Best Honey Extractors and Honey Spinners Reviews

Extracting honey out of the honeycombs is nothing less than an art. It requires meticulous handing of the honeycombs so that nothing goes on waste. To help in easing the process, the honey extractors were invented. One doesn’t need to worry anymore as it will help in extracting the best out of every batch. It will not have any risk of contamination and you can even monitor through the lid. As a matter of fact, you can fit in a lot of frames.

For a detailed idea about every product, we have jotted the top products of every brand. Check the comparison to get more knowledge about every product.

Table of the Best Honey Extractors

Table of the Best Honey Extractors Reviews

10. VIVO New Large 2 Frame Stainless Steel Manual Crank Honey Bee Extractor SS Honeycomb Spinner

Honey Extractors

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Vivo offers you a manual honey extractor that delivers you quick performance for many years to come. Next, its size alone may be enough to impress you. It has two frame designs with a diameter of 15-inches and stands 24-inches tall. That allows you to extract huge volumes of honey at a single time before you transfer it to a container. The honey extractor also stands out in terms of quality since it is mostly made from stainless steel. As a result, it is durable and can last you for a long time since it also has quite a bit of corrosion resistance.

Unlike other extractors, this one also comes with see-through lids. So, when you rotate the frames by using the lever you can see the honey extraction from above. It also helps you to know when it’s time to insert new frames. You can also carry the extractor easily with the help of two side handles.

Key features:

  • Mirror polished finish gives the extractor an attractive look when it stands out in your backyard.
  • Metal gearing is enclosed and protected for a long-lasting design.
  • Basket support is raised so that you can have a less messy extraction.

9. Honey Keeper Stainless Steel Honey Extractors Beekeeping Equipment Honeycomb Drum

Honey Keeper Stainless Steel Honey Extractors

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Honey Keeper offers you a great tool to extract honey in an efficient way. When it comes to construction, this extractor has been forged from thick stainless steel. Hence, it can stand the test of time and can resist the signs of aging and corrosion like rust formations. Whether you maintain just one or as many as 10 hives, this two-frame honey extractor will perfectly suit your needs.

The 2 frame design is also versatile enough to support different sizes of frames, including even deep frames. Plus, the extractor has been designed with a lot of careful thought. That shows in the ground clearance. It stands 15-inches above the ground so that you can place a large bucket under the extractor.

Key features:

  • Steel gears and bearings are sealed for optimum performance and longevity.
  • It is indeed cleaned easily with regular warm soapy water.
  • The 5 gallons capacity will help you to extract a huge amount at a time.

8. Goplus Manual Honey Extractors – Stainless Steel Honey Separator

Goplus Manual Honey Extractors - Stainless Steel Honey Separator

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If you want solid build quality and peerless functionality, then GoPlus has just the right product for you. This stainless steel honey extractor has a solid design. To be precise, this has the capacity to extract honey from two frames of different sizes at the same time. At the top, you have a gearing mechanism that is completely sealed and protected from honey.

This helps to keep the most important vulnerable part of this machine free from damage and honey. So, you won’t have to clean the gear every time you extract honey.

Key features:

  • Assembly is easy and effortless in every way.
  • With a spring clutch attached to the handle, you get safe and easy operation.
  • Stainless steel body won’t rust or corrode easily.

7. BestEquip Manual Honey Bee Extractor – Stainless Steel Honeycomb Spinner

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Bestequip provides you with one of the best heavy-duty honey extractors money can buy. It has a set of two hive frames holders that spin with the speed you deliver. The holders along with the barrel are made from strong heavy-duty steel. Therefore, you can rely on your investment for a long time.

At the top, you will also see a sealed encasing that has the gearing mechanism inside it. This helps to keep those components from getting damaged by honey and your honey from getting spoiled by the gear lubricants.

Key features:

  • Having seamless welding, the extractor looks stunning.
  • Due to the crank handle, you can smoothly extract tasty honey.
  • With the top lid, you can completely cover the interior and prevent honey from spilling out.

6. VIVO Electric 4 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor – Honeycomb Drum Spinner

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Another fabulous product from Vivo that lets you extract honey without expending manual labor. The four frame design is unique since it allows you to fit in more frames in a compact space. However, your options aren’t limited due to the compact form factor. You can effortlessly fit in frames of varying sizes that range from shallow to deep. You can extract an appreciable quantity of honey in a single time with a drum diameter of over 18-inches and a height of over 23-inches.

With this extractor, you can kiss those days goodbye when you tipped the extractor to get out all your honey. This one features a gate opening that is positioned perfectly at just half an inch over the bottom of the barrel. Hence most of your honey can flow out freely without your rocking or shaking the extractor. You won’t have to involve yourself in grueling cleaning sessions either. The all-metal gearing is enclosed to keep off honey and for increasing the lifetime of the gearing mechanism.

Key features:

  • With a one year warranty, you can keep making changes to the faulty products.
  • Simple speed dial allows you to control the speed of rotation of the frames.
  • Electric motor performs quietly so that you or the neighbors aren’t disturbed.

5. BestEquip Electric Honey Extractor with Stand for Beekeeper

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This product from Bestequip brings you the same reliability of their manual machine with the convenience of an electric motor. It has a flawless construction with a stainless steel body devoid of any welding seams. Don’t worry about the safety since the stainless steel used in this extractor is of food grade. Plus, it doesn’t degrade for a long period. You can put all your energy into beekeeping. And enjoy the taste of honey when you have a 1300 RPM electric motor doing all the labor for you.

Furthermore, the humanized honey extractor design will let you use it without any struggle and it is easier to assemble.

Key features:

  • Motor supports different speeds of operation.
  • This has a heavy-duty handle that will make the extraction process extremely simple.
  • The honey gate is right at the bottom for tip-free honey collection.

4. GoodLand Bee Supply Electric Honey Motorized Extractor With Stand

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Goodland Bee Supply provides you with an excellent honey motorized extractor that lets you take care of honey extraction without breaking a sweat. You don’t need to rotate a small lever endlessly anymore. This extractor is powered by an efficient electric motor that spins the frames for you. You also get a great level of control over the speed of rotation. At the top, you get a speed control knob to help you do that with ease.

In terms of frame compatibility, you get a wide range. At the same time, you can insert two frames inside the extractor as long as they have a width of 11-inches or less and height limited to 17-inches.

Key features:

  • The top has durable transparent Plexiglas that lets you keep a close eye on the extraction process.
  • It functions on 110V power for swift performance.
  • With the legs, you can tip the extractor with a lot of support to unload honey.

3. XtremepowerUS Honey Extractor – Honeycomb Drum Bee Honey Harvest with Uncapping Knife

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Xtremepower brings forward plenty of features that make it stand out from the generic products in the market. You get superb durability since it has stainless steel all the way from the body to the frame holder. You don’t even need to worry about rusting and cleaning is easy enough with some soapy water. In terms of compatibility, it leads the pack. That means you can insert frames of shallow, deep and medium depths inside the extractor.

Finally, it doesn’t lack vanity either and the silver color especially makes it an eye candy for beekeepers.

Key features:

  • At 26 pounds, it is lightweight compared to other models.
  • Two handles on either side help you carry it with relative ease.
  • The drum’s height goes up to 31-inches for extracting a lot of products.

2. VINGLI Upgraded Honey Extractor Separator

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This upgraded extractor from Vingli has a lot to offer when compared to previous models and the rest of the competition in the market. The best thing about this honey extractor is its exceptional build quality. It has been manufactured from stainless steel that doesn’t just last you for years but has been polished meticulously. It also has adjustable legs that let you place buckets of different sizes under the extractor.

With a big bucket, you don’t have to swap out a new one every time and save your energy for extracting honey. You don’t need to worry about any stability issues either. It features legs made from stainless steel that sport the same strength and can even be anchored to your floor. So, even if you decide to rotate the drum really fast you won’t have to fear to tip the extractor.

Key features:

  • Steel construction gives it a high level of resistance against rusting.
  • New honey gate design eliminates to need for installation from both sides.
  • It can fit in two frames of all types of depth at the same time.

1. GOODLAND BEE SUPPLY Hardin Professional Manual Honey Extractor

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Another amazing product from Goodland that has all the features you look for in an extractor. Others may provide you with extractors made from stainless steel. However, this one is made from thick 16 gauge steel that is much more durable than most products offered by the competition. Even the gears are made from steel and have sealed bearings so that they can perform at optimum levels.

You won’t have trouble monitoring honey extraction either. The top has a Plexiglas lid that lets you take a quick peek inside.

Key features:

  • The rounded knob on clear lid for easy opening.
  • The great news is that it is used with or without the legs.

Every batch of honey will be as fresh as expected. The honey extractor machine will make the best product in the most organic way.

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