Best Portable Laptop Cooling Pads Reviews

Almost every individual owns either a PC or a laptop. In this tech-based world, a life without any of these seems to be unimaginable. However, any working individual will choose a laptop over PC cause of their portability. But there lays a heating issue involved when one works too much on the laptop or uses it for gaming. Thus, laptop cooling pads must be used. It helps to cool down the heated laptops and one can improve the life span of their device. With eliminating all sorts of issue related to laptop heating, you can now keep your laptop safe.

Amongst numerous products available in the wide market, a normal user cannot differentiate between the key points. So, we have listed the trusted products that are customer-preferred. The buying guide for cooling pads for laptop highlights even the minor points that can make a great difference.

Table of the Best Laptop Cooling Pads Reviews

10. Havit HV-F2056 Portable Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad with USB Powered Fans

Laptop Cooling Pads

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Working on a laptop is a daily requirement and heating up of a laptop is a daily problem! The Havit cooler pad is just the device to negate this heating effect. Loaded with three highly efficient fans, this pad does all that is required to cool a heated up laptop. It features LED lights that indicate the working status of the device.

Moreover, this laptop cooling pad with stand is ultra-thin. Also, its super light weight makes it possible to carry it anywhere and use it anytime. It also has two in-built shield holders for height adjustment that gives any user the right amount of ergonomic comfort.

Key features:

  • This beautiful device is specifically designed to produce no noise while working giving a comfortable working experience.
  • It uses a USB 2.0 Type A Male to Type A Male connection for connection.
  • The device is certainly modified to pair with USB Type C with a proper adapter without any hindrance.

9. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad for Laptops with Four Fans

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad for Laptops with Four Fans

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This pad for cooling laptops is a funky device that can hold any laptop within 12” to 17.3” range. It comprises of four fans that keep working efficiently and noiselessly to give the best working or even gaming experience. A green LED light affixed to this device indicates its working condition.

Moreover, this device features adjustable height to make for a comfortable laptop using experience, be it work, gaming or recreation. The front of this pad has an anti-skid mat that prevents the laptop from slipping. It can also support laptops of varying thicknesses and thus is a multi-utility device.

Key Features:

  • Features a cool black and blue design that is highly attractive to gamers and workers alike.
  • Two non-slip baffles always support the laptop and don’t allow it slipping.
  • This laptop cooling pad houses a built-in USB storage box. Thus no one can ever forget any article required for its use.

8. TeckNet Laptop Notebook Cooler Cooling Pad Stand with Powered Fans

TeckNet Laptop Notebook Cooler Cooling Pad Stand with Powered Fans

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The Tecknet product is certainly designed for the purpose of preventing a laptop from over-heating.  Designed with a metallic surface in the form of a mesh, this device provides for consistent air-flow. It has two 110mm fans that work tirelessly as well as without sound. The power-switch design on it makes it easy to work with.

As a matter of fact, the portable laptop cooling pad is powered with the help of a USB cable. Furthermore, a second USB port is also impregnated for the convenience of connecting a second device to it. Compatibility will never be an issue with this pad. It can fearlessly support a varying array of laptop sizes from 12” to 16”.

Key features:

  • Designed innovatively, it works on without producing any sound giving a nice working experience.
  • Has a convenient slope that gives the ultimate ergonomic comfort while handling a laptop.
  • The metal mesh design is absolutely skid-proof.

7. HAVIT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad – Cooler Pad for Laptop with LED Light

HAVIT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad - Cooler Pad for Laptop with LED Light

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Laptop cooling is made all the more efficient which is one of a kind. As the name suggests, this device has 5 fans. One big fan (110mm) and four small fans (85mm) work together, tirelessly and expertly to cool any laptop between 14” to 17”. A dual USB port allows other devices such as a mouse or keyboard to be connected to this device. Thus, providing them with higher working capabilities.

Plus, the body comprises a mesh constructed from high-quality metal. It does all that is necessary to collect and dissipate heat. The height adjustable laptop cooling pad makes it convenient for use.

Key features:

  • The red and black combination boasted is eye-catching and highly effective.
  • The bright red light aids in faster cooling.
  • Dissatisfied users get a full money refund within 30 days of purchase.

6. Pccooler Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad & Laptop Cooler for 12-17.3′ Laptop

Pccooler Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad & Laptop Cooler for 12-17.3' Laptop

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It is an effective device to cool laptops as it houses 5 fans. Four small 85mm fans are supported by an all-powerful 110mm super silent fan to do the cooling. A 2.5mm honeycomb metal mesh over the fan is just the required utility for ultimate air-flow.

Further, it helps in dissipating all the heat generated in any laptop. The device has an additional USB port to attach other devices such as a keyboard, mouse etc. Thus increasing the power life of the laptop.  Apart from boasting a 5mm iron bracket, it has 10 red LED lights for improved cooling actions.

Key features:

  • Indeed features 6 different angles of adjustable height to go with the mode of work or recreation.
  • This device boasts of an optimum matrix that can hold any laptop between 12” and 17.3” without any hindrance.
  • The fan speed of laptop cooling pad is adjustable allowing for super-fast cooling of any laptop.

5. Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim Cooling Pad for Laptop with 160mm Fan

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim Cooling Pad for Laptop with 160mm Fan

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The Cooler Master pad for cooling laptop surprisingly comprises of only one skilful fan. Having a diameter of 160mm. it has a running at speeds as high as 1500rpm. This fan is sufficient in cooling any laptop, ranging from 15” to 17”. The top of the device is covered by a metallic mesh that just works miraculously in transferring heat and allowing brilliant air flow.

Moreover, the laptop cooling pad can be adjusted into two heights giving the best writing as well as a viewing experience. It has a USB port extender and works on and on silently. Thus providing for lovely work experience.

Key features:

  • Totally ultra-thin and super-efficient.
  • Packs in power in a lightweight, easy to carry frame.
  • Cable groves help in managing the hassle of tangled cables.

4. Thermaltake Massive TM Aluminum Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad

Thermaltake Massive TM Aluminum Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad

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It is a powerful device that works wonders in cooling a laptop.  Sporting two fans of 120mm diameter, it can miraculously prevent overheating for any laptop. Its sturdy mesh frame can hold laptops between ranges of 10” to 17”. The meshed metallic top allows for superior air-flow and heat transfer thus cooling a laptop very fast. Also, the brushed aluminium look adds to the durability.

This device is designed to ergonomic perfection giving any user suitable viewing experience. It even features a control panel display with settings such as to control fan speed, lock button and so on. Lastly, the fan facilitates both manual as well as automatic operations.

Key features:

  • Has an adjustable temperature sensor. The first of its kind and can locate the hottest region in any laptop between 0 to 99°C.
  • Hexagon-shaped mesh panels.
  • A 3 year warranty period for parts and labour.

3. KLIM Wind Gaming Cooling Pad for 11′ – 19′ Laptops

KLIM Wind Gaming Cooling Pad for 11' - 19' Laptops

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A product designed for effectiveness, it has 4 fans that can cover all the parts in a laptop. Designed in such a way, this device can fit laptops as small as 11” to ones as large as 19”. The 4 fans can spin rapidly up to a speed of 1400 rpm. Thus never allowing any laptop, old or new to ever heat up.

As a matter of fact, high-quality material is incorporated into the fabrication of this well-ventilated laptop cooling pad. This device is powered via a USB cable. Also, it features an additional USB port for attaching additional devices for a user’s convenience.

Key features:

  • Pair it with not only laptops but also with any PS4, Xbox One or Wii.
  • The body of this cooling has an attractive red and black combination that suits any gaming or working atmosphere.
  • It offers a 5-year warranty with this device.

2. Targus AWE55US Lap Chill Mat – Laptop Cooler Pad

Targus AWE55US Lap Chill Mat - Laptop Cooler Pad

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Simplicity is blended with innovative technology into developing the Targus AWE55US Lap Chill Mat. This device is so designed to be placed on the lap while working without causing any discomfort. It features two fans that do all that is necessary to keep a laptop cool and hence functioning smoothly.

In fact, the top of this device houses a well-ventilated grill for the optimum air flow. It has rubber stops that prevent the laptop from ever skipping. Perfectly fits the laptops that are less than 17-inches, it sits on your lap and you won’t feel the heat.

Key features:

  • The soft neoprene material on the exterior is comfortable on the lap.
  • This device does not require any extra power source and drains all its driving force from the laptop’s USB.
  • It is a quality product and comes along with a one year warranty.

1. Mbuynow Laptop Cooler with Mini Vacuum USB Laptop Fan

Mbuynow Laptop Cooler with Mini Vacuum USB Laptop Fan

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Laptop cooling was never this easy as with the Mbuynow Laptop Cooler. This magnificent device packs in two fans inside. Even it comes along with an external mini cooling fan that starts working automatically at temperatures above 40-degrees. Thus, the Intelligent Temperature Control-Mode helps in a lot of ways. The fans do not require any external power source as they are powered through the laptop’s own USB port.

Furthermore, it is built to ergonomic perfection. It features 8 levels of adjustable height for the best use during writing, gaming or other recreational activities. Both the fans in this device keep working smoothly without producing any sound. Hence it aims for a peaceful, comfortable working environment.

Key features:

  • The device is has a one year warranty that covers defects and damages. An added lifelong service option is also available with the purchase of this device.
  • Even the silencer is detachable.
  • Included with slip-proof baffle.

Ensure the long life your laptop and keep the risks away, the advantages of laptop cooling pads are many.

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  1. CM Storm SF-19 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with Two 140mm Turbine Fans

    Made of powerful fan with 160-mm size, this cooling pad offers excellent performance according to your preference. There are 4 USB port hubs in the unit, which offers maximum connectivity, and you will like the cable management feature with a grooved side at the top, which allows for cable routing. Choosing the preferred height is also possible with the adjustment pegs included in the cooling pad. This item works with laptops that have a maximum size of 15.6 inches.

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