Best Kids Desks and Chair Set Reviews

Developing a proper posture of the child, cultivating the interest of studying and so much more is done once you own kids desks. These desks are designed in a way that will catch the eyes of the children, Having the premium construction, it can withstand all the tortures of your child. The designs and sizes are many and so are the styles. As a matter of fact, the taste of the products is different in every child.

Hence, we have jotted down a wide array of products in our children’s desk buying guide. The products are thoroughly reviewed and you will certainly get the best.

Table of the Best Kids Desks Reviews

10. VIVO Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set

Kids Desks

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One day the child is born and before you know it, the child is ready to start his education. However mighty that sounds, the little one needs a desk and chair ideal for him to go on with the job. For such occasions, Vivo presents its collected.

Having a solid steel frame construction, this height adjustable children’s desk and chair pair are certainly strong. The solid steel frame ensures that he set is not affected even after the most rugged use. It is moulded and crafted to produce an ergonomically efficient study set. As a result, it prevents slouching and helps maintain body posture to a great extent.

Key features:

  • 1-inch tilt -stoppers are provided in the desk. It avoids the accidental pinching of kid’s hands.
  • The height of both the table and the chair is adjustable. This whole set can grow with your child, going on adapting him.

9. Mecor Kids Study Desk – School Student Sturdy Table with Lamp

Mecor Children Desk and Chair Set - School Student Sturdy Table with Lamp

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When a toddler grows into a child, the first thing to do is for them to start an education. This demands the availability of a proper desk and chair set and what better than this. It features a steel frame with E1 grade MDF desktop that is given a non-reflecting coating to protect eyes.

This is a fine desk with even a lamp affixed to the desktop. Moreover, the heights of both the desk and the chair are increased or decreased to suit your child. And even allow the desk to grow with your child. The desktop is indeed tilted to an angle of 40° to allow for ease of reading or doing any work. Therefore, this ensures ergonomic use and proper posture without slouching.

Key Features:

  • A lamp is attached to the children’s desk with storage. It certainly presents three different modes of brightness settings to aid your child while studying.
  • Drawer setup ingrained in the desk to store colour pencils, drawing books and so on.
  • The pieces come separate, but all the pieces are well labelled.
  • The desk is set up in just a minute.

8. FDW Study Children Desk and Chair Set with Storage Blue

FDW Study Children Desk and Chair Set with Storage Blue

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A table specially crafted for the sake of your child, this is your child’s study buddy. The application of technology is indeed perfect. It is made in such a way that the height of both the desk and the chair is adjusted accordingly. Not only that, the construction is completely ergonomic, meaning that it prevents your child from slouching. It makes good posture a priority that even improves blood circulation.

Furthermore, a children’s desk drawer is attached to it. Therefore, it is deemed to store all the artilleries of the student be it colour pencils, drawing books and so on. The desktop above it is tilted up from an angle of 0° to 40° which helps in reading properly. Lastly, the stopper at the user’s end ensures that nothing that your child is working on ever falls off the desk.

Key Features:

  • Has a Medium Density Fibreboard construction that is rather coated with non-reflective paint to keep child’s eyes safe.
  • Steel construction gives it a durable toughness and strength- it is built to last.
  • The desk needs assembling but that is very easy and set up is done in minutes.

7. Mount-It! Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk for Kids

Mount-It! Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk for Kids

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It is a fantastic addition as it aids the child to study while blending with the room’s décor. Firstly, the modernistic children’s desk design gives it versatility for placing it anywhere. Next, the design has also entrapped ergonomic elements making this a super-efficient desk. The ergonomic body makes sure that your child never slouches and keeps on maintaining good posture while studying.

Besides, the set is crafted from a steel frame arranged in such a manner that the height is altered. As a matter of fact, this feature is ingrained in both the desk and the chair. Hence, one can use it for a long time to come. The desktop rather has pull-out storage to preserve your child’s study paraphernalia under the desk.

Key features:

  • The desk and chair have a height that is certainly increased up to 9-inches.
  • The desktop is tilted. One can even tilt the angle and maintain it between 0° to 40°. Hence, the inclination is always correct for proper reading.

6. Mecor Height Adjustable Kids Writing Table with Bookshelf

Mecor Height Adjustable Kids Writing Table with Bookshelf

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The Mecor Kids Desk has a quirky look that suits the energy of a child. It will certainly suit your child from a young age. Having adjustable height functionality, it allows this desk to grow with the child and ensure a long term use. The adjustable height also ensures that your child is always in the correct position to conduct his studies.

In addition to that, the desk top is tiltable so as to provide ease in reading. The desk and chair set to come as pieces that need to be fixed together. Above all, every piece is very well labelled such that setup takes only a few minutes.

Key features:

  • The height adjustable feature is very efficient. It can indeed accommodate any children between the ages of 5 to 15 years.
  • Features an ergonomic design that helps improve and maintain the child’s posture, preventing slouches.
  • The backrest of the chair is of W-style to provide utmost comfort.

5. FDW Ergonomic Height Adjustable Study Desk for Kids

FDW Ergonomic Height Adjustable Study Desk for Kids

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This set is loaded with loads and loads of features such that it goes on functioning for a long time. A major feature of this desk is that its height is changeable. Besides, it is maintained in such a manner such the child’s feet are always flat on the ground while studying and his back straight. The ergonomic component of design ensures the correct most posture for your child.

The desk is constructed out of MDF board and to provide it more stability, it has a solid steel frame construction. Finally, it reduces fatigue, tiredness and any negative impact.

Key features:

  • A desktop that tilts, this desk is the perfect partner for reading. The tilt is certainly up to 40°.
  • Before use, the desk needs assembly, and that is not at all a tedious job. The components fit smoothly into one another and the desk is ready in minutes.
  • The children’s desk weighs only 36.5 pounds. Hence, a lightweight choice

4. Yosooo Children Study Table and Chair for Kids with Lamp

Yosooo Children Study Table and Chair for Kids with Lamp

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Yosooo is a reputed maker of excellent children’s desk and chair sets. This set has a brilliant design and has even adopted a lamp on the table top.  It is designed in such a manner that it helps reduce the clutter. Plus, there is a storage area underneath the desktop to keep all the study materials and stationery.

However, the top houses a book stand wherein a child can rest a book and read it comfortably. Being a multi-functional product, one can indeed use it in many ways. The legs of this desk have high-quality metal construction. As a result, you are provided with unquestionable longevity.

Key features:

  • The study lamp is rather loaded with a touch control switch. It can monitor the brightness at 3 different levels.
  • The chair and table are increased in height as your child grows thus serving for a long time.

3. DC Super Friends Kids Wood Desk and Chair Set 

DC Super Friends Kids Wood Desk and Chair Set 

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This is a fashionable desk and chair set for children that are crafted by Delta Children. Bearing with a child’s imaginative interests this desk features DC characters for their fun. The chair is also a storehouse having a drawer.

Nonetheless, this drawer can house all the child’s study belongings and stationary materials. The top surface is made scratch resistant such that it stays good and new for a long time.

Key features:

  • The use of engineered wood makes this a desirable product.
  • This is a super safe desk and has certainly surpassed all safety regulations of the CSPC.

2. The House of Trade Student Desk for Kids

The House of Trade Student Desk for Kids

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It is the one stop solution to get a wonderful desk and chair set for your child. The desks are constructed from heavy-duty steel and thus they are brilliant additions to the classroom. Its quirky design makes it a perfect fit for the home environment too.

Moreover, the desk is equipped with a humongous storage area underneath the desktop. This storage area is rather designed to hold pencils, crayons, colour pencils, drawing books and so for your child. In conclusion, it is a perfect choice in every way.

Key features:

  • With the changeable height of desk and chair, this set goes on and on.
  • This set certainly comes along with a warranty of 3 years to cover any damage to it.
  • The set-up of this desk is very easy and hardly takes 3 to 5 minutes.

1. ApexDesk Little Soleil Adjustable Kids School Desk with Shelf and Drawer 

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The best amongst the lot, it is a 2nd generation desk. It has a crossbar affixed that increases the stability manifolds. Next, it also houses a grand drawer and even a shelf on the top, thus being both classy and handy.

Furthermore, the desktop is adjusted between heights of 21” to 31”. Hence, it allows the child to be fitted in for a long time to come. In this desk, the corners and edges can never hurt your child as they are rubber padded. Lastly, the chair that comes with this desk is super comfortable and highly efficient too.

Key Features:

  • Desktop surface is given a coating of scratch-resistant substance.
  • Within the chair, both the seat and the backrest are separately adjusted to bring in a degree of versatility.
  • With locking casters, the chair is designed to swivel up to 15° to the left or to the right.

Let your child study in fun. Give them a sturdy children’s desk to study in and things will obviously change for better.

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