Top 9 Best Laptop Cooling Pads Reviews In 2019

As you use your laptop for several hours, the unit tends to heat up. Overheating can result in damages to your electronic device, and it is also one of the main reasons why the breakdown of important components of your device tends to happen. With this in mind, you should use the right laptop cooling pads that could maintain the optimal temperature of the unit to prevent overheating and premature wear. These cooling pads are powered by the USB cable, so you can bring it whenever and wherever you want. You will also like how these pads are lightweight and durable enough to last for several years.

Table of the Best Laptop Cooling Pads Reviews

9. Cooler Master Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad with Fan

Laptop Cooling Pads

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Never let your laptop overheat by using this cooling pad that is compatible with your netbook, notebook, Ultrabook or your Mac Book. This product has a stylish mesh surface and a fan on the interior, which can serve as a chill mat for your device. The fan is a 160-mm high-performance unit, and it spins at about 1500 RPM. You will like the slim, sleek and lightweight property of this cooling pad, which allows you to bring it along anytime and anywhere. There are also cable grooves included, and this gives you the ease in terms of cable management. Just use the USB cable to start cooling your device, then select the right height position that you prefer.

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8. Cooler Master NotePal U3 Laptop Cooler Pad with Movable Fans

Cooler Master NotePal U3 Laptop Cooling Pad with Movable Fans

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This durable cooling mat for your laptop has an aluminium surface and 2 built-in 80-mm fans (removable) and spins over 1500 RPM. This is the right speed that helps eliminate heat from your laptops, particularly when you use your device for an extended period. You can even use the pad with your 15-inch or 17-inch laptop, as it is versatile enough for these two different sizes. With durable aluminium structure and a sleek design, this product should be perfect for you to bring in your daily commute at work or in school. What’s more, it comes with an ergonomic design, which allows you to select the right viewing angle.

7. Cooler Master NotePal X3 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pads with LED Fan

Gaming Laptop Cooling Pads with LED Fan

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This cooling pad by Cooler Master has a mesh surface and a 200-mm fan that provides a chill space for your laptop and other electronic devices. The fan also features a blue LED light, and this helps diminish heat from your laptop in a quicker manner. You will notice that this cooling pad is sturdy enough for your laptop, and it also has a lightweight design that lets you take it with you in your bag. In addition, the fan comes with a speed controller, and there are two height settings to choose from, which adds to your comfort in viewing from your laptop.

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6. HAVIT HV-F2056 Slim Portable USB Laptop Cooler Cooling Pads

HAVIT HV-F2056 Slim Portable USB Laptop Cooler Cooling Pads

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Slim and portable, this laptop cooling pad is lightweight and functional to provide a cooling environment for your device. It features an ergonomic design with its adjustable height in two different settings. The metal mesh is also multi-directional and made of the top-quality material, so your laptop is well-protected on a stable platform. For quick cooling, there are three fans included on the pad, and there is a power switch with additional USB port for your convenience.

5. AVANTEK Ultra Slim 15″-17″ Laptop Cooling Pad with LED Lights

AVANTEK Ultra Slim 15"-17" Laptop Cooling Pad with LED Lights

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You can rely on this cooling pad to dissipate the heat quickly from your laptop. It has a solid metal mesh that works perfectly for your laptop with sizes that range from the smallest to about 17 inches. The material is also stable and durable, so you can work on your laptop in comfort anytime you want. The two 160-mm fans are oversized and durable enough, with blue LED lights that spin at a speed of 1000 RPM. Hence, cool air is pulled from the pad’s bottom part and up towards your laptop. There are also adjustable feet for the pad, and this allows you to select the right height setting that is most convenient for your needs. Lastly, it is powered by a USB port, so there is no need to use a power adapter.

4. Thermaltake Massive LX Steel Mesh Panel Notebook Cooler

Thermaltake Massive LX Steel Mesh Panel Notebook Cooler

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Keeping your laptop cool is so easy and quick with this product that comes with a large 230-mm fan, which runs quietly and helps remove heat from your device. The fan comes with an on and off switch, as well as a switch for the LED light. You will also appreciate the additional storage space in the unit, which allows you to place your small accessories in it when not in use. As an additional touch, the USB connector is gold-plated for that elegant look.

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3. Merkury Innovations Laptop Cooling Stand with Silent Fan 

Merkury Innovations Laptop Cooling Stand with Silent Fan 

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This laptop cooling pad comes with a fan that ventilates through the unit’s metal grill, and this prevents your device from overheating issues. The anti-slip prop is also adjustable, which lets you choose the height you prefer, and the metal grill stops the device from overheating. You can easily power this unit by using the USB port of your computer, and there is a USB cord that comes in the package. For your convenience, there is an additional USB port that can be used for your webcam or mouse.

2. Targus Space Saving Lap Chill Mat for Laptop

Targus Space Saving Lap Chill Mat for Laptop

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This Targus cooling pad is known for its excellent design and functionality, with two built-in fans that keep your laptop cool as you use it. This pad is great for use on your desk or your lap, and there are rubber tabs that help prevent the laptop from slipping. There are also open edges in the unit that ensures proper airflow, and the cable can be wrapped conveniently around the pad’s outer edge. Lastly, this pad features a comfortable design that is great for home use or wherever you need to work on your laptop without the use of a desk.

1. AVANTEK Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

AVANTEK Laptop Cooling Pad

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Here is an excellent cooling pad that you can use for your 16-inch or smaller laptop or notebook. This comes with a metal mesh for the durable and stable support that can accommodate large or small laptops. There are also two fans included in the unit, and one spins at 1200 RPM while the other one spins at a speed of 1800 RPM for maximum dissipation of heat. You can use this unit with a USB port, which means there is no need for a power adapter – perfect when you are always on the go.

Keep your laptop cool and prevent any damages due to overheating by using these cooling pads perfect for your needs.

One thought on “Top 9 Best Laptop Cooling Pads Reviews In 2019

  1. CM Storm SF-19 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with Two 140mm Turbine Fans

    Made of powerful fan with 160-mm size, this cooling pad offers excellent performance according to your preference. There are 4 USB port hubs in the unit, which offers maximum connectivity, and you will like the cable management feature with a grooved side at the top, which allows for cable routing. Choosing the preferred height is also possible with the adjustment pegs included in the cooling pad. This item works with laptops that have a maximum size of 15.6 inches.

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