Best Gymnastics Balance Beams for Home Reviews

Gymnastics is one of the most interesting activities that anyone can engage in at home or in the gym. Whether you are a beginner or a pro gymnast, you definitely need balancing beams to master the art of gymnastics. Gymnastics balance beams are simple, practical and budget-friendly equipment. Most importantly, they do not require some rocket science to install and use. If you have a plan of buying a balance beam, you need some basic information and crucial buying tips. There are so many types of gymnastics beams in the market, each with a different shape, design, material, sturdiness, and price; the reason selecting one out of a thousand models can be such a bewildering and confusing task. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the Best balance beams for gymnastics and training you can find in the market today. Check them out and let me know what you think:

Table of the Best Gymnastics Balance Beams Reviews

10. Z-Athletic Folding Low Balance Beam for Gymnastics and Tumbling

Balance Beams

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If you or your kids are into gymnastics, do not spend your fortune visiting the gym when Z-Athletic Folding Beam got you covered. Instead of spending several bucks visiting expensive gymnastic places, you can comfortably practice backward rills, forwards, turns, cartwheels, dance jumps and back springs in your home. Available in two models; 9ft and 8ft, this gymnastic balancing beam is perfect for both adults and children.

The 9ft model measures 2”×8”×4” while the 8ft model measures 2”×9”×4” but both measure 6” at the bottom. Apart from being lightweight, it can be folded in half for hassle-free storage. Boasting a superior high-density firm cross-linked polyethylene foam construction, this beam won’t let your feet or arms sink no matter the skill you are trying to master. Plus, it is also reinforced with high-quality synthetic suede to prevent wear and tear.

  • Covered with a synthetic suede
  • High-density firm cross-linked polyethylene foam construction
  • Folds half for hassle-free storage
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes in two models; 9ft and 8ft

9. The Beam Store 8-Inch Suede Balance Beam for Kid

The Beam Store 8' Suede Balance Beam

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For a realistic and rich training experience, the 8ft Tan Suede Balance Beam makes a great choice. Measuring 8ft long, 7” high and 4” wide, this beam provides adequate space and stability required for mastering any gymnastic skill. The wood-core construction gives this beam a natural beam giving you the confidence you need when training. It has heavy-grade synthetic suede covering making it durable.

Because of its great grain wood-core construction, it doesn’t require support at the centre yet it has a weight capacity of 250lbs. The 12-inch width makes it possible for pros to find this beam versatile and practical for advanced gymnastic skills. One aspect that sets this unit apart is the ¼” Cross Link PE Foam Padding that is quite impressive not to mention the sides that are rounded and shaped to prevent injury.

  • Synthetic suede covering
  • Strong wood-core construction
  • Weight capacity of 250lbs
  • Reinforced ends to reduce wear

8. Tumbl Trak 4ft Sectional Gymnastics Training Floor Balance Beam

Tumbl Trak 4ft Sectional Gymnastics Training Floor Balance Beam

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Third on the list is the popular Tumbl Track Floor Balance Beam. It is an excellent option that has Velcro on either side making it possible to join it with other beams for a versatile training experience. One adorable aspect of this beam is its 8Inch base that provides optimal stability when practising on the ground. On the other hand, Tumbl Track has a rough 2 layer foam that is reinforced with a smooth synthetic suede cover offering unparalleled firmness.

Moreover, this beam features a lightweight smart design that weighs about 4lbs making it easy to move around with. Also, note that tumbl Track can also be used as P-Bars for floor skills such as back handsprings. Whether you are an industry expert, beginner or former gymnastics coach, you surely will know Tumbl Trak.

  • The beams can be joined with others
  • Smooth synthetic suede cover
  • Smart lightweight design
  • Reputable brand with excellent gymnastic experience

7. Half-Folding Joinable Practice Balance Beam By JuperbSky Gymnastics

 Juperbsky Gymnastics Half Folding and Joinable Suede Floor Foam Practice Balance Beam for kids

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Don’t limit your kids or yourself anymore when it comes to how far you can go to gymnastics. It is the perfect must-have gymnastic tool for cheerleaders and upcoming gymnasts. With a 4” wide top and 6” wide base, JuperbSky boasts impressive stability. Apart from having a lightweight and portable design, it also features Velcro fasteners that come in handy when one wants to connect with other beams. A unique combination of cross-linked polyethylene foam and heavy-duty suede covers makes this beam tough and durable. Overall, it is a great practical and safe gymnastic balancing beam.

  • Comes with Velcro fasteners
  • Heavy-duty suede covers
  • Stable and versatile balancing beam
  • High-density eco-friendly foam

6. Low Floor Folding Wood Core Junior Gymnastic Beam

Junior Gymnastics Balance Beam – 8 Ft Folding Wood

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Instead of denying your little gymnast buddies the opportunity of training and practising a lot in the excuse of accessing gymnastic equipment, grab the Junior Gymnastic Beam and enjoy the self-controlled experience. It is a versatile 8ft hardware piece that will allow your little buddies to practice somersaults, leaps, jumps, handstands, walkovers, and Donkey Kicks. When it is time to take a rest after a long-practising day, you can fold the balance beam half and store under the sofa.

The foam top, wood core, and the premium synthetic suede make the Junior Beam stand out from its competitors. Overall, the Junior Wood Core Balancing Beam is a practical, stylish and safe gymnastic equipment that will always keep your buddies busy.

  • Easy to store
  • Foam top and synthetic suede
  • Non-slip base prevents injury
  • Perfect way for kids to practice while building their confidence

5. Springee Folding Gymnastic Beam for Kids & Teens

Folding Gymnastic Beam for Girls, Boys, Teens

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The Springee is one of the most innovative gymnastic equipment ever invented. If you want to unlock the athlete or gymnastic potential of your little buddy, grab the groundbreaking Springee 9.5ft beam. Unlike other cheap alternatives, this beam features an extra firm support and can support up to 140lbs. Even better, it is lightweight for easy portability and has a non-slip gripper base to prevent injury.

Regardless of your moves or tricks, Springee Folding Beam remains to be a safe and practical gymnastic equipment. It also boasts a durable Suede Covering that is non-slip. Moreover, small bumps prevent slippage on the floor. To boost stability, this beam has 6” at the bottom and 4” wide top. If you are looking for a safe way to build the confidence of your buddies at home, nothing beats Springee Folding Gymnastic Beam Balance, it is worth it!

  • Space saving design
  • Extra stability
  • Perfect gymnastic equipment for building confidence
  • Safe and easy training for your little buddies

4. Sectional 9ft Foldable Foam Floor Balance Beam for Kid

 Kids Gymnastics Sectional Foldable Floor Balance Beam for Skill Performance Training

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Take your beam balancing skills a level higher with Best Choice Products 9ft Gymnastic Foldable Balance Beam. Measuring 108.25”L×6.75” W×3”H, you can’t beat this model when your kids want to perfect their moves at home. Featuring superior vinyl construction and medium density foam, this beam makes the perfect option for training and practicing handstands, leaps, and walkovers.

Any gymnastic lover will appreciate the on-the-go practice design of Best Choice Products. Plus, the lightweight, compact and foldable design makes this beam your best companion and friend. On a full size, this beam has a length of 9ft and offers a balancing surface of 4”, the reason it is stable and friendly for both experienced gymnastics and newbies.

  • Foldable and easy to store design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Vinyl construction
  • Perfect for both beginners and pro gymnastics

8. Ajeta 8ft Long Beam Balance for Beginners & Professional Gymnasts

Gymnastics Balance Beam with Carry Bag

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The 8ft Gymnastic Balance Beam strikes a balance between softness and firmness so as to build the confidence of your young gymnast. When safety is your top priority, look no further than this balance beam. Engineered with heavy-duty EVA foam and non-slip faux-suede exterior, your child will enjoy practising handsprings, dismounts, and cartwheels. It is also designed to prevent injuries caused by ankle rolls. Let the sports star experience the feel of flipping on professional non-slip beams.

When you want to master the art of beam balance gymnastic and take your confidence a notch higher, these beams are unquestionable. With a 4” top surface and 4” height, expect impressive stability that will allow you to practice any skill. Apart from being professional, this beam features a lightweight design that can be folded for hassle-free storage.

  • Intelligent and durable design
  • Premium quality
  • Safe and ideal for high beam moves
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Non-slip faux-suede cover

9. REEHUT 9′ Low Profile Gymnastics Floor Balance Beam for Training

REEHUT 9' Folding Floor Balance Beam Low Profile Gymnastics Skill Performance Training

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This full-size 9-foot length beam is another impressive model that will impressive gymnastic fanatics. REEHUT 9” Folding Floor Balance Beam makes a perfect choice for young gymnasts that practice leaps, jumps, donkey kicks with great enthusiasm and confidence. Soft double plush cover and the high-density firm foam core provides a firm and comfortable gymnastic platform. On the top surface, this beam measures 4” but the 7” bottom is wide for extra durability. No more spending several bucks visiting gymnastic places, at the comfort of your home, practice forward and backward rolls, dance jumps, round off, cartwheels and much more.

  • Folds half for easy storage
  • Safe for younger kids
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Soft double plush cover
  • High-density foam core construction

1. Folding Floor 10ft Gymnastic Balance Beam – XTEK GYM

Gymnastics Balance Beam: Low Profile, Soft, Folding Floor Gymnastics Equipment for Kids

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Made from high-density EVA foam and covered with suede-like material, the XTEK Gymnastic Balance Beam is another premium model that does a pretty decent job. It an ideal option when you want to keep your little gymnastic buddies busy and safe at the same time. It is a foldup equipment that can be easily stored in some corner or closet. Being 10ft long with a 4” balancing surface, this is a low profile beam perfect for training handstands, leaps, walkovers, cartwheels and much more. Being a ground level beam, it is the perfect choice for young beginners and for pros learning new skills. Apart from being durable, XTEK Folding Gymnastic Beam is lightweight and highly portable.

  • Low profile balance beam
  • Portable and durable
  • Strong and comfortable; doesn’t go flat
  • Perfect for both beginners and pro gymnasts