized tees which help you achieve the perfect shot.
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9. All Turf Mats PGM3660 Emerald Par Golf Mat

All Turf Mats PGM3660 Emerald Par Golf Mat

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It takes years of focus and daily practises to become a good golf player. You do not have to worry as we have the perfect practise companion for you. The PGM3660 emerald par golf mat is an impressive practice turf. It indeed lets you achieve your wish of becoming a great golf player. Furthermore, the turf is made of woven nylon. And the foam golf hitting mat base keeps the mat in place and it does not flap around.

Now, you can practise all you want without having to go to the golf course all the time. The foam backing of the mat is designed to absorb the shock-induced when it hits the turf. Finally, it indeed prevents the mat from getting damaged and also keeps it in place while you swing your club.

Key Features:

  • A rubber tree is added with the mat which you can use for your practice sessions.
  • The portable golf mat is used both outside and inside the house.

8. Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat

Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat

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If you wish to practise and perfect your golf skills then Dura-Pro Plus mat is your perfect companion. Firstly, the mat is rather made of 100% 3D nylon which is perfect to withstand the shock induced. The turf is stuck onto a non-slip surface which prevents the mat from moving around while you ponder next shot.

However, the Dura-pro is true to its name as it will definitely make you pro if you practise enough. Therefore, put on your shoes and get ready with your club. The mat is provided with a coat which keeps it protected from UV rays for 8 whole years.

Key Features:

  • The mat is used both inside and outside the house.
  • It is certainly denser than the other mats which prevent damage at any cost. A warranty wins your favour as well.
  • The golf hitting mat with accessories include golf tray and tees are attached with the purchase.

7. Callaway Golf FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat

Callaway Golf FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat

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In golf, it’s mainly about the area where you hit the ball from. The starting point is the focal point and its condition can bring a huge difference in your performance. This Callaway Golf mat is a launching zone which you can use to get the perfect shot anywhere. Next, the pure turf surface indeed gives you the opportunity to get the perfect shot every time.

As a matter of fact, the heavy golf hitting mat weight keeps it from swaying around in the wind. Hence you can play on without having to worry about the mat all the time.

Key Features:

  • The back of the mat is made of rubber. Thus the backing absorbs the shock-induced coming from the club without much trouble. And does not damage the surface in any way.
  • The mat is portable and is transferred wherever you wish to practise.
  • You can fix your tree right on the turf and play on.
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6. Milliard Golf 3-in-1 Turf Grass Mat

Milliard Golf 3-in-1 Turf Grass Mat

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Practise makes perfect and it is of no doubt that you must be ready to face any situation. Hence to make you a great golf player and an efficient sportsman, Milliard has come up with a 3-in-1 turf surface mat. The 3 different surfaces prepare you for any golf course. And you can come off as a pro when the time arrives.

In addition to that, the mat stops you from damaging your backyard or floor inside the house. This mat will certainly not fail to satisfy you in any way.

Key Features:

  • The mat is portable and you can fold it perfectly and carry it wherever you want.
  • The foam back prevents the mat from slipping around. It can indeed absorb the shock which the club produces when hitting on the surface.
  • Grasses like Bentgrass Fescues,  Ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass etc are used in making the turf of the mat. Hence you can stay sure that you practise on the best quality grass.

5. Golfit Golf Hitting Mat for Practice Turf Backyard or Indoor Chipping Ma

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It may get a little difficult to go to the golf course for practice so often. As a result, Golfit has brought the course to you. With high-quality turf surface, the mat is designed to withstand pressure and multiple blows. You can swing as hard as you can without worrying about damaging the mat all the time.

Along with that, the 3 variegated turf surfaces. Therefore, it allows you to practise on all the possible scenarios so that you can become a pro.

Key Features

  • The realistic golf hitting mats design allows you to bring the outside to the inside of the house. The portable mat is moved anywhere and everywhere.
  • 10 plastic tees designed to be damage-proof are provided with every purchase.
  • Appropriate for both professionals and amateurs. The chip-free design rather allows you to practise on it for hours.

4. HealPT Golf Mat for Indoor / Outdoor Practice

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For the ultimate golfing experience at home, the HealPT golf mat is the perfect replacement for a golfing course. By practising on the mat you can attain skills which you could not have imagined in the past. The 3 separate turf surfaces prepare you for any ground condition.

However, you do not have to struggle the next time you are faced with a challenge. You can practise at home and become a pro in golf by practising regularly on it. The mat certainly prevents damage on the floor or in the garden.

Key Features:

  • The mat is portable and is foldable into a small rectangle for your convenience. You can use it both inside your house and out in the open.
  • The sturdy back prevents damage and is designed to withstand pressure induce by the club.
  • 6 foam balls are added with the mat. As a matter of fact, you can practise and become your best self.
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3. Dura-Pro Plus Premium Commercial Golf Mat

Dura-Pro Plus Premium Commercial Golf Mat

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A mat designed for the harsh conditions of the outside and the homely inside. The Dura-Pro Plus is a premium quality golf mat which exuberates the feeling of a real golf course surface. The mat is rather perfect for all your practise sessions. Made with nylon, the product is structured to withstand pressure and does not chip that easily.

You can now prevent turning up your backyard soil with a simple blow. Moreover, the back of the mat stops the mat from slipping while you swing your club. The nylon design can withstand pressure and is known to cause no damage to the clubs. Hence your golf clubs remain as shiny as the golf mat. Lastly, get the feeling of being on a real golf course with the Dura-Pro Golf Mat.

Key Features:

  • The mat is used both inside the house and outside in your backyard. It is crafted to withstand the harsh sun rays and can remain protected for 8 years from the UV rays.
  • Accessories like a golf tray, extra tees of various types for different situations, are provided with the purchase of the mat.
  • The mat is thick and is denser by 30% than other mats.

2. Dura-Pro Golf Hitting Mats Make All Other Golf Mats Obsolete

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The Dura-Pro Plus Premium Golf Mat certainly ones in various sizes. And this is one which will not fail to impress you. The mat is powerful enough to withstand multiple blows with the club. Furthermore, the 100% nylon material absorbs the shock-induced and keeps the mat looking anew for long.

Also, the non-glued back is crafted to not slip when you play on the mat. Now you do not have to worry about the mat moving around when you practise. Above all, become a pro as it will provide you with all the basic requirements for a perfect golf session.

Key Features:

  • The Dura-pro mat has a strong base and is built to remain safe from the harmful UV rays.
  • Features a density that is much higher than other mats. Hence, it can rather look and perform like a brand new mat for a long time.
  • The mat is made of nylon and it does not affect your hand and arms too much. You also get free accessories like a golf tray and a few tees with the mat.

1. Skylife Portable 3-Turf Golf Hitting Grass Mat

Skylife Portable 3-Turf Golf Hitting Grass Mat

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If you hope to become a pro golf player someday it is best that you start with a mini golf mat. Regular trips to the golf course are a little heavy on your pocket. And so Skylife has brought the experience to your doorstep. Made with 3 different turf surfaces, the mat will prepare you for any kind of course. Hence you will get the experience of the real course in the comfort of your own home. The mat is built to withstand blows with the club and is resistant to chipping and any damage.

Given that, this portable mat is taken outside or inside the house as per your convenience. Also, you can indeed fold the mat into a tiny rectangle and carry it around comfortably.

Key Features:

  • The back of the mat is made of rubber. It also prevents the mat from swaying around when in use.
  • You can save both money and time as the mat prevents the damage of your backyard. Also, keeps you from running to the golf course all the time.

Golf is the game of masters and for you to become one, you have to practise, practise and practise. Go for commercial golf hitting mats and practice vigorously.

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