Best Outdoor Lamp Post Lights for Street & Garden

The lamp post lights are the new trend in the market. They do not only illuminate your garden or driveway but also gives it a classy outlook. Furthermore, they also make sure that you get great savings on your electricity bill. In other words, this is something you should opt for if you want to uphold the economical side while creating the perfect ambience for your garden.

In this article, we have selected and reviewed ten best lamp post lights. It will save you from the trouble of going through endless options. So, read our article and make the best choice.

Table of the Best Lamp Post Lights Reviews

10. Kemeco Outdoor LED Solar Lamp Post Lights with Planter

Lamp Post Lights

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Kemeco has brought to you a post light which is good for the environment, for your power savings and the aesthetics of your garden or driveway. Next, the design is inspired by the colonial era and gives you a sense of antiquity with the contours and pointed post. The post has three parts and along with the housing it has been crafted from strong and lightweight aluminium. So it has immunity to rusting and doesn’t get affected by dust or mist easily.

It provides you with incredible power savings and saves you from the hassle of wire with its solar-powered design. Efficient monocrystalline solar cells convert sunlight to electricity and power up the Nickel Metal Hydride battery throughout the day. As the sun starts to set in and dusk arrives an ambient light sensor automatically detects the external illumination and switches on the LEDs. This brilliant design of the solar lamp post light saves you a lot of time, labour and even money

Key features:

  • Features a generous warranty period of 12 months.
  • Large 2300 mAh battery can power the 6 LED chips for a long time.
  • Emits cozy warm white light that goes well with the decor.

9. Sterno Home Solar LED Street Post Light  for Patio Garden

Sterno Home Solar LED Street Post Light  for Patio Garden

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Made from cast aluminium and without any wires, this lamppost light from Sterno Home is one of the most stable and easy to install models on the market. It has a solar panel on the top which charges its inbuilt battery for lighting the LEDs at night.

No need to call a professional for hundreds of dollars for installing and connecting it to the power supply at your home. As a matter of fact, the 12 LED pieces together provide 50 lumens of brightness

Key features:

  • Cool white light looks much better than the traditional bright white in this LED lamp post light.
  • You get a set of 3 Ni-MH batteries that are charged by the solar panels.

8. Greluna Solar Outdoor Lamp Post Lights for Garden, Lawn & Planter

Greluna Solar Outdoor Lamp Post Lights for Garden, Lawn & Planter

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Greluna’s lamp lights have such a timeless and convenient design that they are used anywhere around your home or business for safety and beautification. You get three light housings on a single lamp post. These housings are mounted on the double arms and require very simple installation. You don’t need to call a professional since you don’t have to worry about the power supply.

At the tip of each light, you get the solar panel and the whole structure along with the panels is waterproof. You also get a sturdy base which can distribute the weight of the post and lights equally on the ground and is anchored with 3 sturdy screws. Furthermore, each light is powered by a rechargeable AA lamp post light battery with a capacity of 600 mAh.

Nothing is drawn from your power supply and so you enjoy great savings on your energy bill.

Key features:

  • No need to go through a tangled mess of wires and figuring out the correct connection.
  • 2-volt batteries are easily replaceable.
  • Plastic lights don’t suffer from rusting.
  • No need to do anything other than routine cleaning and maintenance for long-lasting use.

7. Greluna Solar Powered Lamp Post Lights

Solar Powered Vintage Street Lights for Lawn

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While others are offering interesting design, Greluna offers you design with functionality. It has a high strength construction that is durable and can take on all the weather elements easily.

Rated at IP45, rain, dust or wind doesn’t have any effect on the performance of this light. It glows bright and can lighten up the front of your garage, your lawn or your entrance with style.

Key Features:

  • The vintage lamp post light has a switch that allows you to get the light on low or high brightness. So you can choose among more brightness or longer runtime.
  • High-quality Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 800 mAh.
  • Comes with all the screws and hardware you require for installation.

6. Sun-Ray Madison 3-Head Solar LED Lamp Post

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Sun-Ray has brought to you a product that assimilates nature with technology beautifully. It has a vintage look which adds its own charm to the surroundings. You can use it for your garden, near the swimming pool or your front lawn. It is definitely going to turn a lot of heads and grabs several eyeballs in appreciation.

The post has three lamp heads with bevelled glass making up a total of 6 panes. Inside each lamp head, you get 6 LED chips that are very bright but use extremely less power compared to traditional metal halide bulbs. The product has aluminium construction which naturally doesn’t have the weakness of iron in terms of vulnerability to water exposure and being heavy.

Instead, it is light, resistant to weather elements and also has powder coating as an extra layer of protection. You also get a planter made from a polyresin material that isn’t affected by dirt, soil or moisture. This lets you have a lush green and blooming plant at the base of your light post

Key features:

  • Planter has a diameter of 18-inches. You can mount it as well.
  • Switch the lights on or off manually or have it operate automatically with the ambient sensor.
  • One gets around 120 lumens of illumination from the light.

5.  Solar Smart Creations Triple-Head Street Vintage Garden Solar Lamp Post Lights

 Solar Smart Creations Triple-Head Street Vintage Garden Solar Lamp Post Lights

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At the top of this lamp post you get three lights in a durable plastic housing with curved arms that have a familiar, yet distant vintage look. It offers you a classic design that is loved throughout generations with modern technology.

The best thing about this lamp post is its versatility. You can adjust its height to a lower or higher elevation from you depending on your preference. With integrated ambient sensor you don’t have to go through the trouble of switching the light on or off every day.

Key features:

  • Superior quality LEDs has certification from CE.
  • Lightweight lamp post lights at around 7.5 pounds.

4. Kemeco LED Cast Aluminum Solar Lamp Post Lights with Planter Arm Hook 

Kemeco LED Cast Aluminum Solar Lamp Post Lights with Planter Arm Hook 

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Kemeco has made a great post light that also allows you to have a planter at its base. Compared to other manufacturers it has wide solar panels with a larger surface area. So it can capture more sunlight for quickly charging the AA batteries. These batteries make up a capacity of 1000 mAh.

Therefore, they can release the accumulated power at night and light up your garden with the help of this lamp’s highly efficient LED. You don’t have to worry about anything after the purchase either since this lamp post comes with a one year warranty.

Key features:

  • Batteries have an operating voltage of 1.2 volts.
  • The post indeed has a stainless steel construction.
  • Automatically switches on the light at dusk to save you the hassle.

3. Trans Globe Lighting BRZ Outdoor Villa Nueva Black Bronze Pole Lights

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This lamp post from Trans Glove is of extremely high quality and has to detail on a whole different level compared to other competitors. It has a body made from aluminium so that you get strength and stability without any of the bulk. It is lighter than iron, but much more durable than cheap plastic alternatives that other brands offer.

You have contoured and intricate craftsmanship at the base and the lamps themselves show fabulous intricate patterns and symmetry. With this light, you would be able to give your garden a vintage makeover that pleases your eyes. The lamp itself has been covered on all sides by glass panes which have a few metal patterns on them.

So when the light is switched on, you don’t just get illumination, but also a beautiful shadow projection

Key features:

  • Stands around 8 ft tall.
  • Standard E26 socket gives you high compatibility with various sorts of bulbs.
  • A total of 3 lamps can provide a lot of soft illumination for a great atmosphere.

2. John Timberland Casa Sorrento Outdoor Light Post

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John Timberland offers you a unique lamp post with a classic design from their Casa Sorrento collection. The lamps have been made from metal and frosted glass instead of clear glass. So this gives off a bit of toned-down light emission that creates a romantic mood.

However, it allows anyone to look at the lamps directly without damaging their eyes. All metal parts and outer components also have been coated with a protective layer so that they don’t lose their durability to corrosion.

Key features:

  • The matte black finish looks brilliant in any outdoor setting.
  • Has arm design with curved symmetric lines that further accentuates the overall look.
  • You can use bulbs that have the A21 shape and are rated up to 100 watts.

1. John Timberland Bellagio Traditional Outdoor Post Light

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This 8 feet tall lamp post from John Timberland has three lamps that can provide your streets, yard or garden with adequate illumination. Each individual lamp has a diameter of around 10 inches with a height of 21-inches and boasts a textured finish which looks amazing.

It has a classic design and its protective housing is safe for outdoor use. Warm or cold weather wouldn’t be able to degrade the performance of this lamp post easily.

Key features:

  • Bulbs are enclosed in clear hammered glass that allows light to pass through without obstructions.
  • Can use around 100 watts of power and compatible with traditional incandescent bulbs or modern LED bulbs.

So want to keep the streets and corners of your lawn or garden illuminated? The outdoor lamp post lights will generously spread the light throughout.

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