Top 10 Best Electric Hot Air Brushes for Fine Hair Reviews In 2020

Instead of going to the salon, spending hundreds of dollars and waiting for your appointment. Now you can style your hair easily at the comfort of your home with hot air brushes that is diverse in nature. Air brush it, straighten it or curl it, all is done with this one device. All you need to do is to set it up properly and it is ready to go. Plus, the new innovations in the airbrush industry have led to the introduction of top-notch products.

So which one to buy? How to decide on the best hot air brush buy? This article is written in a simple way to help people have a better knowledge of the products.

Table of the Best Hot Air Brushes Reviews

10. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brushes

Hot Air Brushes

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Revlon has brought to you an innovative solution for your hair grooming needs at an affordable price. The round hot airbrush design with rounded heads lets you detangle your hair easily. It indeed gives it a voluminous look that doesn’t come from generic combs. Small slit air vents are spread evenly throughout the surface to channel warm air. Therefore, soften your hair for easy grooming. This kind of distribution of air vents also helps to dry your hair faster since it covers more area.

No need to go through hours of the struggle for some simple styling. Revlon has also equipped this dryer brush with their Ionic Technology. Furthermore, this uses negative ions to maintain the neutral charge on the surface of your hair. Thus, it makes it look shiny and smooth. Lastly, ceramic coating dies wonders with good and even heat penetration.

Key features:

  • Your hair has such natural lustre without any frizziness that it seems like you have conditioned them that very day.
  •  Extremely lightweight at less than 2 pounds.
  • Uses 1100 watts of power and certainly has three heat settings from cool to high
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9. John Frieda Hot Air Brushes

John Frieda Hot Air Brush

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With 500 watts of power, this hot airbrush from John Frieda would dry and style your hair within a single step. Next, you would be able to achieve that salon look which would make people awestruck. The barrel is made up of titanium ceramic material.

It certainly uses ionic action that dries and detangles your hair gently while giving you that perfect volume. Moreover, it has densely packed bristles which separate your hair nicely. Thus, it does overall even heating while the soft round nylon heads massage your scalp.

Key features:

  • The compact hot air brush is enough to easily fit inside your handbag.
  • Along with two heat settings you rather get a cool setting.
  • Long cord with swivel action allows more freedom and a mess-free experience while styling your hair.

8. LARMHOI Hot Air Brushes with Straightening, Curling & Fast Drying

LARMHOI Hot Air Brush with Straightening, Curling & Fast Drying

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Larmhoi brings you an amazing hot air dryer brush that lets you dry, curl, straighten or style your hair whenever you like. It has three settings which include cool, low and high and depending on your needs you can easily select one. The handle has a rounded and curved design, as a matter of fact, fits well into your hand. Plus, it gives you a soft grip which makes the use of this brush more comfortable.

You also have rounded soft tips. Therefore, when it comes in contact with your scalp for a good stimulation, it helps in better blood circulation. Due to this, you rather have a healthy scalp which is, in turn, better for your long hair. It also comes with a long cord which is swivelled a full 360-degrees in all directions. That’s why you can use it with more freedom and get more manoeuvrability.

Unlike products from other manufacturers, this one has airflow vents that are designed for the good overall distribution of heat. This leads to less hair damage over time with a better drying action.

Key features:

  • 1 kW of power is indeed more than enough for generating good even heating.
  • The cord has a length of 2m which gives you a lot of range.
  • Healthy and better-looking hair with Ionic technology.

7. Xlinder Jinri Hot Air Brushes – 1000 Watt

Xlinder Jinri Hot Brush - 1000 Watt 

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This brush does the job of 5 appliances or styling tools alone saving you a significant sum for investment elsewhere. Well, this ceramic hot airbrush acts as a dryer, volumizer, straightener, styler brush and a curler. The tip of the brush is always cold unlike the barrel so that it doesn’t cause any accidents.

In addition to that, the controls are indeed simple as well. Just turn it on and control the heat with a single setting button. No complicated systems and easy-to-use instructions make it suitable for even the amateur who wants affordable styling at home.

Key features:

  • Bristles are certainly made from a non-toxic nylon material which is durable for long time use.
  • A comfortable handle is that offers a solid grip.
  • Received recognition and certification from ETL.
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6. Beite Ceramic Blow Dryer Lightweight Hot Air Modeling Brush

Beite Ceramic Blow Dryer Lightweight Hot Air Modeling Brush

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You get revolutionary ceramic tourmaline barrel with this hot airbrush. Ceramic is really a wondrous material that is preferred over gold in the beauty industry. It doesn’t pull or tug at your hair, just glides through it, causing significantly low damage.

Tourmaline crystal, on the other hand, releases negative ions that make your hair smooth, shiny and locks in moisture.

Moreover, you get this at a very reasonable price that wouldn’t break the bank. Having horsehair bristle grips, it certainly aids in having a firm grasp of the hair. Above all, the soft texture keeps your scalp safe against scratches or anything. So grab this amazing product from Beite before stock runs out.

Key features:

  • The cord swivels in all directions and has a sufficient length of 9-feet.
  • 2-inch barrel along with the bristles indeed act as good volumizer.
  • Uses 1000 watts for 2 hot air brush heating speeds with easy controls.

5. HiEHA Hot Air Brush, One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

One Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

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Hieha offers you a feature-rich hot airbrush that gives you all the convenience and none of the hassles. You indeed get to choose between three settings of low, medium and high. Next, you can use the low setting for high airspeed at low temperatures. For that reason, it doesn’t damage your hair, while medium setting a warm temperature at low airflow for styling.

Finally, the high setting offers you both high temperature and airflow for curling and straightening your hair. Rival brands can’t offer such a comprehensive solution.

Key features:

  • Operates at the common North American voltage of rather 110 volts.
  • Provides airflow within 160-degrees Celcius to 200-degrees Celsius.

4. PLYRFOCE Negative Ionv Straighten & Curl Volumizer Brush for All Hair Types

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Instead of damaging your hair with extra heat, this brush uses tourmaline technology that is used in many high-end salons. With the help of infra-red heat, it creates a lot of negative ions. As a result, it is gentle on your hair and leaves you with a gorgeous, smooth and silky finish. If you have used any corded device, then you are familiar with the tearing or breaking of the cord. This indeed happens due to a solid hard collar that damages the cord over time.

However, this brush has a swivelling cord. Hence, it eliminates that problem and allows free movement free from any hindrance. While the use of blower can make your hair frizzy, this airbrushes from Plyrfoce smoothes your hair without damaging your scalp in any way. The teeth are densely packed to penetrate well plus the intelligently designed vents then dry your hair from the inside out. Lastly, giving you fluffy and stylish hair that would become everyone’s envy at the party has now become easy.

Key features:

  • At one and a half pounds it is light enough to not strain your muscles.
  • Has 3 heat setting and uses 1000 watts of electric power.
  • Smooth rounded tips are certainly good for massaging the scalp.
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3. JOYYUM 1000W Hot Air Spin Brush for Styling

JOYYUM 1000W Hot Air Spin Brush for Styling

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Joyyum gives you a modular styling tool that has detachable brushes for different purposes. For smaller curls, you can use the smaller 1.5-inch brush while the larger 2-inch brush helps in good voluminous curls. You don’t need to rotate the brush by yourself either. Just press it against your hair and press the button. Furthermore, it rather has a motor which rotates the brush for effortless styling.

Having auto-rotating curling features, it is perfectly suitable for all sorts of hairstyles. Lastly, the brush is both ceramic as well as tourmaline coated; as a result, the hair’s health is maintained.

Key features:

  • The brush can indeed rotate in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
  • Along with a cool setting, you get two different heat settings.

2. Vtakol Professional One-Step Hot Air Brush

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Vtakol has a tubular round body that lets you easily volumise and curl the ends with a single pass. No need to go through 3 or four tiring steps. It uses high tech ionic technology. Therefore, decreases the diameter of water droplets for better airflow with the help of negative ions. This way your hair becomes smooth and healthy with a shiny look.

One of the main reasons that heating can damage hair is due to the uncontrollable rate of heat. As a matter of fact, it can dry out the moisture inside the hair to make it very weak. Vtakol prevents that by coating the barrel with ceramic tourmaline. So you won’t have to deal with broken follicles and increased rate of hair fall after using this product.

Key features:

  • You get 24 months to claim the warranty.
  • Safety plug is certified by ETL, one of the reliable nationally recognised testing laboratories.
  • Light enough for effortless use.

1. ZPin Direct Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brushes

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Instead of a single bristle, this brush uses dual bristles made of nylon. Plus, the ceramic tourmaline barrel aids in the detangling process due to its non-static design. The honeycomb design can also blow warm air with more power. Well, it ultimately reduces the times you have to run the brush through your hair for drying and styling.

Furthermore, now your hair is exposed to the brush and heat for shorter durations and experiences less damage.

Key features:

  • Maintaining the brush doesn’t take a lot of time or effort.
  • Is rather installed with a powerful motor.
  • The 9-feet cord is large enough for you to hold the brush and move it around as you please.

Worried about styling your hair? The adjustable hot airbrushes will maintain the lustre of your hair and keep it healthy for you.

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